Thursday, November 24, 2011

Swipes,PBar handstands, 100 ups.

I always work Thanksgiving mornings it seems and it never bothers me. It's so quiet outside and the day is usually shorter than normal.
One client cancelled at the last minute so I got to get my workout in early, always good.

6-7 am stretchout

the full deal with lots of splits and overhead work.Using contract/relax on all three sides of splits and I'm seeing much more movement lower again.Adductors are getting stronger too :))

9 am
2 CB swipes

2 10's x 15, 10 10( warming up elbows)

2 15s x 20
x 30 + 10( short grip rest)
x18 ( grip still cooked)
x18 ( getting fresher)
186 reps

Man, I should have just gone from 20 -40 reps! My grip was cooked after the first set of 30 and then the attempt at 40 was too tough. But the more sets I did the better things felt and I also adjusted my technique some( actually leaned over more) and that lightened the load on my grip.

I was planning on 200 reps and could have just 'got them in' but 186 was fine.the left shoulder definitely fatigues much quicker than the right but held up ok.

I was also alternating these sets with

PBar handstands

5 sets of 10 second( kick up on bosu)

and I wasn't sure how that would feel tomorrow so I choose to do a few less reps. no worries. My grip was really loading up and I can't believe I actually did over 100 of these in a row a few years ago! I will get back there too, I know, just not sure when :))

also played around with some attempts at tuck up to handstand on the pbars( not very good) and then went into a bent knee straddle up that actually was ok. Just a few


PBar HS 1/4 pushups

5 sets of 4 reps just going down as low as possible before the shoulder started moving around. If the shoulder would hold doing full range pushups would not be a problem.

Running in place

Yes, you read that right. Been playing with the 100 ups technique and it's coming along. I actually ran in place 4 different times for between 10 and 60 seconds! I got it on film but not sure I will post it, it's pretty embarrassing but motivating at the same time. Three years ago I couldn't stand on my left leg alone without my knee collapsing and today I ran in place for almost a minute straight!

That's a freakin' miracle to me.

Triceps extensions
35,25, 17, 12, 12

good pump :))

datsit. Sisu.

what a great year I have SO MUCH to be thankful for . have a great Thanksgiving one and all :))


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