Sunday, July 31, 2005

In Service day

When I was a gymnastics coach I was lucky enough to learn from Roy Davis, not only a great gymnast but an incredible teacher of teachers. We always had in service days to discuss our training methods and techniques. It was always fun and I never came away without learning a lot.

This weekend was like that starting with the incredible experience of getting to our hotel just two blocks from the beach right about at sunset. We were dipping our feet in the water and I realized just how much being in the water means to me. I grew up in Miami Beach and it has very special meaning to me. The beach feels like home. We had a great steak dinner to prepare for the next days workout and the training discussions we were having were already fantastic. An omen of things to come.

Got picked up early by Brett Jones, strongman extraordinaire and Bosu Ball inventor and overall balance master David Weck. When we arrived Pavel was already to go and I noticed the smallest bell was the two pood.We had 2 88's 2 72's 2 106's and a 125 and a 145 coming later. Okay. this should be fun......

Pavel was doing tactical pullups with the 40kg , I was helping mike C with muscle ups on the rings, mike m was playing with the 25 pound clubells like they were balsa indian clubs andBrett was getting his gripper ready. Things started slowly then picked up pace as Mike hit the pullups with Pavel, I started doing two handed swing flips with the 72 then the 88 then the 106! The sand also provided a very interesting and challenging base of support.

I got a very solid triple with the Beast the first time I have touched it. Very happy with that. The company of strong men always makes one better. Subsequent sets with the Bulldog and the two pood were SO much lighter. Amazing.

Mike then started doing his tarzan routine swinging across the ten ring sets like he was george of the jungle. effortless. Jones and weck both had their fun with this as well. Then onto no feet clumbs up the rope to win a lunch bet for weck and then mike c.

Pavels is alternating presses with the bulldog with more pullups for single with the bulldog with ten pounds added.Grip work with brett is sandwiched in too as were his neck and jaw drills from resiliant.Mike C joins in the pullup fun. Man I wish I could still do those. I used to be very strong in this but I was determined not to be stupid this weekend and come out unscathed.

Pavel Mike C Brett and David shift focus to the double rope setup and proceed to double arm hop with NO LEGS all the way to the top!!! and then down to arms at a time a freakish display of strength and coordination.

then the monster kbs arrive from Shawn Michaels and thes things are BIG. The 125# er is a very wide based flat bottoms little half mushroom and the 145 is cast from a freaking basketball. Giganto.

Mahler and Mike start swinging, then one arm swinging and then cleaning. Mahler then side presse the 125 and has to bail out on the 145 but a huge display of strength and control. Mike tries to snatch the 145 but he decides its not a great idea and lets it go. Unreal strength for these attempts at first site.

Jones is double cleaning the TWO BEASTS like they were two poods. he also bottoms up cleans the beast!He and Mike C then proceed to juggle tow two 72's doing double flips with mike doing his normal crazy stuff of sideways flips and alternatiing under over flips with the 72's. You really cant believe it til you see it.

Jones also cleans, snatches and bent presses the 125# and cleans and one arm swings the 145#!!! Unfreakingreal.

I felt very happy with my two hands swings with the 125 as well as the 145# Not bad at all. My rooting and hip snap are much improved.

I also clean the Bulldog for the first time regular style then I did it BOTTOMS UP!! Yeah baby! very very happy with that.

Next up were handstands and I helped Brett, Pavel and Mike C get into solid positions and taught them the secrets of finger control that allows you to hold a handstand for as long as you want. I am also happy to report that my handstand was the best its been in fifteen years and after a slow start I was able to nail them at will.

Then we went for a swim and the fun began. we had swum out a decent distance from shore, enjoying the water and clean air when Mike C says "let swim out to that bouy" So of course we do. Pavel, Mike C, Jones Weck and me are headed out there and i KNOW this is going to be tougher than it looks.

But the GREAT news is that my shoulder, which didnt work AT ALL two years ago in Hawaii allowed me to swim like my old self again and tie Weck to the bouy!Amazing. Gettin back was tough and I was starving when we finished.

We shared a great lunch and talked training for the next two hours. What an amazing weekend.

Part two : Dinner for Five Kettlebell style.

Pavel does it again. Posted by Picasa

Mike C crushes it. Posted by Picasa

As does Weck Posted by Picasa

As does Jones with big hops Posted by Picasa

Pavel hop pulls to the top of the double ropes. Posted by Picasa

So of course Mike C does too Posted by Picasa

Weck climbs to the top to win a lunch bet with arms only Posted by Picasa

So of course Mahler has to bent press! Posted by Picasa

Mike C cleans the monster 145#!~ Posted by Picasa

Rif two arm swings the 125# er Posted by Picasa

Mike C one arms the 145# er Posted by Picasa He also made a valiant attempt to snatch it a few times but thought better of it. This is of course on first site. He will snatch it if he wants to.

Mike M. side presses it. Posted by Picasa

Mike C swings it. Posted by Picasa He also snatched the beast with ease.

Shawn Michaels sold these monster to fellow monster Steve Cotter. A 125# and a 145# KB. Nice. Posted by Picasa

Half way through. Posted by Picasa

Jones and Pavel put a hurt on the #3 captain of crush Posted by Picasa

and Pavel works on his pullups with the 40kg PLUS ten pounds of added weight Posted by Picasa

the boys play with the club bells Posted by Picasa

and does a triple with the 40 kg Posted by Picasa

Mike plays monkey boy Posted by Picasa

A day at the beach. What an intense weekend in Santa Monica training and talking shop with Pavel, Mike Mahler, David Weck, Mike Castrogiovanni, Brett Jones and Steve Cotter. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Double Windmills and DARCs

AM Bosu work:
grease the groove with one foot stands throughout the morning. 5-6 times.

1 pm:
Decided to do some double windmills today to address my left hip and right lat weaknesses similtaneously.

36 up/18 low for 5 left side only
44up/36 lo for 5 left side
53up/44 lo for 5 left side wow this was harder than expected on my right hand!Much shorter ROM but a very interesting dynamic and connection beween the left and right arm.
53 up/36 lox5 better

72x4 not bad at all left only
72x5 strong. left only

need to do right arm overhead supports when I only do the left side windmill.

DARCS ( no warmup- this is for you Bill)
53x80 new PR I actually was warm from the windmills
53x60 almost as hard
210 reps ( after reading cotters 1000 rep one arm swing w/o I feel like a wimp.

bottoms up cleans ( hand is too sore to do reg cleans)
x10+10 ! easy.was going to do eight but it was too easy. grip and total body tightness feel great. I know I will be able to BU clean the bulldog soon.

Bosu ball stands
8 reps 30 seconds

Need to get in top shape---1,000 1 arm Swings w/ 40kg: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Need to get in top shape---1,000 1 arm Swings w/ 40kg: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

This is the core of what KB training can be about.Cant get more simple than this: a one arm swing with a very heavy weight for very high reps.amazing man Mr Cotter is.

Troy, here is my formula for healthy knees after 35 plus years of grappling: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Troy, here is my formula for healthy knees after 35 plus years of grappling: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bosu Practice.

I've been standing on the bosu almost every day these last few weeks and I have to say I have noticed a very definite improvement in my very bad left knee,especially in the last week. Normally I dont have full extension in the knee, nor full ROM ,which means the thing can get very tight very quickly just from small amounts of standing or walking.I am constantly trying to find ways to stretch out the IT band and the outer head of the hamstring which tightens up mightily and really puts a torque on my lower leg and then my knee. and then my hip and spine.

Its all connected.

Since I have been standing on the bosu,especially in my one foot stance, I've noticed how much stretch I get when letting my heel drop down into the ball. and the knee lock out)Normally I think if trying to maintain balance on the foot by having even weight distribution( eg wobble board).

By letting the heel sink fully my hams really stretch and the quads can contract very strongly. It almost feels like a terminal knee extension you do at the physio.I can keep pushing through the heel and get a stronger quad contraction and subsequent hamstring release.

BY pulling up my knee cap I can maximize this. Also by standing on the down side of the dome I put the calf into a prestretch at the start of the drill. This is one thing I really like about the bosu and am discovering more about every day How to use ALL SIDES of the dome.
What side activates what section of my body. very interesting stuff.

For instance I was walking in place on the bosu with the left foot right behind the bullseye on the down side and the right foot on the right side trying to get my medial arch to activate( plantar faci been bothering me). This worked like a charm and when I got off the ball after 15 minutes my knee was back in place and my opposite side foot arch felt fine. I am also using perfect alignment and tapping off with toes or hands whenever I need to so as not to get too lateral .Seems when I fight to hard to keep balance the knee goes out and adjusts wierdly.

also spent about 5 minutes each hour this morning just standing and playing with the bola or balancing during work. this is when the knee toqued out on me- standing with the knee in flexion is no good.-have to lockout and drop the heel.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Interesting synchronicity: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Interesting synchronicity: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Pavel thinks I should expand this into an article for a bodybuilding magazine. Not a bad idea at all, as usual.

If it's Monday then it's Snatches.

wanted to do a bit more than the 134 reps I did last week. The 53 is feeling light again and thats a great thing. Been awhile. So much of strength is mental, how you think about a task and how you think about yourself. I had been thinking of myself as a strength-endurance trainer and was hoping to get as lean as possible and re-develop my "go all day" mentality.

Then I started feeling weaker for the first time since I started this journey in January of this year.SO I upped my proteins and my calories a little and started thinking about BEING strong, not just enduring. Almost overnight my lifts went up and the weights started feeling lighter in my hands,always a sure sign your strength is up.

I have to remember that endurance, like speed, is created in the crucible of strength. Just keep my bodyweight where it should be and get about getting stronger. Just have to modulate intensities and volume so I dont get ahead of myself and get hurt.

am training
bought a new bosu ball for Girya so I stood on the ball , off and on for six hours.great grease the groove.


x10+10 no problems groove feels solid.wind is easy.
x14+14 not bad at all but tore a mid hand callous. havent had one of these in awhile.not too deep.

total volume= 158 reps. a bit high but not bad. have to write these out in advance it seems.

one kb hi pull

these were solid. hip snap is best ever!I actually feel like I have some hip drive.

BU cleans
was going to do regular cleans but tear said no.
72x5+5 yes! these are getting consistent. I can see the bulldog bottoms up now.


Sunday, July 24, 2005



BIll Fox mentioned dogen in one of his posts on the forum and it got me to thinking how long it has been since I studied any Zen literature. This is my spiritual roots.

The team photo from the 2000 IPF Pan AM championships where I was head coach and Kelii won Gold and Best Lifter as well. Kelii had taken third in two IPF World Championships in 1993 in Sweden and 1996 in Canada as well as tied for third in 1995 in Chiba, Japan. Good times. Posted by Picasa

Kelii. Perhaps the toughest powerlifter I have ever known, male or female.I had the pleasure of coaching and training with her for nine years, including three IPF World Championships.

I have NEVER seen her quit on a lift, in training or competition.Her best total, done at the venerable Ironman competition was 1014 at 123 lbs and having had a terrible flu for a weekprior to the meet! This included a 391 squat, a 230 bench and and 391 deadlift.

Kelii was legendary for her unbeleivable raw strength. She would constantly
try to beat everyone she trained with, no matter they were male and outweighed her by a hundred pounds or more. I considered myself happy if I stayed 100 pound ahead of her in any lift!

Some of her best training lifts

413 pound squat( in old school single ply suit)
250 pound bench press( in single ply denim shirt)
3 full rep dips with 100 pound db attached.
Power good mornings with 315 pounds
5 pullups with 50 pounds attached
spread eagle situps with 100 pound db at the forehead( her abs strength was insane!)

She had numerous serious injuries including two torn hamstrings and cracked ribs and never ever quit.

She also had a bad habit( my coaching errors) of doing good mornings with her opening squats in competitions. This lead to way too many 359 pound good mornings that she ground out til completion. We should have trained full squats instead of so many box squats but man was she tough!

I have also never seen anybody pull so hard on the deadlift. It didnt matter where she hit the sticking point she would finish the lift, no matter how long it took. ANd this is from a 40 plus year old, lifetime drug free 123 pound woman. unbeleivable.
Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The beauty of simplicty

I really want ot get back to basics with my kb training and go back to quantifying my workouts with variations in load and intensities instead of exercise variations. More like my powerlifting workouts. I 've found I much prefer this rythym to free form workouts and focusing on increasing workloads and weights to a conditioning focus.

I also love the simplicity this training allows. You always know where you are.

also, Bosu one foot stands for 30 seconds each between sets of swings and presses.

two hand swing
53x10 taking a whole 'nother mental approach to this exercise now. I've always hated it.
72x10 really focusing on finding the arc and the max power on the hip snap. comp acc.
88x10x10 this wasnt too bad although it took me a few sets to find the arc. not easy either.
will build this up by sets not reps. 12 x10 next week.

Russian military press
72x2x6 sets. keeping the reps down really allows me to concentrate on position. I have to really externally rotate my arm to keep the elbow from swinging out. almost like a curl press.
thes felt decent though.

KB lunges
53x8+8x4 sets fast paced too. these are great. arches a bit problematic so I stayed light.

Saturdays will almost be like my old powerlift days with a pull a press and a leg movement.


Friday, July 22, 2005

H2H in the parl

about an hour of H2H work with the 16 kg KB doing the routine a few times through and then breaking it into parts and just working components. ALso spent 30 minute on the bosu bola with David Weck its inventor. tons of fun and very challending hand eye stuff. its addicting to play with and very rythmic. so much like the kb in its own way.

at home later

ten minutes of various stands on bosu. this is definitely getting my foot, ankle, leg and hip stronger.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

On Systema (long as usual): Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

On Systema (long as usual): Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

great info from Nate Morrison about martial arts systems.His stuff is always so interesting.

Hard Wednesday

shoulder is still a bit touchy from Mondays two pood arm bars. right side is fine but left got subluxed a bit. goes to my theory that I should windmill on my left side and arm bar on the right, but who knows? I can get hurt sleeping.

Windmills( both sides)
36x5L+ right side stretch onlyx5
44x5L and 26 5 right
53x5 L and 36 5 right
53x5+5 both sides
x5+5 these are feeling ok, trying to stretch more on the right side.The key is that the overhead arm is moving ever so slightly to stay over the shoulder and balanced as the torso descends. If the shoulder is unstable, as mine is, it makes it very difficult to do but easy to see progress being made.
x5+5 Mike did 10x10x10 with each arm with the Bulldog!!!

two kb one arm swings( all sets supersetted with Bosu one foot stands,30 second each leg)
44x26(70)x8 I like these, lighter bell in front is harder than vice versa.

one arm swing with the Bulldog(88)
88x8 WOW, this was way harder than I thought. Huge uptick in grip requirement and the things is way the hell out there. really wants to pull me over.
88x8 again tough but my hip snap is much inproved, as is my rooting ability.
88x7 left forearm/bicep strainy. Lots of body work recently

two kb one arm swing
53+44(97)x6 this was easier, alot, than the bulldog and felt lighter.

was going to do clean but left arm said no so

6 sets of held handstands for about 10-15 seconds each.
shoulder and hips are twisted too much.HS felt strong though.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Strength is a skill"

"During the breaks at the last weekend’s ‘Unlock’ workshop Com. Steve Maxwell casually got students to do full one-arm pushups and pistols in minutes. Strength is a skill. We teach it by reverse engineering what the strongest people do naturally. "


This is what makes Pavel so great. He can condense the most important and complex subjects in just a few words.Cut to the freakin chase.Beautiful.

Foot Stands

After re experiencing my handstand two weeks ago for the first time in 20 plus years I realized just how important my hands, and esepcially my fingers, are , to the balance and stability of the free standing handstand.

Then, after some bosu ball work it dawned on me that what I was training on the bosu was a footstand, And the direct benefit I was feeling from the two and one leg stand training was the strengthening of my feet. First in line, eh?

The constant motion of the bosu keeps the feet and calf muscles activating like the handstand does the muscles of the hand and the foreram.ANd you can find that still point where bare activation is necessary to maintain a sweet balance.All day.

So, footstands it is.

two feet stands joint mobility
walking up and down the sides of the done.
walking into one foot holds
standing one foot holds with tap offs.( I havent trained this seriously enough lately.) now that the partners are back I dont spend as much time between sets standing. have to fix that.

30 sec holds 3 each side squats close skiers stance start on top of done 3 reps and walk down the done. TONS O QUAD and inner thigh on the front side of the dome .could easily hold kbs too. nice.

lunges with rear leg elevated. self spotted. more of a stretch than a lunge wow is this going to be challenging. basically a pistol. spend about 15 minutes. have to incorporate more bosu work into the kb workouts to get enough done. datsit._________________

Body mass in relationship to strength: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Body mass in relationship to strength: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Steve is good.I wish I were this coherent.

Monday, July 18, 2005

snatch day

God I love it when things are going good. I feel like I know how to snatch again and thats a very good feeling.I'm focused on doing movement, not figuring it out. I can zone it to producing as much force as possible, not where to put my limbs when.this is the fourth workout in a micro cycle and time to have down week.


53x5+5 (10)
x7+7 (14)
x9+9( 18) keeping it in close, like a high pull and it is just floating up!
x13+13( 26) cardio feels really good. breath is much better.recovery faster too.
x7+7 (14)long static holds for each rep
x10+10(20) sprint style

134 reps- 85 % of my high of 160. working my way up to 200.

one arm high pulls'
got this idea from Mike Mahlers new dvd. always liked this move.

72x6+6 these are great! pulling bell to upper chest strongly. feel strong again.

bott0ms up cleans
53x5+5 no warmup/felt great
72x4+4 hit 3/4 perfect on each side

2 kb BU clean
(2)53x3 misses. ugly not using hips
(2) 44x3 much better
(2) 53s x3 ugly still but better.

arm bars
72x3+3 havent done these in awhile. felt very strong.hard though. triceps are cramping from the lockout.

feel great for a change. I could get used to this.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Warning-the ab wheel can be hazardous for ones health: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Warning-the ab wheel can be hazardous for ones health: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Assymmetrical training

I've been thinking about my musclar/skeletal imbalances lately and how symmetrical my training has become.Which doesnt feel good. I am getting stronger all over but my weaknesses arent coming up quickly enough.

heres a partial list of the exercises I would consider doing just one sided:

1) windmills left side: for left hip and glutes. shoulder stability is a plus

2) KB arm bar right side: to work the right shoulder stability

3) right arm lateral swing; for left to right rotation and right erector strength.also more left leg and hip work.

4) Left leg front lunge/KB in left arm

5) left arm farmers walk; to overload left leg/hip and right erector.

Hanging leg raises primarily work the hip flexors not the abs: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Hanging leg raises primarily work the hip flexors not the abs: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Great explanantion of the difference between hip flexor and abdominal training and when which is called for. another maxwell gem.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Swing squats

Felt ready to go after a good nights sleep. I always sleep well after I dont sleep at all the night before. Go figure.
Only thing good about really hot summer days is that it takes so little to get warmed up!

53x10x5 sets very strong.

72x10 YES! No problems wahtsoever. Strength is all from the mind. I've decided I want to be strong again and my entire mindset towards the weight changed. Instead of thinking the 72 is heavy and scary I'm thinking I have to bring the Bulldog back to Stones to swing and the 72 wont be the max anymore.Hell maybe I'll bring that ugly 95 pounder Pig I have as well. Been eating more protein too and that is helping me feel stronger and recover faster.

BU press
44x3+3 strong!
53x2+2 Yes! PR on the right side
53x2+2 excellent
53x1.5 r/2 left getting tired

44x5+5 what a differnce a little weight makes in this one.
36x10+10 long cycle. like a toy.

kb lunges ( high shoulder rack. saw this in Mike Mahlers Aggressive KB training and its great. now I dont have to worry about the shoudlers giving out first.)
x10+10 feeling strong.


The best kb press for bench pressers

I've been doing a lot of bottoms up cleans and presses,on separate training days.One of the things I've noticed is the incredible similarity between the muscles involved, the body positions required and their firing sequence in the BU press and the bench press.

First, the forearms HAS to be perpindicular to the floor in the BU press to heven stabilize the weight. Same as the bench. Second, the grip has to be very tight and the weight on the heel of the hand. Ditto for the bench. Third, and perhaps most important and similar is that the lat has to be heavily involved in the bottom stabilization (rack for kb and pause for bench) position in both exercises.the triceps have to be literally lying on it.Forth, the lat HAS to fire first to initiate the pressing for both moves.And fifth, the shoulders have to stay in the socket for any kind of strength to be available.Same for the bench.

The lat also has to stay involved thoughout the whole press or the elbows swings out and the press and the bench is lost. AND, more importantly, the shoulder is severly destabilized.This is when rotator cuff injuries occur when pressing.

I had stopped regular KB presses as I coulnt stabilize with my lat well on my wierdo right side. I subbed the BU press for the lat stabilization effect on both the positive and negative reps.And wow what a differce! My right side lat is working much better and I can double the 53's now where I couldnt even press the 36 BU last month without pain and my elbows flairing out. Training my powerlifting partner on the today and he really got the connection to his bench.The lats the thing. Plus, you have to stay totally tight throughout the entire movment or it falls apart in a second.Good stuff.

Now I have to BU press the 72. I can see it.


Friday, July 15, 2005

Fridays in the park

H2H day with mike.

work on the kb routine with the 26. three full repeats. getting much better.

segment overload work with the 44.

did the routine in pieces doing five reps per movement but taking short breaks between the 44 wasnt as hard as I thought it would be. this is good.just have to keep the momentum going.

under over hand flips sequences

ten reps per flip each hand with 44. strong.

bosu bola work with Mike 30 minutes. learning the basics. this thing is cool and swings just like the kb.different speeds and weight but the arcs are the same. way cool.

It depends on why you are training and to what end, for martial arts it is important: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

It depends on why you are training and to what end, for martial arts it is important: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Steve Maxwell on single leg training philosophy.Great stuff as usual.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bosu Practice.

I am really starting to love training on the bosu, not just like it. I cant beleive the effect it seems to be having on my bad knee and foot. One of my problems is getting full knee extension in my disaster of a left knee and being able to "sink" into the bosu seems to making a big difference.

Last time I used the bosu I put too much air into it( like I would a stability ball I want to stand on), Mike C told me to let half the air out and it makes a big difference. Mushy is better.

done in no particular order this afternoon:

two foot stand eyes opened and closed

assisted one foot stands:
these are great, just the smallest amount of help I need to obtain a perfect one foot stand posture and then try to back it off. Like tapping off the wall with your feet when you are trying to master a free standing handstand.

walking in place on bosu

walking up and down the side of the bosu

Now THIS was way cool. I hadnt thought to walk on it before but the total lack of impact makes it much easier to do. kind of like step ups on a trampoline.

two feet eyes closed JM head rotations side to side and front to back. this is getting much stronger.

MAN when you start turning your head when your eyes are closed your legs activate like CRAZY to stabilize. Amazing. This has so much potential to develop very usefull and transferable strength and stability.

have to remember to do some weighted stands next.

about 15 minutes of fun.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

WIndmill PR and DARCS

Killer way to start the week with seven straight hours of bodywork and a 3:45 am wakeup. Lovely.

left arm 36x5
right arm bw stretch x5
left arm 44x5
right arm bw stretchx5
left arm 53x5 EASY!
right arm 36x5 its so much nicer when it opens up. using my side press start technique, working well.
left arm 72x4!!!! PR! not hard at all. The two pood falls.
left arm 44x5 not quite ready for more
left arm 72x5! easier than first set,
right arm 53x5 not bad at all.
been stretching out the windmill position all day too.

pretty warmed up.

72x65! not bad at al
72x40 sprint jumped the last time.

one arm two kb swings
44+36(80) x10
53+36( 89) x8 these are tough! I love them. really hits my hips HARD.

ran out of time- supposed to do bottoms up presses.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Snatch day

This feels amost like squat day used to. it has a very simple and definite purpose. One definitive exercise and a specific workload. I love the elegant simplicy of that.I hate doing a million exericses. take one thing and work it to death has always been my training method of choice.

Now that I've stopped analysing them I like snatching again.

36x8+8 things feel good. was messed up at work today,suprised to feel this good.
44x5+5 new sanded handle feels good. took that power coat crap off it.

53x7+7 nice. feels light
53x13+13 these arent that bad at all. form feels great. the extra LEG work is paying off I think!!
53x9+9 sprinted right side from start. strong for a change.
53x10+10 these werent that hard
53x5+5 hold overhead position two counts each rep.

160 reps. excellent 146 last week. maybe a down week next monday. feel great that I can snatch correctly again. will hit 200 I'm sure.

bottoms up cleans
44x5+5 easy
53x5+5 strong too.
72x3+3x3 sets wow. best EVER with this weight. lats and legs feel very strong.


Saturday, July 09, 2005

London is pretty much back to normal(long,but hopefully informative).: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

London is pretty much back to normal(long,but hopefully informative).: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

A first hand report from London right after the attacks. Very interesting info.


I love to train first thing in the day.One of my business goals revolves around being able to train myself first, then go to work( for a much shorter time,lol). Felt fairly recovered from yesterdays ( and the weeks) session.

9am 15 minute stretch foot stands on bosu.

KB squat cleans
was thinking of doing swing, flip squats but didnt want a "centered' exercise. wanted it assymetrical as my hips were tight.
36x5+5x2 these feel great
53x5+5x3 sets. very solid. ballistic squats feel so much better to me than negative accentuated ones.maybe thats why I tended towards dive bombing my power squats.

72x3+3x3 these were tough to hold on my shoulder. almost strained the left rotator trying to stabilize the rack. legs feel strong though.

swing squats( just grab the horns-feel warmed up now)
72x5x3 sets ( right forearm tight) again legs feel good.

44x5+5x3 hips take forever to warm up!

supersetted with one foot bosu stands

actually held a left leg stand with eyes close for 3-4 seconds! not bad at all. right side about the same. Iw ill make the ten second challenge.

Friday, July 08, 2005


man I barely made it into the gym today. Long ass day as Fridays always are now and woke up not happy.three cups of coffee instead of my usual two and a nap before I trained. The only thing that got me off my ass was my wife giving me permission to miss the session: " You've only skipped one training session in the last twenty years I've know you, whats two?"

The beginining of the slide is what it is. I got up.

H2H routine. this makes a great warmup and lazy day workout

18x one set five reps each. hardest part is remembering all the moves.
26#x one set five reps each
36x one set five reps. this is a bit too heavy. good strength but I end up feeling my biceps. more hip drive needed but I'm still learning the moves so its heavy.
26x one set five reps.

underhand flips same hand catch 3x5 reps 26#
overhand flips same hadn catch 3x5 36# these are giving me a hard time for some reason. probably fatigue ;)
under grip flip into overgrip flip same hand five reps each 2 sets 36#

these were supersetting with one foot bosu stand s mainly left leg. allowed myself to touch and really got some good long turns in. much more comfortable. lots of weight on the heel. up and down the side of the bosu.

one kb swing
one arm two kb swings
23+36(62)x10+10 these are great. different from the regular version in a very distinct way.I like them better for some reason.
44+26(70)x10+10 powerful hip activation for me. much more so than one kb, even a heavy one.I think having the weight further up the forearm is part of it. different weight distribution and thereby leverage. Like lowering the bar down the back of the powersquat.
44+36(80) wow very solid reps.

more bosu in between sets, some marching sets.

kb cleans
53x12+12 this was actually tough. I love these.

datsit. not bad for a "missed" workout :))

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Balancing quads and hams

I don't do too well on a diet of pure swings and snatches. Too much hip and not enough quad and my ham pulls my pelvis down and rotate my left leg out .Have to do those front squats and lunges and my gait improves almost immediately.THis is also true for farmers walks as well. Overload for gait.

5 AM RIS twenty minutes. I really needed this. Have to stretch out each morning. Have to.


Bosu ball squats
36x8( weight held on chest)
44x6x2 these KILL abs!

one foot bosu balance: got 45 seconds on left leg significantly better than last week.
JM drills on bosu eyes closed.

26x5+5 this feel suprisingly good.
36x5+5 better. Starting my right side as a kind of "push/side press to the starting position. Takes SO much torque off my shoulder joint. Not the full ROM but the strong part.
53x5+5x2 very happy with form.

Bottoms up press:
36x3+3 this really gets my right lat perfectly. If I press it right with the lat my shoulder Doesnt hurt!
44x2+2 solid
53x1 each side. attempted a second each side and almost got it on the left. ties PR on BU press
53x1+1 better
44x3+3 strong!

kb lunges, low rack
36x8+8 these have NEVER felt better
53x8+8 can say they were easy.and thats never the case
72x8+8x2!!! big PR and strong.
53x12x2 left leg only strong.

bosu balance left leg only
45 secs x two attempts. should got the first one lost concentration. leg was stronger than first attempt.

1 minute 15 with tap offs two times.overload.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Iron Man Magazine @

Iron Man Magazine @

Now this is MAINSTREAM fitness baby!

back to back

snatched hard yesterday and today we are doing more H2H drills in the park as Mike has to be at the NSCA converence Friday. Not bad at all,actually

Did the H2H routine I posted last week.Hard part was remembering the transitions but it worked out well .entire routine lasted about 4 minutes. didnt seem that long. Used the 26 and the 36 but mainly the 26. the jump tot he one pood was much harder than I thought. Mike of course used the 53, but he was working. not used to seeing that.......

went right up this time but right lat and teres are tight. Did them on the concrete and it was much better.grass is uneven. felt like old times. I locked in a couple times and man it was like I could stay up forever. Nice.

will up the volume slowly.

datsit.about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Snatch Day

long long long ass day. seven clients in a row and almost all needed bodywork.on the fourth of july no less. then right to snatch. solo. its this shit that builds character.


ok warmup over.

53x8+8 sprint style
53x10+10 fastest set of all /man, I feel better finishing than starting. I really need A LOT of warmup.

146 reps. 32 reps over last week.
one arm

one arm swings
72x12+12 HARD! man my hips are dead.
72x10+10 I am beat.

supposed to do front squat but I'm done.


Sportsguide Magazine

Sportsguide Magazine

A great article for mainstream america about kb's

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fred Gardner: Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer

Fred Gardner: Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer

SO of course the Supreme Court think marijuana should be illegal. Brilliant! This study shows HEAVY smokers have LESS than the control groups chances of getting cancer. LESS!?!


today was clean and jerks. I've never been very good at these,in part, to weak legs. Well I am doing them as much as a leg movement as anything.great total body movement too.

clean and jerks
53x5+5x3 really taking my time and getting tight and set between each part.less of a push press and getting towards a true jerk.

72x2+2x 2 its freakin easier for me to press these things with just my shoulders than to get "help" with my legs. not good. lots of work here to be done..

Dip thrusts
44x5+5x2 just trying to get my legs into it without losing the connection to the bell while its in the rack postition.

53x50 strong!
72x50 not bad either
53x60 suprisingly strong. excellent

Arm Bars
53x5+5x3 these are feeling better. datsit. was really tired from all the H2H and the sun the day before. not enough water.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Pistol workout strategies: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Pistol workout strategies: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Another classic Maxwell explanation of complex training stragegy.

Handstand and routines.just like the old days

H2H in the park with Mike.

took the 16 kg today and it was definitely more challenging. Mike likes to switch exercises virtually every set, which I dont like.I need a more defined routine ,done over and over.Its the OCD maybe :))

Routine One:H2H progressions
1) around the body pass
2) around leg pass/counter clock wise
3) figure eights
4)around leg pass underhand flip to opposite hand
5)around body pass / around leg pass
6) two hand swing flip
7)one hand flip alternate hand
8)one hand flip overhand to alternate hand
9)one hand swing/flip to opposite side catch
10)one hand swing/flip to opposite side snatch

this is a good start.

tactical lunges
bottoms up snatches
swing flip squats push

Pavel told me to lower the reps and make it heavier. good advice.strength is always good.


Yes I did the first handstands I have done in ten years or more.and they were not that hard.
combine 20 pounds les weight, a LOT more shoulder stability and overhead strength and strong hands and I am ready to do these again it seems.

This make me VERY happy . would love to be able to do some HS pushups as well someday. it also looks like it will really help my shoulder flexibility on the right side.

ya mon.