Thursday, February 23, 2006

Swings and presses.

Another workout at Girya. I'm really starting to enjoy training at the studio. The mat just rocks and not being frozen to the core really helps too :)) Stones still has the biggest place in my heart but the studio is definitley on the schedule now.

Two hand swings
63#x30 seconds on 30 second off for ten sets.

Whew! this was tough. Alternated with Joe set for set as he did his two kb long cycle clean and jerks and I did the swings. Not sure how many reps per set but it was between 15 and 17. even if I averaged 16 thats 160 reps in ten minutes! Much easier than I have done in months. Somehow going for time was much easier than counting reps. doesnt make any sense but there it is.

Also doing these on the mats makes it much easier to root and really follow through than the stones gym platform.

Long cycle clean and press, one kb.

these were very solid although I have to be careful with my left side as the arm wants to internally rotate very early and thats not good.

ballistic pullups
5,5,7,8,5,7= 37 reps

all done chin above the bar. these felt great. nice even stretch at the bottom.

about six sets.2-3 good holds the rest. kick ups hard to kick up. but definitely need them.

absolutely have to put these back in. doing them at girya is great because I can look between my hands into the mirror and assess my alignment; which is crooked.when I am upside down I am shifting my legs/hips to the left. Problem was, is that every time I looked inbetween my arms into the mirror I fell! the mats were much tougher as well as the hand sinks in a bit.I'll adapt soon.

did some headstands with Joe, havent done these in eons.


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Joefitness said...

Great day, great job all around! The studio is fun, but stones is special....good to mix it up though.