Tuesday, July 05, 2005

back to back

snatched hard yesterday and today we are doing more H2H drills in the park as Mike has to be at the NSCA converence Friday. Not bad at all,actually

Did the H2H routine I posted last week.Hard part was remembering the transitions but it worked out well .entire routine lasted about 4 minutes. didnt seem that long. Used the 26 and the 36 but mainly the 26. the jump tot he one pood was much harder than I thought. Mike of course used the 53, but he was working. not used to seeing that.......

went right up this time but right lat and teres are tight. Did them on the concrete and it was much better.grass is uneven. felt like old times. I locked in a couple times and man it was like I could stay up forever. Nice.

will up the volume slowly.

datsit.about an hour and fifteen minutes.

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