Monday, February 20, 2006

Clean and Jerks

Decided that timed work is not for me. Too high intensity. Also realized that if I went back to multi set training for each exercise I would have little left for my swings,which really need work. SO a circuit it is. These are weak for me as well. I prefer to obsess on one exercise at a time. Good for me.

One KB Clean and jerk,long cycle

these were solid.The cues are squeeze the bell and dip hard.cant be loose on the transition. 5 and 5 with the 63 is recent best. this exercise is finally coming along. starting to feel like a jump,which is what I want.

Two Hand swings

I freaking hate this exercise. It took a lot of reps to warm it up. I mess up by trying to get too big a range of motion. doesnt take much to get my hips back with my lumbar pelvic rythym.If I keep the ROM short I have good power and decent endurance. If I hinge and dip too much I load the back too much and lose long term endurance. Mike Castro style high rep swings.ALso have to use his finish back postition.

I will train this even though I hate it. I will figure out its secrets.Train your weak points and you will get stronger.Its the only way I know how to approach it.

Tactical pullups( pause at bottom and hold at top)

all very very solid. long hangs at the bottom and long pauses with the neck CLEARLY over the bar. thumbless grip too. Have to work more on developing my undergrip chin. My next pulling exercise.

Farmers walk
2 44's for two lapsx 3 sets.

my grip and upper body were tired. but this is a good workout and good contrast to the other days pulls.



Royce said...

I can't wait untill I can do pullups again, I had to do buttloads of chins, pushups and frogleaps ( over other students ) for Karate. The only thing about those torture sessions I miss are pullups, I have lost over 15 lbs ( almost 20 )since the middle of January, maybe another 60 or 70 lbs and I can ditch the pulldowns!!!
I did some farmers walks yesterday with 20 kilo bells ( all I have so far ). Just walked up and down my street, traps and forearms quite taxed!!! Very cool excersize

Mark Reifkind said...


I would try to use a gravitron machine instead of the pulldowns. differnet motor pattern. you will get there!

Royce said...

Thanks for the encouragement!!
BTW what is a gravitron maachine?

Mark Reifkind said...


a gravitron is pullup machine that lets you slowly reduce the counter lets you actually do the pullup motion,most gyms have some version of it.good luck!