Friday, July 08, 2005


man I barely made it into the gym today. Long ass day as Fridays always are now and woke up not happy.three cups of coffee instead of my usual two and a nap before I trained. The only thing that got me off my ass was my wife giving me permission to miss the session: " You've only skipped one training session in the last twenty years I've know you, whats two?"

The beginining of the slide is what it is. I got up.

H2H routine. this makes a great warmup and lazy day workout

18x one set five reps each. hardest part is remembering all the moves.
26#x one set five reps each
36x one set five reps. this is a bit too heavy. good strength but I end up feeling my biceps. more hip drive needed but I'm still learning the moves so its heavy.
26x one set five reps.

underhand flips same hand catch 3x5 reps 26#
overhand flips same hadn catch 3x5 36# these are giving me a hard time for some reason. probably fatigue ;)
under grip flip into overgrip flip same hand five reps each 2 sets 36#

these were supersetting with one foot bosu stand s mainly left leg. allowed myself to touch and really got some good long turns in. much more comfortable. lots of weight on the heel. up and down the side of the bosu.

one kb swing
one arm two kb swings
23+36(62)x10+10 these are great. different from the regular version in a very distinct way.I like them better for some reason.
44+26(70)x10+10 powerful hip activation for me. much more so than one kb, even a heavy one.I think having the weight further up the forearm is part of it. different weight distribution and thereby leverage. Like lowering the bar down the back of the powersquat.
44+36(80) wow very solid reps.

more bosu in between sets, some marching sets.

kb cleans
53x12+12 this was actually tough. I love these.

datsit. not bad for a "missed" workout :))

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