Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mechano receptors

Something Pavel spoke about last weekend at the cert was the different reactions one could elicit if you chose to stimulate the mechanorectors in the heel of the hand versus the ones in the thumb pad. He said the MR in the heel of the hand elicited an extension reflex and stimulated the tris and helped extend the arm whereas the ones in the palm of the thumb would stimulate the long head of the biceps and flex that as well as help flex the shoulder.

This explains a lot. Snatches and cleans tend to have me doing a lot of work with my arm slightly flexed right before the bell goes into the bottom or right after the hip snap on the way up. The weight gets much more into the front of the hand. When I just do swings I can keep the weight way over into the heel of the hands. Have the callouses right under the last two fingers.

Swings stimulate the extensor relflex on me and help open up my shoulder as the bent arm movements tend to do the opposite. Cool.

The KB leverage press, the 'out' version where the weight is on the heels is going to get a lot of work from me. This could be the triceps exercise I've been looking for.


Aikibudo said...

Hi Mark,
It's Jim Ryan, the DC from the recent Cert. If you are interested in more info, a book on standing meditation I use (and got from John Du Cane - no longer carries it) is Relaxing into your Being by B.K. Frantzis. He has another helpful book that is quite technically detailed about the standing posture called Opening the Energy Gates of your body. I believe his website is

Hope this helps!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, and thanks for stopping by too. hope your training is going well.

taikei said...

From my experience, biceps/triceps switch during military press came from how I rotate my forearm. The more pinky points in ward, biceps contracts. I sensed this especially doing waiter's press BU press.
I kind of stopped the biceps based over head press stuff. I'm just not good at biceps and likely chance to injure myself.
Sticking to crush curls.

Mark Reifkind said...


you have to try this outward angled leverage press, it will help your bicep/shoulder issue I think.