Monday, November 28, 2011

24th Anniversary Workout

Woke up with a tight left bicep tendon and it never really got fixed until about halfway through the snatch workout.

I got some stretching in but I just couldn't get the first rib to move right and so I went into the workout just a bit cautious, to say the least.

I rehabbed the right side ( ironically) using snatch holds as it was all I could for a long time as it was all I could do beside one arm swings and transfers.

Now I have added presses with both one and two arms, clubbell work, handstands on floor and P bars and some ring holds and haven't balanced out the shoulder girdle with enough snatches and holds.

That's what I learned today. Not too hard a lesson but I sure took my time figuring it out. My shoulder has been wonky for months.Of course my right shoulder feels better than ever.:))

One day All parts will fit my body and not hurt. That's the plan, anyway.Until then I will keep playing "whack a mole" as I fix one thing and something else complains. So it goes,

Snatch Vo2
16 kg
40 sets of 7
280 reps

Not bad. Especially since the left shoulder was not sitting right for the first 20 sets. The more I held the bell overhead the more my rotator cuff turned on and the pec released. It just took awhile.

The right side felt perfect and I felt I could do 8's easily on that side. I was worried my left arm was going to disconnect if I didn't pay attention. Not the best environment for performance.

The last twenty sets the shoulder felt great, much more stable and solid as the rotators really kicked in.

THis made me realized the next exercisehad to be

Snatch holds
16 kg
x 60 seconds
x45 seconds
x45 seconds

Did these side by side with my bride of 24 years as of today and it was rocking. She played with her version of snatch vo2 doubling( almost ) what I was doing. She's a machine and my Queen. And I could feel the shoulder setting in every set. These were much tougher than they should have been and I have to put them in the mix again.

I might even need to start snatching first on saturdays and press after. we'll see.

Bodyblade laterals Supersetted with Floor Handstands

4 sets of 10/10
5 sets of 10-15 sec handstands

the laterals are hard and my body is now used to Pbar handstands more than floor! My forearms were tight and took awhile to open up

Band rear delts
4 sets of 20, 20, 15 12

These are going in to balance out pec tension too

Band triceps kickbacks, reverse grip
4 sets of 20 blue band

I like the tricep extension while the arm is in external rotation

datsit. Sisu

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Double 24 kg press, 36 kg one arm swings

Really wanted to work on my short cycle presses today . I'm very motivated to push these up so they can transfer to my handstand and handstand pushup work on the parallel bars. SO excited about this new toy of mine :))

But my left bicep tendon and shoulder is still wonky and moves in and out of position way too much so I really didn't know what to expect this morning. I thought I had gotten things squared away well last week but that was single arm work and who knows what today would bring?

7-8 am full stretchout

more focus on overhead stretches to prepare for the double overhead work planned.

8- 9:15

one arm swing warmup
16 kg x 5/5/5/5 x 3

short cycle clean and press
2 16's x 5 x2
2 20 kg x5 x2
2 24 kg x 5 x 7 sets

Found a very solid position that produced NO CLUNKS at all for any of the sets! Nice! I held my hands closer together and higher up than previously and it seemed to work well. At least for today:)) Very strong presses and I seriously thought about going up to the 28s for the last sets but decided to not be greedy :))

One arm swings

24kg x 5/5
28 kg x5/5
32 kg x 5/5
36 kg x5/5 x3 sets

Wanted to do some heavy swings today and secretly had the 36 kg in the back of my mind; but I haven't done one arms with it since April this year, which was the first time ever. I think I was stronger this time :))

The hardest part was my left hand grip! I was seriously worried I was going to drop the damn thing. Not a good sign. I need to stop worrying about volume so much and get my one arm swing strength UP again.NO reason I am not using the 40 and 44 kg bell in one arm swings for at least SOME reps regularly.

PBarz handstands
3 sets with bosu ball to start
3 sets from floor

each set was held 8-10 seconds

used Nick as the backstop. Have to start getting used to not using the wall. Very different. I'm used to overshooting the midline and then recovering. It's way harder to aim to hit the bullseye every time ,lol

Triceps extensions, black band

ouch. pump :)) my tricep size is definitely much improved and I like it alot.

datsit. Sisu

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Swipes,PBar handstands, 100 ups.

I always work Thanksgiving mornings it seems and it never bothers me. It's so quiet outside and the day is usually shorter than normal.
One client cancelled at the last minute so I got to get my workout in early, always good.

6-7 am stretchout

the full deal with lots of splits and overhead work.Using contract/relax on all three sides of splits and I'm seeing much more movement lower again.Adductors are getting stronger too :))

9 am
2 CB swipes

2 10's x 15, 10 10( warming up elbows)

2 15s x 20
x 30 + 10( short grip rest)
x18 ( grip still cooked)
x18 ( getting fresher)
186 reps

Man, I should have just gone from 20 -40 reps! My grip was cooked after the first set of 30 and then the attempt at 40 was too tough. But the more sets I did the better things felt and I also adjusted my technique some( actually leaned over more) and that lightened the load on my grip.

I was planning on 200 reps and could have just 'got them in' but 186 was fine.the left shoulder definitely fatigues much quicker than the right but held up ok.

I was also alternating these sets with

PBar handstands

5 sets of 10 second( kick up on bosu)

and I wasn't sure how that would feel tomorrow so I choose to do a few less reps. no worries. My grip was really loading up and I can't believe I actually did over 100 of these in a row a few years ago! I will get back there too, I know, just not sure when :))

also played around with some attempts at tuck up to handstand on the pbars( not very good) and then went into a bent knee straddle up that actually was ok. Just a few


PBar HS 1/4 pushups

5 sets of 4 reps just going down as low as possible before the shoulder started moving around. If the shoulder would hold doing full range pushups would not be a problem.

Running in place

Yes, you read that right. Been playing with the 100 ups technique and it's coming along. I actually ran in place 4 different times for between 10 and 60 seconds! I got it on film but not sure I will post it, it's pretty embarrassing but motivating at the same time. Three years ago I couldn't stand on my left leg alone without my knee collapsing and today I ran in place for almost a minute straight!

That's a freakin' miracle to me.

Triceps extensions
35,25, 17, 12, 12

good pump :))

datsit. Sisu.

what a great year I have SO MUCH to be thankful for . have a great Thanksgiving one and all :))

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rebalancing the shoulder/ snatch practice

After last weeks shoulder debacle I'm super glad I can one arm swing anything much less snatch but it is nice to be able to do some sets and reps in the snatch again. Schedule snafu had us working out later than normal but it was good as I got a full hour of stretch time in the early AM. I really need to go through the whole routine these days.

The length tension imbalance that occurred last week really drove home the point how important keeping the tension in the external rotators and upper back muscles strong enough to defeat the pec/front delt/bicep internal rotators is. If the tension levels get too out of balance ( especially pecs it seems) the shoulder is just not going to hold it's neutral position.

SO really nailing and holding the overhead snatch position is even more important. As is NOT using a technique in my press that overworks the pecs.

6-7 am Stretchout

The full routine starting with back bends over stability ball and ending with overhead stick stretches.

12 noon
Snatch Practice

14 kg x 10/10
16 kg x5/5 x2

20 kg x5/5
x 7/7
142 reps
6248 lbs

Left shoulder overhead still didn't feel solid but much better and each set felt much better too

Two Hand Clubbell arm casts
20 lbs x 10/10
25 lbs x 10/10 x 2

Two Hand Shield cast
20 lbs x 10/10 x 2
x 8/8

these were more fatiguing than I recall. It's crazy how the top end of conditioning falls off so quickly . It comes back fast too but just a small break in routine and things can start feeling heavy fast!

Floor Handstands

6 sets of 10 seconds.

Tracy helped spot these so I can wean myself off the wall and get to doing only free handstands. Very strong but SO different than p bars, lol. I'm already spoiled by them

Bodyblade laterals
3 sets of 10/10

these were tough too! a little bit of joint disfunction makes everything surrounding it weaker very fast. But again, just happy I can train my routine at all. It will come back very fast.

datsit. Sisu

Saturday, November 19, 2011

24 kg Long cycle clean and press, swings and pbar handstands

That was fast. I just got my p bars last week and could barely kick up to the handstand using the bosu ball as a mini tramp. Today I got it off the floor! Nice progress for a change. Especially after not being able to bench press my own left arm most of Monday :))

P bar handstands seem so much easier for me than floor handstands as the arm is in a neutral position, as is the wrist and you have much more strength and 'play' front to back trying to balance on the heel of the hand, than you do with the palms flat and fingers straight ahead.

If I can kick to the HS easily than press training is next.How exciting is this? I can imagine a straight arm, straight leg press to HS on these paralletes as well as straddle and piked versions as well?
Why not?

I think I will have better shoulder luck with straight arm presses than with bent arm versions. The bent arm version overloads the biceps more and that usually doesn't make my shoulders happy but we will see.

I can see the need for even more double kb press work in the future.

7-8 am stretchout

the usual with lots of time spent in split( all three sides) as well as overhead stick work
worked the whole hour plus.

8-9:15 am

Long cycle clean and press
16 kg x 5/5 x2
20 kg x 4/4

24 kg x 3/3
x 4/4
x 5/5 x 4 sets

this was GREAT considering I tried and failed to swing a 6 kb bell with my left arm on Monday. Also, Nick had some great coaching ideas about my left arm rack position that I think is really going to work. Definitely puts the upper arm in a much more vertical as well as externally rotated position. We'll see.

Tried it today and had almost no shoulder adjustments during sets after he asked me to try it :)) Nice.We'll also see how it does with double work as well. The clean is a little higher and the arm to the outside of the pec more. I think letting the arm come too far across my chest was creating more internal rotation and pec activation than external and lat activation.

Also, NOT leaning back as I started to these last few weeks as that too was getting too much pec involvement( intention but not functional for me). Using the standard RKC ETK technique.It is very strong in this new vertical position. Right arm feels SO strong and SO easy.

Just happy my arm didn't fall off :))

One arm swings
24 kg x 10/10 x 5 sets
100 reps

easy breazy. again, very happy I didn't feel anything at all.

P barz Handstands
3 sets with bosu ball kickup
3 sets from floor! PR

2 sets Handstand 1/4 pushups. yes, this will get done. Perhaps even stronger than on the floor.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Swipes and P Bar handstands

After Sunday and Mondays shoulder incident the fact that I could train at all today with ZERO pain or shoulder ROM restriction is a freakin' miracle. One to which I am eternally grateful for :))

Still I took it VERY easy in practice today going very ginger to make sure everything was as stable and normal as it appeared.

6-7 am stretchout

client no show so I got paid to stretch. Nice deal.

1 pm

two clubbell swipes

2 10's x 20
x 40
x 60
150 reps

These felt very easy and the shoulder better than ever. so weird. I haven't taken a light swipe workout in awhile so this was a good time for it. Grip was never involved and I felt I could have gone over 100 reps no problem

Floor handstands
5 sets of 10 seconds ( solid count too)

parallel bar handstand
5 sets of 5-10 seconds!!

wow these were so strong and easy. This really brought back memories. P bars was definitely on my top three favorite events ( pommel horse, rings and P bars). MY handstand is feeling SO much like home these days, like it used to when I felt I could do a handstand anywhere, on anything for any length of time I wanted to.

No joke either, I was THAT confident and solid upside down :))

Ring supports
3 sets of 5 seconds

started to feel a bit greedy here and shut it down.

Triceps extensions black band
4 sets of 15-20

SO SO happy to be able to just move without pain again much less train this well today.

datsit. Sisu

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Woke up tweaked Sunday morning ( left shoulder of all things). VERY tweaked. I'd said my definition of getting old is when you get hurt in your sleep. I must be very old. My Saturday workout gave me no clue at all that I had stepped over any edge.

In fact, just the opposite. MY shoulder felt the most stable it has been in eons with virtually NO adjustments during the press workout, the handstand, hs pushups or L sits.So to have things go so very wrong on Sunday was more than a little shocking.

I thing it was the Power swings. I had dropped all two hand swings 4-6 weeks ago as I felt my shoulder didn't like them.Well, it REALLY didn't like 50 reps with the 32 kg in just over 5 minutes. My body does not like excess tension in certain muscles and since my joints are hanging together with silly putty and string, too much tension in muscles I have trained all my life too hard does not bode well

No sleep at all on Sunday night and LOTS of weird pain. But I knew the shoulder was "out" and once it either moved back or the tension in the offending muscles dropped enough to let it go back it would be back to normal in no time.

But it was not fun at all to not be able to lift your arm at all and have all the surrounding muscles locking up like bear traps.

Thing got better Monday and the constant stretching and mobilizing I could feel the excess tension receding, as well as pain, and ROM was increasing at regular intervals.

One of the great things about kbs is that you can do one arm at a time and even though my left arm wasn't working my right was fine so today was right arm snatch practice.

6-7 am stretchout

the full deal, from back over ball to overhead snatch lunge stretches. I could really feel how the overhead stretches were activating my turned off rotator cuff and this was a good thing.

One arm swings
14 kg x 10 x 3 sets right arm only
one arm snatches
16kg x 10x 5 sets right arm only
20 kg x 5 x 4 sets right arm only

all these were supersetted with light bodyblade laterals to activate supraspinitus. 10 rep sets left arm only

Clubbell swings
2 10's x 15 x 3 sets
2 15s x 10 x 4 sets

these worked great to externally rotate my shoulders ( left side tolerated it fine) and pack the shoulder. good choice.

L sits on P Barz

surprisingly these felt normal

five sets of 5 sec/ very easy

Reverse grip Band triceps kickbacks
4 sets of 15

these also felt good with the hands and arm externally rotated.

Good comeback from the abyss. That was close. No more power swings for awhile.

today I was very happy just to be able move and practice some skills, ANY skills with very little pain. One day ago my shoulder was throbbing just doing nothing and even the simplest skill that involved my arm was made my realize very quickly that just being able to have the luxury of focusing on practice of my movement and strength skills without being distracted my serious pain and injury is such a blessing and one so easily taken for granted.

I didn't think I was taking anything for granted but the stronger I get the stronger I want to get and I sometimes forget how beautiful just being alive, not in pain and able to move relatively well in the basics of life really is.

This was a serious wake up call. Got it. Check please.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

28 and 32 kg Long cycle c and p/ power swings

No Nick today so I was solo for the heavy day. No worries, one of the best things about kbs is that you don't need a spot ;)). As usual I didn't know how heavy that would mean as it was a pretty jacked up week training and stress wise.

Rule number one: adjust the training to your real time recovery that day. Workouts written down 6 weeks before that don't take into account two days of no sleep, over work or other issues in everyday life just can't be followed to the letter. Unless one is willing to sacrifice all kinds of other things competitive athletes can that grown adults usually can't.

SO it's adapt and overcome always remembering that after this workout, no matter how good or bad it is, you have to go back to the gym for the next one. Consistency is the key, no one gets "fit" or strong or "in shape" from any one workout.

7-8 am stretchout.

from back over ball, to foam rolling, to brettzels two ways, to LOTS of split work, RKC hip flexors 1 and 2 stretches, high hurdle stretches to straddles and pikes, to up and down dogs( man that's a lot of stretches ,lol) and THEN to overhead stick work it all opened up well. SHoulder was still a bit impinged but some kinesio tape helped that a lot.


One arm swings 16 kg x 5/5/5/5 x 4 sets

Stacked kb press
Had decided to try doing stacked presses instead of regular c and p as I haven't done them in a long time and used to be strong at them. It went weird

2 10' kgs bells: 3 left 3 right( 20 kg)
10 kg 1 12 kg 3 left 3 right ( 22 kg)
2 12 kgs 3 left 3 right
1 16 kg 1 10 kg 1 left 1 right
1 16 kg 1 12 kg 1 right

stopped it here. holding the two handles together like that started to make my right forearm flexors yell quickly so I shut it down and went to long cycle c and p.It was plenty easy and I could do a lot on it if I spent the time stretching out the forearms enough. I thought 36 would be no problem from the pressing part, but the grip is another issue.

Long cycle c and p
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 3/3
28 kg x 2/2 x 4 seets
32 kg x 1/1 x 5 sets

This was a surprise as everything felt good and the shoulder stayed put every set. Still not feeling overly "strong" but technique was good;an unusual combination- usually it's the other way around.

I really like doing singles, it is so much easier to really concentrate on getting EVERYTHING tight and right. When you do rep sets, even triples or fives you always focus on making all the reps first before doing each and every rep perfect. It's natural to do so so it's good to sometimes spend time just doing singles or doubles with weights you can easily do more reps with and really PRACTICE the lift. Not just train for pr's.

Power Swings

24 kg x 10 singles

32 kg x 50 reps in 5:39

this was not easy. I wanted to see how close I could come to getting all 50 in five minutes and did the first set of 8 in 30 seconds and then did sets of 5s as I knew I couldn't maintain the correct bell height( chest level) and power output I wanted doing sets of 8. I held the power and form but didn't make the 5 min cut off.

5 reps took about 19 seconds ( call it 20) so that's 10 reps in 40 seconds and that leaves me 20 sec rest each minute to make the 50 in 5 minutes. That's not as easy as it sounds but at least now I have an idea. it was fun, actually, I love POwer Swings!!

Five sets of 10 second holds( strict ten too)

missed doing them Thursday and had to get them in. They were VERY VERY strong and easy

Hungarian Handstand Pushups
5 sets of 4 reps.

these felt great too. and my shoulder stayed in place here as well, another surprise. I can really feel this old groove again.

L Sits on rings
5 sets of 5 secs

these were surprisingly strong and easy

Ring Supports

3 sets of 10 secs. Again, strong, shoulder stable

Black band tri extensions

100 reps in 6 sets , short rests.

nice :))

datsit. Sisu

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Swipes, quick and dirty

Schedule got very jacked today so I got the first half of the workout in, and perhaps I will get the handstands in tomorrow.

I recovered better than expected after being VERY sore from the one day less rest and going fast on snatch vo2. But not enough food yesterday and a serious rush to get the high rep workout in made me realize my soreness has recovered but my endurance had not.

This is what got done

Two CB swing
2 10s x 20, 20 , 15

Two CB swipes
2 10s x 15
2 15s x 20
x 25
x 30
x 30+5

150 total reps. not bad actually.

These started out well as my intention was to do 5 rep jumps from 20 to perhaps 40. This was, in retrospect, just a wee bit ambitious :)), given my lack of full recovery. I was shooting for 35 but the grip gave out so I put the bells down, shook out the pump and finished the last reps. Total rest was probably 20 seconds.

The last two sets of 20 were actually much easier than expected but then web problems at the studio took preference and tomorrow is now handstand day. I need rest more than I need loading so no worries either way.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Snatch VO2 again

I hate it but it needs to be done. Snatch Vo2 that is.It's the fastest and the safest way for me personally to get in great cardio and strength endurance shape and when I don't do it things don't seem right.

I was snatching TOO much, twice a week, but going down to once every other week( in the last incarnation of my schedule wasn't enough either. SO, once a week, on Monday or Tuesdays will go back to the little 16 kg ball of hell protocol,lol.

I mean, it won't kill me to work with the gymboss ONCE a week, will it? And I can still do powerswings on Saturdays after presses, alternating those with one arm swings; a better combo anyway. This should fit. Just have to make sure I stretch out well Sunday night as I won't be able to before starting training on Mondays.

Snatch Vo2
16 kg
40 sets of 7
280 reps
10,080 lbs ( I do love how the tonnage adds up )

These were hard. Not yet used to only having one day after Saturdays heavy work,especially with no stretchout. And not having done these for a few weeks really let me know just how much work they actually take.The good news is that condition returns quickly with these as well.

I could also tell how inefficient my form had gotten lately. Just not enough snatch practice and going fast is hard when your form is off. and today 7's seemed fast.

Two Hand Clubbell Arm Cast
20 lbs x 10/10
25 x 8/8
35 x 5/5 x 3 sets

wow, these felt HEAVY!!! Again, haven't done them for awhile and could feel it.

Bodyblade laterals

Someone asked for a video of these so here it is! They seem easy when you look at them being done but not so much when I am doing them. Plus, they are as hard as you want to make them, just add force :))

Reverse grip triceps pushdowns

black band 4 sets of 30-20

datsit. Sisu..

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Double 24 kg Long cycle clean and press /PR

After last weeks short cycle press success and some great handstand/ring workouts this week I wanted to do some more doubles but was not ready for double 32s , yet :)) , nor double 28 kg long cycle so double 24 long cycle was the decision. Turned out great.

7-8 am

full stretchout really working the side splits and straddle sit to open up the groin for the wide stance with long cycle double cleans.

one arm swing warmup 16 kg x 5/5/5 x 3
double cleans 2 16s for 5 x 2

Long cycle clean and press
2 16s x 5 x 2
2 20s x5

2 24s x 5 x 4 sets
x 6
x 7
x 8 pr

nice! I repeated the set of 8's as the first set I got distracted with some commotion going on in the gym and it was roug
her than I wanted. So I did it again!

20kg x5/5
24 kg x 5/5

these felt very weird. I'm not yet used to snatching only once every two weeks and going from super wide double work to narrow stance single bell work threw me off.No worries, it was a big long cycle workout.

Ring supports/ L sits

these went better than expected, considering I just did them on Thursday as well. The last time I did these( before the cert) my shoulder would move around too much and I gave them up for awhile. Now it's holding and I can train this again. How cool! I know my elbows aren't fully locked but I have lots of things to work on in this movement.

Triceps extensions
37, 25, 15 ; triceps death.

done. Off to 4th St Bowl Diner for Breakfast with Nikko :))

datsit. Sisu.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Swipes, handstands, headstands and more.

Akinori Nakayama, my original gymnastics inspiration and role model.The gymnast I first tried to emulate.

It started off weird. My first client called in sick so I got paid to stretch out this AM. Did the full routine, soup to nuts and felt great afterwards. An hour of focused stretching, on your own at o dark thirty is not easy to do but it sure pays dividends.

Then my 8 am client also was sick so I got to do my afternoon workout first thing as well. I so hate training after work I knew I would have a stronger workout. I had an old friend my my World Gym Days drop in and had to catch up with him as he lives out of town so the workout wasn't as fully focused for the first half as it should have been but it was worth it.

2 clubbell swings
2 10s x 15 x 3 sets
2 15's x 10 x 3 sets( torch swings for the last 3-4 reps)

2 cb swipes
2 10s x 15
2 15s x 15
x 20
x 35
x 25
x 20
x 20
135 reps.

Much stronger than last week and the 35 rep sets is a decent workload pr. The total volume is good too. Want to make myself work up IN SETS OF 5 , though, from 20 to 35, instead of taking the big jump. 20, 25, 30 then 35 is MUCH harder than 20 right into 35, lol. One thing at a time.

8 sets of solid 10 second handstands. One touch on the wall then free stand. these are feeling VERY strong and I can even make corrections much easier.


decided to see if I could still do my headstand and headstand straddle press that I did at the cert 2 weeks ago. no problem ; easy peasy.left shoulder is a little 'sketchy in that position though and moved around too much.

About 3 sets of regular handstands then 3 sets of these straddle presses in sets of 2

Triceps pushdowns black band

about 100 reps in various sets using various hand positions, which I changed during the set as I fatigued( ie. from undergrip to overgrip to elbows up then down into the pushdown. Good pump :))

handstand Pushups

4 sets of 4-5 reps

lol decided to give these a try at the last minute and they were solid About half way down and NO shoulder clunkage as I descended. veery cool.Lots of weight on the outside edge of the heel of the hand.

All the shoulder pressing is paying off. Shoulders are VERY strong again.

Ring Supports

Since THOSE were easy I decided to give THESE a try too and I killed three solid sets of 5 plus seconds with NO shoulder movement here either. Very exciting..
Whole workout took 50 minutes

Datsit. Sisu

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Power swings

I messed up my training appointments this morning and ended up having to train after work.Tracy and I had decided to put snatch vo2 on the shelf for awhile and train the power swing instead.I am going to alternate one arm swings and snatches on Saturdays after press work; I really don't need to snatch twice a week right now and this dead stop swing is really being well received and I need to test some parameters on it for use at the RKC.

I recently stopped doing these as well as ballistic two hand swings just awhile ago as I thought they were giving me too much pec, and teres major tension and making my shoulder less stable so I will have to carefully control volume and make sure to get things opened up immediately after.

I think 50 -100 total reps should be the top,especially for now and especially considering I want to use some heavy weight with these.Perhaps ;))

Power swings
16 kg x5
20 kg x5
24 kgx5

32 kg x 5 x 10 sets

50 reps

The work sets with the 32 kg probably took 10 minutes but I wasn't trying to push pace at all, just go as fast as I could comfortably, from a cardio sense.The low reps were done to AVOID a pump, or lactic acid buildup so I could do a higher volume of reps with no drop in power do to those above factors, or specific muscle ( low back) fatigue.

it wasn't that hard.Now doing these 15:15 style would be very tough,especially with heavy weights, which could be used.

There is much more starting strength and concentric strength focus on the power swing than say eccentric or reversal strength and this will probably help to mitigate muscle soreness and DOMS. DEPENDING on how long the work bout it.

If it's too long and lactic acid builds up it it will get ugly, from a DOMS pov, imo. lol.

Bell speed and consistent height has to be maintained or it's time to end the set. When power per rep drops it should be over.

The two hand swing,especially from the hike pass position, is such a basic, fundamental power movement and this variation makes it so easy to train hard and safely. I always think of it as a ballistic power good morning with a barbell. But this Power swing variation makes it more like a box squat than a good morning. Now that's a nice tool to have in the training box :))

One arm Shield Casts
10 x 10/10 x 2
15 x 10/10 x 3

Black band tricep extension
5 sets from 20-12 fast pace

Bodyblade laterals

10/10 x 3 strict!

these are a killer and the slower you go the harder they are. love them.

the one arm shield casts were a good variation and balance to the two hand swing and opened up the shoulder well.