Thursday, November 17, 2011

Swipes and P Bar handstands

After Sunday and Mondays shoulder incident the fact that I could train at all today with ZERO pain or shoulder ROM restriction is a freakin' miracle. One to which I am eternally grateful for :))

Still I took it VERY easy in practice today going very ginger to make sure everything was as stable and normal as it appeared.

6-7 am stretchout

client no show so I got paid to stretch. Nice deal.

1 pm

two clubbell swipes

2 10's x 20
x 40
x 60
150 reps

These felt very easy and the shoulder better than ever. so weird. I haven't taken a light swipe workout in awhile so this was a good time for it. Grip was never involved and I felt I could have gone over 100 reps no problem

Floor handstands
5 sets of 10 seconds ( solid count too)

parallel bar handstand
5 sets of 5-10 seconds!!

wow these were so strong and easy. This really brought back memories. P bars was definitely on my top three favorite events ( pommel horse, rings and P bars). MY handstand is feeling SO much like home these days, like it used to when I felt I could do a handstand anywhere, on anything for any length of time I wanted to.

No joke either, I was THAT confident and solid upside down :))

Ring supports
3 sets of 5 seconds

started to feel a bit greedy here and shut it down.

Triceps extensions black band
4 sets of 15-20

SO SO happy to be able to just move without pain again much less train this well today.

datsit. Sisu

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