Monday, February 27, 2006


Was SO tight in the traps and neck today for no good reason so decided to use the 24 kg and ramp up the reps slowly with ladders.

LC Clean and Jerks

90 total reps with 53

these were pretty easy although my left wrist was out from the BU clean with the Bulldog. No real problem , just tight forearm flexors pulled the wrist out a bit. Tape is goooooood.right up there with chalk. Clean and jerk form,however, was possibly my best ever. Shoulder flexibility, even the right side is really getting there.the linkage and coordination was decent.

Weighted tactical pullups
26x3x5 sets

these were not as easy as they were supposed to be. had hoped to do 36 for trips but discretion..... havent done as much weighted stuff in the last two weeks and I can tell.not bad though.pause at bottom and chin over bar.

KB Lunges

One KB suitcase dl( right arm)
62x5x3 sets

Farmers Walk
(2) 53's x2 laps, 4 times( in the rain! )

Decided to do a little direct quad work as the left VMO is not firing as well as it was. Need a sled or perhaps a tire to drag. the farmers walks in the rain reminded me of all the running I used to do in the rain. It was one of my favorite times to run long distance. Ah, the good old days.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

the laws governing metabolism ....: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

the laws governing metabolism ....: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Myth Buster Maxwell: The fast Metabolism.

Slow start, strong finish.

DOMS from the swings caught up with me this morning, just a bit earlier than expected. Glutes, hips and shoulders all got very tight very early this am. Took quite a few snatches to warm up

Snatch ladder

work sets
44x8/8= 16

total= 128

havent done anything over 5 reps in the snatch in a long time.Still hate it.Feels too risky on my shoulders even with light weights when I get fatigued.I think 5-10 reps with shorter rest periods would be better. as long as I can put the thing down, even for just a few seconds I can reset and refresh quickly.

I'm good at very low intensity for long periods( ultras), or high intensity for short periods( bodybuilding, powerlifting) but not medium high intensity for long periods( crossfit style). Oh well at least I know.

snatch hi pulls

these were hard after all those hi rep snatches. arms dead. strong though.

bottoms up cleans
88x miss/miss
88x1/1! PR
88x1/1!!! PR

wow. very very pleased with this PR. been working towards with this for at least a year. wa snot committing to the movement mentally on the first couple misses, just kind of feeling it out. when I decided to do it as if it were a 53 and just DO THE MOVE, it just popped in!

Stability ball squats

these were fun, still need something for quads.

Hanging one leg raise
3x15 with ten pound ankle weight.

just playing around.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Woo Hoo! Glutes Baby!

Not even 24 hours after the swing workout and the glutes are talking back already. Those swings nailed my hips and glutes and for some reason the 30 second approach( as opposed to rep count) worked great for my mind. Have to try it again and see if it holds up.

Also tried to relax the grip at the top of the swing while I was rooting the feet and keeping the glutes engaged. Worked great, much better feel than before and it was direct hit on the target area.Snatches and Hi pulls tomorrow should be fun.

ALso, 25 'no hand get ups' today. this was tough with sore glutes but it made me focus on loading the quads.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Workouts are now shorter than they've ever been. no more than an hour 10 minutes and many are 50 minutes.Just cant keep up any intensity after this time it seems, but it seems like it is working.

ALso my grease the grove 'no hands gets ups' throughout the working day are going great and I can already feel the difference in the strength of my left leg and hip. I also rise off the floor with the left leg forward and alternate lowering myself to the floor with the right and left legs. Will get to using just the left to lower soon. Doing about 20 plus reps per day this way and it will go up. This is functional, real world strength in the truest sense.

Swings and presses.

Another workout at Girya. I'm really starting to enjoy training at the studio. The mat just rocks and not being frozen to the core really helps too :)) Stones still has the biggest place in my heart but the studio is definitley on the schedule now.

Two hand swings
63#x30 seconds on 30 second off for ten sets.

Whew! this was tough. Alternated with Joe set for set as he did his two kb long cycle clean and jerks and I did the swings. Not sure how many reps per set but it was between 15 and 17. even if I averaged 16 thats 160 reps in ten minutes! Much easier than I have done in months. Somehow going for time was much easier than counting reps. doesnt make any sense but there it is.

Also doing these on the mats makes it much easier to root and really follow through than the stones gym platform.

Long cycle clean and press, one kb.

these were very solid although I have to be careful with my left side as the arm wants to internally rotate very early and thats not good.

ballistic pullups
5,5,7,8,5,7= 37 reps

all done chin above the bar. these felt great. nice even stretch at the bottom.

about six sets.2-3 good holds the rest. kick ups hard to kick up. but definitely need them.

absolutely have to put these back in. doing them at girya is great because I can look between my hands into the mirror and assess my alignment; which is crooked.when I am upside down I am shifting my legs/hips to the left. Problem was, is that every time I looked inbetween my arms into the mirror I fell! the mats were much tougher as well as the hand sinks in a bit.I'll adapt soon.

did some headstands with Joe, havent done these in eons.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Time to step up the gpp a bit to get ready for three days of the RKC. Nice and wet, soggy and frozen in the grass today.

Bear Crawls/Walking swings( with 36's)
5 supersets of BC's with the walking swings. Bs for 30-40 feet and the walking swings double that.BC's much better than the first time I did them last year although it took me a bit to get a rythym.

Rack walks with 36's
two lap sets done 4 times.each lap about 100 feet.

Waiters Walk
26#x2 laps
36#x2 laps

these were much better also then the first time I tried them last year. Shoulder was tight today too.

Low Rack Farmers walk
one long lap around field. easy.

about 20 minutes.perfect for a start.have to get used to more walking and carrying things.


Monday, February 20, 2006

Hit the Deck: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Hit the Deck: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Here ya go: a pushup program for the committed.

Clean and Jerks

Decided that timed work is not for me. Too high intensity. Also realized that if I went back to multi set training for each exercise I would have little left for my swings,which really need work. SO a circuit it is. These are weak for me as well. I prefer to obsess on one exercise at a time. Good for me.

One KB Clean and jerk,long cycle

these were solid.The cues are squeeze the bell and dip hard.cant be loose on the transition. 5 and 5 with the 63 is recent best. this exercise is finally coming along. starting to feel like a jump,which is what I want.

Two Hand swings

I freaking hate this exercise. It took a lot of reps to warm it up. I mess up by trying to get too big a range of motion. doesnt take much to get my hips back with my lumbar pelvic rythym.If I keep the ROM short I have good power and decent endurance. If I hinge and dip too much I load the back too much and lose long term endurance. Mike Castro style high rep swings.ALso have to use his finish back postition.

I will train this even though I hate it. I will figure out its secrets.Train your weak points and you will get stronger.Its the only way I know how to approach it.

Tactical pullups( pause at bottom and hold at top)

all very very solid. long hangs at the bottom and long pauses with the neck CLEARLY over the bar. thumbless grip too. Have to work more on developing my undergrip chin. My next pulling exercise.

Farmers walk
2 44's for two lapsx 3 sets.

my grip and upper body were tired. but this is a good workout and good contrast to the other days pulls.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

More two pood presses.

It seems that my body receives injuries, or pre-injuries, as its way of telling me that the current regimine is not the right course or way of proceeding. I liked the idea of the ten minute clean and jerk test but my body did not.

When I work against a clock I always push as hard as I can that day. Years of competing have trained me to ignore little signs of fatigue and pain to achieve the goal. Even if its a submaximal goal working at doing an increasing amount of work in a set time lends itself to doing reps in a fatigues state which is not safe not me anymore. Especially in overhead movements. I do alright with a relatively high amount of volume, if I dont let the reps get so high that form deteriorates at all. I dont like it but its my current reality.

Clean and press
72x2/2 !! easy.
72x2/2 easier.

This was a big surprise. These were very very strong and easy and my linkage was the best its been ever. Solid. I've pressed this before but never so well.



These went very well too. Weight felt light and my shoulder felt solid. I twinged a bit on my left bicep on monday snatching and now I know why. I was letting my grip get too relaxed in the back part of the swing. That caused lost linkage beween my arm and the shoulder and my biceps tendon felt more load. By squeezing the bell hard in the bottom it made the shoulder feel solid again.Good lesson. In fact, the last part of my snatch technique I beleive.

Snatch hi pull

These are great. I can really put out on them as I dont worry about my shoulder at all. Very strong. I can see these with the bulldog.

Belt squats
72x12x3 sets

Secured the KB in front of me with an ironmind dip belt. It worked ok but was pretty boring. Have to do a million reps to feel it and I wasnt into it.The search for my quad movement continues.

Farmers Walk
2/53'sx 2 laps x 4 sets.

These were strong and fast too. Great workout!! Man I live for these days.Joe kicked ass today too cleaning and pressing the Bulldog like nothing for reps and then snatching it really easily too. He is getting more solid every day.


Thursday, February 16, 2006 - Jason C. Brown - Kettlebell Training For Power-Endurance! - Jason C. Brown - Kettlebell Training For Power-Endurance!

Fantastic article and excellent kettlebell videos of Jason Brown showing perfect form.

The Power Squat of Kettlebells.

Decided to take my own advice and ease up on the snatches and pullups every workout.I know why I am always looking for an alternative to the two hand swing- because it's so hard that I'll take any excuse to do something else! Man,these kill me more than any other kb swing. Right in the weak points too: the hips/glutes and my ability to do high intensity reps. But I need to do more again.

Left shoulder was feeling a bit strained after my PR fest, as I thought it might so I took discretion.Plus even though I slept fairly well I must have woken up in a bad part of a REM cycle because I couldnt get going today.

Clean and Jerks: Ten minutes

53x5/5 3o sec rest for nine sets- 80 reps( a pr!?) in ten minutes

90 reps in 11:10 seconds 100 will come.

Wanted to feel out my shoulder so the first three sets were pretty timid.Just went for 5 reps each hand and trie to stay around 25-30 seconds. Speed up at the end but it was easier than last week.each set of ten took about 50 seconds. Dont want to go too fast or lockout and form will go.

I think I might just train this WSB style and not worry about total time, i.e Ten minutes. Instead, do 6x6 with 30 second rest for 8 sets.thats 96 reps;close enought o 100. like the old rolling db extensions seven sets of eight with 15 sec rest/sets. Way early TABATA.Cant fake the lockout or underestimate its value .

tactical pullups/bodyweight

6x5 very strong

supersetted with

Two Hand swings

Two handed swings are the Power Squat of kettlebell. Just a brutish, straightforward demonstration of raw power. Nowhere to run, no where to hide.And, just like in the squat, high reps are just freaking miserable.I am so weak in this movement its pathetic.
CNS pretty toasty from the jerks as well. Good stuff, glad I got through it.Trained solo today.


Shoulder health and mobility: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Shoulder health and mobility: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

More great advice from Prof Maxwell.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I feel like I am peaking on this workout of late. Havent been so strong in presses and snatches in a long time. Lats are growing crazy and filling out my t shirts a bit more again. But I have to guard against getting top heavy. I am considering a lower body interlude of

day one

two hand swings
Kb belt squat

day two

clean and jerks
farmers walks

At least for a few weeks and let my lats and shoulders cool off a bit. Dont know if I can make myself do this though.Sleep on it.

lots of floor stretching, decompression hanging from bar, joint mobility,foam rolling,and no-hands floor get ups( all left legged) all day.And I'm still tight, lol!


Monday, February 13, 2006

A Real All time PR.

I'd pretty much given up on ever getting an all time personal best in any lift again.I set some pretty decent standards for myself back in the day and I've sworn off training or pushing above 90% these days as I just dont want any new injuries and it's nice the old ones are healing. So when I bottoms up clean and pressed the 24kg I was extremely suprised and happy.

I have tried to do that for many years but my right shoulder wouldnt go past half way up before the rotators would not hold.Very very surprised and pleased. And this is the first time I've done the movement in six months or more.

Bottoms up clean and press
20kgx1/1 decent.
24kg right armx miss
right armx1!PR
left armx1! easy!
24kg right arm x1PR
24kg left armx1
20kgx2/2 !!!
20kgx2/2+ double press on left! wow.

really have to focus on keeping the glutes tight on this one to make it on the right side! But hell this is really great. Two singles with 24 kg in the b/u press. And I double the left arm on the second set strongly.
super set with:

Tactical weighted pullups

These were suprinsingly strong as well. Holding the weight between my legs makes me stronger no doubt.

53x5/5x10 sets: 100 reps!

wow havent done this either in awhile. Joe and I were alternating set for sets( except he was doing sets of ten) so the pace was fast. I hadnt planned on 100 reps(esepcially how locked up and tight I was coming in) but things just went easily.Technique was solid and consistent. This is a keeper I think.Really have to turn the kb over at the top as fast as possible and pull the shoulder blade hard as I ascend. Feels the safest I have felt snatching although I did get loose on one snatch rep and felt my left shoulder/biceps are say hello. Cant let that happen. Ever. Focus.

BW squats
15x4 sets

Belt squat with kb/16kg

hung the weight from the front and it worked great as long as I kept it cinced up tight in the groin. this is my new squat move I think. Cant wait to try it with the two pood!


Saturday, February 11, 2006

10 Minute jerks

Man I am really getting into doing c&j for ten minutes timed.Once I remembered how much I like doing this type of short rest/tabata style training on bench speed day I refocused my mind and now they are great! I like doing the c&j more than the snatch too as it feels much more controlled and safer. Plus it uses way more muscle as well. Everyone knows the clean and jerk is the true kind of lifts in the Iron world,lol.

I used the 20 kg today after last sessions 24kg. I will get numbers for these too and the 28kg as well as eventually the 32 kg!Pacing is the key and staying under the lactate threshold except when you want to peak or compete will let me train this regularly and stay safe, and not fry my CNS.

Ten Minute Clean and Jerks, 20 Kg.
set one 10+10 30 sec rest
set two 8+8 25 sec rest
set three 5+5 20 sec rest
set four 5+5 30 sec rest
set five 5+5 30 sec or so
set six 5+5 30 sec
set seven
3+3x4 sets continuous

total reps 100

This went great although its hard to keep track of rest periods, length of the set and reps and time left at the same time!LOL! Even with help. LOTS of room to improve.

Ballistic pullups/darcs
6,7,9,5,7,5,5 44 reps


Both these exercises went very well and this is volume PR for me in the pullups which were easy.

Bodyweight squats
10 reps x 7 sets; I have to reset my squat pattern, its all over the place.Bodyweight and a mirror until I can do 100 perfect continuous reps easily. THIS is my leg exericse, it has to be, until it's good then I can advance.I am also greasing the groove with no hand getsup off the mats during work at Girya. 90 % with left leg leading. There's my current lunge pattern.

I also plan on alternating my clean and press with bottoms up clean and press and doing snatch hi pulls with snatches every few workouts with a heavier bell as overload work.

datsit. let the weekend begin!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Two pood press.

Trained at Girya today with Monica.I was way stronger than I would have expected! You never know when you are going to feel good and be real strong but you certainly can take advantage of it.

Clean and Press / tactical pullups
36x5/5 bwx4
44x5/5 12#x3 ( held between legs, no belt)
53x5/5 20x3
63x3/3 30x3
63x3/3 strong. 30x3
72x2/2! 30x3

I felt strong what do you know. Groove was solid and linkage very good. Lots of total body tension and training on Giryas mats felt great. comfy.Pullups were great and I used a thumbless grip again easily.Holding the db between my legs was cool too as the added tension made me stronger. Have to use this method as well as the belt and experiment with holding the kbs on the feet. Hey, there's my tibialis anterior strengthener!

44x8/8x6 sets= 96 reps

These felt great. fast pace between sets too. wind very good. technique felt solid. Fast over the top into the arc then pull had from the upper back as I think "jump"- biceps and back both felt solid.

Snatch Hi Pull


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Study Finds Low-Fat Diet Won't Stop Cancer or Heart Disease - New York Times

Study Finds Low-Fat Diet Won't Stop Cancer or Heart Disease - New York Times

Why am I not surprised? The academics are always light years behind the athletes. We evolved eating fats, it makes no sense they would cause heart disease.

No workout today got to train Frank Shamrock instead.What an animal! Will make up tomorrow.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Ten Minute Clean and Jerks

Well going against my better judgement I decided to make one clean and jerk workout a ten minute test. Or I decided to TRY a ten minute test and see whether I wanted to add it in :))

Not as bad as I thought and very reminiscent of 7x8's w/15 sec rest with db and barbell dicks from my WSB days. Lots of cardio but you can really pace yourself.Exceeded my expectations as well.I dont think I would do this each workout as I want to add in some 28 and then eventually 32 kg jerks as well for lower reps.But it was interesting

Clean and Jerks

53x5/5x7 sets
x3/3x1 in ten minutes;

76 reps, I would have been happy with fifty.Didnt know where my cardio was. Not bad at all. Just have to resist the temptation to rush the form to get more reps. About 30-4o sec rest/sets.I like these.

Ballistic pullups( thumbless)
6/7/10 PR!
6/7/5/4 = 45 reps

superset with

24kgx30,35,40,20,25 = 150 reps

Man the DARCS ALWAYS kick my legs ass!I have to use these more. tough but easy to push.
the pullups were great but the 10 rep pr killed me a little for the next sets. no problem havent done ten pullups in years.also able to do the tactical pullup thumbless hand position now. strange it feels fine.

handstands 3 sets of 10 sec all sets nailed on first rep!

farmers walk 2 24kgx 2 laps x 3 sets

Man this just shows how much the darcs killed my legs! these were HARD!!!!!


Joe pulled 405x2x2 like nothing today. totally raw too, no belt. he should pull 525 at the tsc no problem. His snatch form and endurance is coming together too.looks good.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Solid workout!

And somedays are great and you dont know why either. Felt very strong and fluid today. Techniques were on and power was up. pushed things a bit and it was good.

Weighted tactical pullup/ clean and press
bwx3 36x5/5
bwx3 44x5/5
18x3 53x5/5
36x3 53x6/6
53xalmost one 53x7/7
53x almost one 53x8/8

these felt really good on both exericses. I was SO CLOSE to getting my throat to the bar but missed by an inch; then I did another 3/4 rep but this is a pr. cleans and presses were very tight and I was mostly focused on linking the lower body to the press. much much better today the eight reps were strict and easy.

62x3/3x4 sets
55x8/8x4 sets

snatch grip hi pull
55x8/8 ( snatched the last 4 reps of the right hand.

total reps =102

these were rocking! Think I figured out the hand turnover at the top of the snatch correctly and this was what was loading my biceps so much with the heavier weights or faigued reps.I have to get the bell turned over fast, and get the elbow straight right away or my biceps and my shoulder take a beating.Adding that technique into starting the snatch by thinking "jump" and pulling with the upper back to keep the KB in close are the final touches for me. the 28kg felt easy.
Did the last set as hi pulls just trying not to be greedy but snatched the last 4 reps because it was easy! Yes.

4 sets of 15 seconds

even these were easy and solid today

Farmers Walk hi rack
2 36'sx2 laps, 4 sets.

solid too. this workout gets an A+.Joe was rocking too and is really getting lean. veins a poppin. the man is so much stronger than he knows. Just gotta train it out.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006


it just doesnt pay to get out of bed. Normally I'm up at 4am and at work at 5:30. Always would love to sleep in and get more rest so I can train harder. Well today I didnt have to be at work til 8 am, slept in,got plenty of rest and ended up with a killer headache which made training just lovely.You never know.
Seriously I have had more good workouts off bad sleep than vice versa.I must not be fully helaed yet as I did sweat through two t shirts last night and must have been dehydrated( hence the headache). Did get a pr on the jerks but felt weird at the end and didnt do bottoms up cleans.

Clean and Jerks
44x5's( back adjusting too much,switch to singles)
x5/5 PR!
53x10/10 kind of pr, havent done this before.

Man my back was adjusting big time on the doubles. I love two kb work but I cant stand hearing that noise as I move.oh well, singles it is.The 63 moved easily for fives. The two pood is soon. When I can do 3x5/5 with the 28kg I'll move up.

ballistic pullups/one kb lunge
6,7,8,9,6 36/8,53/8,72x8x2 sets

this is when the headache really kicked in.should have gotten ten reps on the pullups but didnt have any umph.ALso will start cycling the swings in this circuit as I dont have enough energy after all this to do them justice

one arm swings

these were the best I have done in awhile but they kicked my ass.Headache in full swing and now I'm nausueous! Lovely. Need more fluids.

datsit.supposed to do bottom sup cleans and handstands. not today.