Saturday, February 11, 2006

10 Minute jerks

Man I am really getting into doing c&j for ten minutes timed.Once I remembered how much I like doing this type of short rest/tabata style training on bench speed day I refocused my mind and now they are great! I like doing the c&j more than the snatch too as it feels much more controlled and safer. Plus it uses way more muscle as well. Everyone knows the clean and jerk is the true kind of lifts in the Iron world,lol.

I used the 20 kg today after last sessions 24kg. I will get numbers for these too and the 28kg as well as eventually the 32 kg!Pacing is the key and staying under the lactate threshold except when you want to peak or compete will let me train this regularly and stay safe, and not fry my CNS.

Ten Minute Clean and Jerks, 20 Kg.
set one 10+10 30 sec rest
set two 8+8 25 sec rest
set three 5+5 20 sec rest
set four 5+5 30 sec rest
set five 5+5 30 sec or so
set six 5+5 30 sec
set seven
3+3x4 sets continuous

total reps 100

This went great although its hard to keep track of rest periods, length of the set and reps and time left at the same time!LOL! Even with help. LOTS of room to improve.

Ballistic pullups/darcs
6,7,9,5,7,5,5 44 reps


Both these exercises went very well and this is volume PR for me in the pullups which were easy.

Bodyweight squats
10 reps x 7 sets; I have to reset my squat pattern, its all over the place.Bodyweight and a mirror until I can do 100 perfect continuous reps easily. THIS is my leg exericse, it has to be, until it's good then I can advance.I am also greasing the groove with no hand getsup off the mats during work at Girya. 90 % with left leg leading. There's my current lunge pattern.

I also plan on alternating my clean and press with bottoms up clean and press and doing snatch hi pulls with snatches every few workouts with a heavier bell as overload work.

datsit. let the weekend begin!

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