Monday, May 21, 2007

Taking the bell for a walk

The road cyclists I used to ride with had a phrase they used to describe those rides where they just went out and put some miles in. No hills, no sprints, no overdistance ; just 'taking the bike for a walk'. A recovery ride when doing nothing was not an option , yet neither was anything too hard.

So I took the bell for a walk. So often life messes up your training and this weekend was one of those times. Nothing horrible but stupid bssand it took the wind out of my sails today, especially for high rep training day, which I hate under the best of circumstances.

LOTS of waiting around for the training muse or at least some decent anger to show up and kick me in the head but I was just flat and thats all there was to it.Waiting longer wasnt going to make me stronger or the workout easier. I thought of the tv show I saw on the training of the French Foreign Legion soliders and their bootcamp motto of "don't think, just do" and got er done.I still hate high reps but being able to do some decent numbers even when this apathetic shows me my base line fitness is defintely up.

One arm swings

400 reps
14,400 pounds

God this was hard getting started, lol. Especially with a 50 rep per arm set which is a pr,even though it is twinky weight. The forearms were burnin' pretty good though at the end of each 50!~I need this grip endurance work. I have good grip absolute strength but I need more endurance. this will help.
For some reason, even dropping the reps each set didnt help all that much. ugh.
BUT, the 25/25 finisher set was probably the strongest of the bunch so it was coming back . good.

Rack walks
16 kg x300 feet per arm
600 feet per lap
3 laps/1800 feet.

these were the longest laps I have done and they were quick. painful but quick.short rest between laps as well.

12 kg x10/10x3 sets

havent done these in awhile and need to.

BW 162.6
BF 9.8%
water 59.5%

definitely been eating too much cereal. love it though.steak tonight.

datsit, gotta stretch.


Christine Petty said...

I loooooooooove cereal... but it's bad for me. *sigh* :)

Mark Reifkind said...

same here.cereal consitently makes my bf go up where the same amount of ice cream will not. go figure. course I eat both.

Franz Snideman said...

Right on Rif! That's the Warrior Mentality! Sometimes you just have to do it!

Aikibudo said...

If I had to choose between cereal and ice cream, it would be a no-brainer. I SCREAM for ICE CREAM!!

Sadly, my body says NO! to both if I am to ever again look impressive sans shirt. Ah life...

Aaron Friday said...

Damn! That's a huge amount of work when you're running on will-power. Well done.

Royce said...

I totally agree with Aaron and Franz, Rif, nice one especially for being on low energy!!

Aaron Friday said...

If you used a dog-bell, you'd be taking her for a walk every day.


Mark Reifkind said...

thanks guys. it was pure willpower. all I could think of was what I was going to blog about being a pussy and skipping it,lol.I hate it when life meses up my training even more than usual.

Royce said...

Rif that's funny. I have often wanted to just chill and not workout. But I though "Damn I can't freakin' blog that." Accountability is cool.