Saturday, February 18, 2006

More two pood presses.

It seems that my body receives injuries, or pre-injuries, as its way of telling me that the current regimine is not the right course or way of proceeding. I liked the idea of the ten minute clean and jerk test but my body did not.

When I work against a clock I always push as hard as I can that day. Years of competing have trained me to ignore little signs of fatigue and pain to achieve the goal. Even if its a submaximal goal working at doing an increasing amount of work in a set time lends itself to doing reps in a fatigues state which is not safe not me anymore. Especially in overhead movements. I do alright with a relatively high amount of volume, if I dont let the reps get so high that form deteriorates at all. I dont like it but its my current reality.

Clean and press
72x2/2 !! easy.
72x2/2 easier.

This was a big surprise. These were very very strong and easy and my linkage was the best its been ever. Solid. I've pressed this before but never so well.



These went very well too. Weight felt light and my shoulder felt solid. I twinged a bit on my left bicep on monday snatching and now I know why. I was letting my grip get too relaxed in the back part of the swing. That caused lost linkage beween my arm and the shoulder and my biceps tendon felt more load. By squeezing the bell hard in the bottom it made the shoulder feel solid again.Good lesson. In fact, the last part of my snatch technique I beleive.

Snatch hi pull

These are great. I can really put out on them as I dont worry about my shoulder at all. Very strong. I can see these with the bulldog.

Belt squats
72x12x3 sets

Secured the KB in front of me with an ironmind dip belt. It worked ok but was pretty boring. Have to do a million reps to feel it and I wasnt into it.The search for my quad movement continues.

Farmers Walk
2/53'sx 2 laps x 4 sets.

These were strong and fast too. Great workout!! Man I live for these days.Joe kicked ass today too cleaning and pressing the Bulldog like nothing for reps and then snatching it really easily too. He is getting more solid every day.


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