Friday, May 29, 2015

Thursday Ruck

 Feeling the effects of  yesterday's swing test today! In the glutes, which is great, as well as overall energy, which is to be expected. Still got it done but it was tougher than normal

43 lb ruck
6 laps
60 minutes
last lap timed at 8:11

Tracy could ruck with me for  the first time since she dislocated her toe which made the workout that much more enjoyable

forgot to write this yesterday so getting it done Friday morning. Glutes are even MORE sore lol

Got to work that out, have to swing the Beast tomorrow :)


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

32 kg StrengthMatters swing test accomplished! 200 reps/ 10 minutes

This is just freaking awesome.  Both Glenn and I, following the same training program, accomplished the swing test today with no issues. We were on track to do another 20 minute 24 kg set but decided we might as well go ahead and test this now, in case it wasn't really working and our plan wouldn't translate.
But it was and it did.

LONG day yesterday and not the best sleep. Worked hard at not thinking about this all morning. Was almost successful.
I anticipated that the test would be much like the last 5 minutes of a 20 minute 24 kg workout and it was just about that.
The first five minutes were not bad and the last five were pretty much as miserable as the 20 minute workout.
Grip was fine the whole time, as was the lower back
I did however slip into double breathing around the five minute mark; moving that much weight that fast takes a lot of oxygen but my back was fine. I just sound like a wounded rhino :)

32 kg Swing test
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
24 kg x 5/5

32 kg x 10 x 20 sets
200 reps
14,000 lbs work


it is nice when a plan comes together.

Walking lunges
4 laps of 40 steps NO stopping on second lap

harder than usual given what we just did.

Horiz pushups

67 reps

shoulders a bit tired now too

Db rear delt
15 lbs x  3 set 15

perfect finisher

short and fast ruck tomorrow
SO glad to have gotten this thing DONE. Big weight off my shoulders


Monday, May 25, 2015

95 lb Barbell Mil Press,36 kg belt squat, Floor pushups ( pr), sled pull, kb rows

All gave some, some gave all .

After taking the week off bar presses last week I wasn't sure what to expect today. The shoulders have been feeling very good and I have been able to replicate Mark's adjustment with a jump stretch band so I it's been " in the socket" a lot lately. that's good. Got a full one hour stretchout this morning and have been doing lots of overhead hangs too and they have been feeling better than ever.

My gut tells me my body is squaring up, finally, after almost two years since my TKR. It just feels that way.
I am also playing with  getting into a hollow position when I hang overhead trying to pull my ribs back under me more. It seems to  give me a bit more OH ROM as well as relieve even more pressure on the shoulder.

Barbell Military press
45 x 5 x 2 ( NO stick warmup today)
65  x 5
75 x 5
85 x 5
95 x 5 x 5!! this was VERY strong and solid, even the overhead!

Belt squats
 36 kg x 10, 12, 14, 15

these were strong

Floor pushups
4 sets of 20 PR! Bang, just like that. Very easy could have done more! I can see being able to do a set of 50 reps soon.

Hip sled
105 x 250 ft x 3 laps

tough finisher as always but got it done. only did three as we are testing with the 32kg in the StrengthMatters swing test on wednesday and wanted to leave a little in the tank. ( like it will make a difference )

KB rows
22 kg x 3 sets of 10

strong here too.!

ok day off and we test. This should tell us a lot about our training and if we are on course or have to change course :)
I'm predicting STRONG. :)


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Ruck: A goldilocks workout

No problem. Not too hard, not too slow and not too fast. Just right for a Sunday after a heavy ass swing and squat workout yesterday.
Although I did get too much lat involvement yesterday with the front squat.Legs were fine but my lats got overused after all those swings AND holding the 28's for reps. Looks like I have to go back to the Goblets. No worries, at least those help me get my chest up and out- the front squats, even if I work hard at it, tend to pull me into flexion because of the position of both bells in front.

Decided not to do the iso squats today because of the lats but ended up putting them in at lap seven. the legs needed a stretch; worked out fine.

50lbs pack
1:55 min
12 laps ( last lap timed at 8 min!)
6 sets of iso squats

BW 162.6 (  ate up a bit yesterday )


Saturday, May 23, 2015

44 kg One arm Swings ( double pr) KB front squat ( pr) Horiz Pushups, rear delts

Very solid day today. Except for my calluses which started yelling at me on the 10th set, this was not hard or heavy for me at all. Everything is falling together just as I hoped. I could attack the 44 in a way I never have been before and the conditioning from swing vo2 work made the 7's feel like a rest. Once I get the bell into motion more I am becoming much more efficient at keep it going, and keeping the speed up.

One arm swing
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 4/4
28 kg x 3/3
32 kg x 4/4
40 kg x 4/4
44 kg x 7/7 x 11 sets rep PR for this weight
154 reps total rep PR for this weight
14,938 lbs!

very solid, didn't really feel tired at all til we got done :)

Double KB front squats

the hardest part of these was the cleans! obvious I haven't been doing much double work at all lately. The squat was strong but I could tell I was now tired from the swings but it is a PR and the depth was solid!

double front squats
2 20's x 5
2 24's x 3
2 28's x 3 x 2 PR

Horizontal bar pushups
23 !

78 total reps
this was good. Closest I've gotten to two sets of 25.  It dropped off fast after that, no surprise. I was tired now :)

Db rear delt
3 x 15, 15, 12 with 15 lb db

these went well can actually feel the rear delts starting to develop. Really need more of this

tomorrow long heavy ruck!

Thanks to those who gave ALL for our freedom and safety

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Ruck, Lap pr!

Work capacity and cardio have definitely turned a corner! Today started out fast and just got faster. Legs felt loose and light and dropped right into a groove.
Ruck weight was 43 lbs
Six laps
55 min from door to door
Last lap timed at 7:32 an all time PR and all the other laps were 8:00 or under. 43 lbs is a good weight for me now, I almost feel like I could run!

Realized I had walked 3.2 miles just at work today! Not bad at all just wandering around the studio and another 10,000 or so on the ruck

I SO love being able to walk again. Long and fast is even better.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

24 kg Swing Vo2 18 min,Walking lunges,Parallel bar pushups, kb row

kb design by Rannoch Donald

I was very confident going into this workout and my confidence was rewarded.This was a very very strong effort- no problem at all. I was easily able to find the flow, to really link into the speed and momentum of the kettlebell and work with it to maximize my speed and power - over and over.

A big key to this is keeping the bell speed high, and for that you have to really keep the speed of the backswing high, which means NOT resisting the eccentric rep and pushing it as hard as you can without that effort slowing you down.

My groove was solid and other than a little lower back tightness ( lots of demos today too) everything was easy and the tightness resolved itself mid way through. The last set was literally the best set; the fastest and  most powerful. Perfect.

I also was in a very good mind space not getting ahead of myself at all not getting freaked out by the time left at all and not worried about getting the reps in at 15 seconds but really being able to focus on almost every small aspect of the technique to maximize speed and power.

I also think all the rucking is paying off too , as my actual aerobic base is as high as it's been in 20 years. I know that is helping

Swing Vo2
24 kg
36 sets of 10
18 min
360 reps
19,080 lbs work

 Walking lunges
4 laps of 40 steps and NO stopping mid lap. first time ever for all four sets. There are ways to make personal bests without going faster or further or adding weight :) Just do it better.

Parallel pushups

70 reps

have to push this one day just to get the total reps up to 85+ soon no matter how many sets it takes

Kb rows
24 kg x 8/8
          x 9/9
           x 10/10

these are strong too. shoulder feels fine after a solid adjustment yesterday from Mark and ready to ruck tomorrow!