Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ah, the good old days. My first triple body weight squat. 545 at 181 and single ply gear. I so wish I could still compete in powerlifting. Great haircut too,lol! Posted by Picasa

Six PR's.A great day at the Meet for Nick.

Man, that was ALMOST as good as lifting myself. My training partner Nick Bruckner, had a breakthough meet at the APC California State meet after 4 long years of getting his chops right. He went three for three in the squat ( 9 white lights) ending with a not expected 562 lifetime best( way to close to my alltime pr of 573 for my liking!).

He opened at 501 ( which last year was his third attempt pr!) and the setup was bit shaky. So, instead of going to 551( which was the plan) we took 545 for a 5 lb pr. He set up well and crushed it. Since we already had the pr( which is why you take them on second attempts) we went to 562 and it was even easier than the second, as he finally got the hang of the monolift. On his way to 1400!

Benches went ok as his shoulder has been iffy and he hasnt had much shirt time or heavy tricep work in. we opened light at 330 to get a lift in,then went to 374 which he made, but not easily. 385 was in the groove but too heavy .

Deads were next and I can honestly say Nick has learned how to DL. Its amazing how as a coach you can say the same thing over and over and then you tweak it just a little bit and the athlete hears it and makes a huge change. Nick was trying to deadlift from his legs( quds) and NOT from his hips( glutes). once he changed this(especially since he sumos) it took off.
For instance he missed 475 in the gym two weeks ago and yesterday DESTROYED 440, 468( another meet pr) and then 501 like it was 135! he had 525 or more in him

The technique change shortened his stroke by a mile.It was postively easy! So he got two new total pr's as well as getting the 500 lb db monkey off his back. Plus he won States. A great great day.

I honestly dont know if it would have felt better having done the dl myself I was so pleased. The meet was well run and we got out on time although we barely made it there on Friday after a three hour traffic delay! Literally we were TWO MINUTES from turning around and going home. You never know and showing up and competing is more than half the battle.

Plus I am very very pleased with my ability to walk and ambulate these days. Back to back trips with lots of sitting walking and standing would have( nad has ) killed me in the past and I would have been limping in serious pain had I done the RKC and then this trip like this last year. I am fine and not a limp in sight( well almost,lol). But all the ballistics and farmers walks and flexiblity stuff has really paid dividends for me in the real world. Very pleased.

Now have to get back on track.

Of and Geoff you were right bro. I definitely should have brought my kb. Since I am so numbers oriented I am always not wanting to do a workout unless I can do it "for real" i.e get my numbers I am supposed to do. I would have had plenty of time to get all my snatches in. The KB goes with me to Nationals and I will do my Saturday snatch workout backstage. It will be good exposure for the KB as well..


Friday, April 28, 2006

Quick and Dirty

And humbling. Only had twenty minutes today as I am off to Fresno to coach my training partner Nick at APF State Powerlifting meet. He better squat 551 or he will jog home beside the car. but I will miss my sat workout and we are leaving in a few minutes so I only had a short break between clients to sandwich something in.

What I decided to do was tracy's swing comb routine with some pullups. thankfully I swallowed my pride and only used the 16 kg. I HATE reps.

set one
one arm swing 20+20+15 two hand swing= 55 reps
set two
one arm swing 10+10+10+10+12 2 hand swing = 52 reps
set three
one arm swing 10+10+10+10+15 two hand swing+12 darcs=62 reps
set four
one arm swing 10+10+20 lateral swings+20 darcs=60
set five
H2H underflips 10 + 20 two hands=30
set six
same as set five=30
total reps= 279

these were all supersetted with
pullups six sets of five= 30 reps

twenty minutes. need to do this more often. lots of respect for my wifes cardio ability! and strength; she uses the 26# I need to bring my hip strength and endurance up way more.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

156.8 lbs

Wow, I must have been clogged up over the weekend. weighed myself for the first time since I got back and am significantly under my previous low of 161 or so at 156.8 lbs and 9.3% BF. Nice. All that activity those four days and doing a ever so slightly modified warrior diet really cut me down.

Strange how I can't tell as I was feeling a bit puffy. We'll see how long it stays off with normal activity and more food. This is my goal weight though( 158); I just didnt think I'd see it this early. LOL, another KB what the hell effect.

Thank God my knee is back in place and underneath me again. That was the worst its been out in months and months. I really dont like it either. Brought back some very nasty memories very fast. No thanks.

Clean and Press


20 total reps with the 62

I got inspired by Pavels new book (which I got a good look at this weekend) to do more clean and presses so I thought today a good day. Just a low key, transitional get back into it week this week. especially since I have to coach Nick this weekend at the APF states and have to miss saturday again. He should squat 551 at 195, drug free. Closing in on triple bodyweight.

You never know when you are going to be strong. expected to be weak today after a bads night sleep and the 62 felt postively LIGHT.I like Pavels idea of just doing the clean and press for low reps. allows more concentration and total body tension.

x8/8= 86 total reps with 44

these went much better than monday where everything felt like a ton.I really worked on my snatch hi pull technique really driving the elbow back and then punching through. Like it lots.Still though I need to do more pure swings as my glutes have amnesia again. Happens very fast. Repeat after me :SIT BACK MORE!
and then some more.

High Pulls
53x10/10x3 sets= 60 reps


45 sec rest periods. really like this technique.still have to stay focused on heels, glutes and hip drive IN THAT ORDER. Then the pull back and punch through.

farmers walk
2/53's x 200 feet three times.

short one . perhaps just some swings tomorrow am.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What is the RKC System? My notes from the cert.

When Pavel asked me three weeks out if I was up for presenting at the RKC for 30 minutes I was a bit overhwhelmed to be honest. Especially when he told me the topic: What is the RKC System? 30 minutes or less please.

uh, yeah. ok.

Just define and encapsulate your lifes work so far. No problemo. But it really made me think. About exactly how I saw the RKC what it was specifically as a system. these are the notes and talking points.
First I needed to define the RKC.

What is the RKC ?
1) The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. The exercises, movements ,techniques and methods of the book and DVD of the same name. Pavels seminal work.KB ballistics and grinds. Hard style.

2) The Russian Kettlebell Certification. The instructor course we are at. Learning to teach the specific exercises of the RKC course.

3) A challenge to the current exercise model. A pradigm shift in the fitness world. From bodybuilding/aerobics/form over function to full body engaged, high intensity, functional movements. the brain knows movements, not muscles.

What is a system?
A group of interactive, interrelated and interdependent elements that comprise a complex whole.

Elements of the RKC System
1) The ballistic lifts and grinds of the RKC book
2) The high tension techniques and powerbreathing methods of the Power to the People .
3) the scar tissue destroying and joint prying open effects of Joint Mobility
4) The science of stretching and flexibility training.Using strength to stretch as well as the specific brething techniques as well.(RIS, Fast and loose,Strength stretching)
5) The drills, postures, corrections and fixes of the RKC Instructor manual and course.

Another definition of system

An organized set of ideas or principles

Principles of the RKC System
THE SWING IS THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. LOL.A basic human rythym. Swinging on a swing. The arc is instinctive.

1) The body is a linked interconnected unit and must be trained as such.
2) To do so is a skill that must be practiced, not just trained. Think gymnastics, martial arts, olympic weightlifting. Difference between real martial arts and cardio kickboxing.
3) Mastery results from Deep Skill work,not random acts of variety. Think going backwards to go forward.
4) Do more with less by going into each movement,rahter than just relying n external resistance. The RKC is an internal system. The focus is inward( associative) during the lifts. Black belt analogy.
5) the system is simple, but not easy.This is the basis of the Hard Style approach.. Compensatory acceleration(ballistics) and negative accentuated training( grinds).Similar to WSB in it is a methodology and not just a theory. Can not chinese menu approach these systems to see the benefits. they have to be learned,practiced and mastere.

The RKC as a stand alone Method

1) RKC touted as good for other sports activities
2) KB "What the Heck effect". focus on carryover to other activities and sports. Role as a helper.
3) But also works brilliantly as a minimalist, stand alone method of strength and conditioning.especially for the average person or client.
4) RKC system offers a unique opportunity to the average person that most other methods cannot: a force multiplier effect from the acceleration of the ballistic exercises. This creates a "virtual force " effect that creates very interesting adaptations to the muscles and the metabolism. Less weight is actually more weight as speed ,and therefore power can be trained for high workloads with little shock to the joints.
5) Fundamental difference in ballistic versus conventional training is the intended USE of momentum. learning to maximize and optimize it to INCREASE work loads, and therefore work capacities.
6) Ballistics complete in themselves as having both a tension and a relaxed, fast phase. grinds can be done as effectively with dbs but swings cannot.
7) "A perfect swing is better than 99% of all other strength and conditioning methods" Steve Maxwell.
8) Allows an average person to approach workloads only available to a superathlete. E.g 200 swings with 36 lb =7200 pounds of work. WSB would use 300lb in squat for 12x2 for the same 7200 pound for a 425 pound squatter. How many clients or average people could do that.
and a untrained 60 year old can do that workload in a few days of training. Work capacity and gpp is the thing for MOST regular people- read clients.
9) KB workloads, and therefore caloric burns,work capacity increases and metabolic conditioning that is not only easy on the body but therapeutic to it , are off the hook. And available to almost everyone. Think obesity in all age categories.the potential is huge. The swings the thing.
10) Yet at the same time strength and flexibility are increased. Almost automatically just by focusing on the proper performance of the basic movements.
11) Linkage and rooting techniques create a unique body awareness.
12) Ballistics mimic natural athletic motions by alternating cycles of tension and realxation in an also unique way.Less soreness and residual muscle tension but still great realxed tone and muscle tension generating ability.
13) One never has to go into a commerical gym again.
14) The RKC as a foundational method. teaching rooting, connection of upper and lower body ,power and speed production,body and situational awareness and well as low gear strength(grinds)
15) Unique beauty, simplicity and efficiency of the dang things. people just take to them. A very symbolic shape as well. The circle is powerful.

Simplexity ( from Power to the People)
" The emergence of simple rules from underlying disorder and complexity."

This is the basis for the RKC system to me. Leading away from overly complex ineffective conditioning methods to functional ones, rooted in traditions of basic hard work and that work for almost everyone who tries them. We are at a tipping point in the exercise world I believe. People want the truth. This is true: The RKC system works for basic fitness better than anything I have ever seen. For myself and my clients.
But feeling is believing.Swing a bell then you'll know.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Back from the RKC.

Back from the RKC

As I wrote below it will take quite a while to really grok what happened this weekend. There were so many amazing experiences and I met so many great people that it is a bit overwhelming. One of the best parts was meeing so many people that read this blog and my articles and told me how much they liked it. It always good for a writer to know that they are being read and appreciated. I think writers need that way more than financial compensation.
In fact the cop who was working security told me he had read my rotator cuff article and how much it helped him! way freaking cool.

For me, as a born teacher, knowing I am helping people with their training always makes me feel good.

ANd, my major mission of the weekend( besides making sure my wife Tracy passed her snatch test) was presenting my lecture on "What is the RKC System";something Pavel had asked me to do just three short weeks ago!!~!~~~

Sure, just encapsulate and define Pavels entire system in 30 minutes or less. NO problem,lol!! Actually it was a great thing as it forced me to really think about the RKC, what it is and what it could be. THis was very fruitful and the presentation went over very very well, as per the feedback I got from folks. Mission accomplished! I really felt like I was going into a competition this weekend having to do that. Big pressure as everyone I cared about in my training and coaching world was there.

I also got to be Pavels assistant as opposed to an assistant instructor working under a Sr RKC in a group and that is quite the honor to me. Plenty of great face time with the man himself and its always a humbling, educational and way cool time. Pavel is a great powerlifting aficianado and we talked tons of training. My favorite topic.The man is real deal and lives and breathes this shit just like I do. Hard to find that in many.

Also had a great time talking and learning about Chi Gong from John Ducane and have to get some dvd's. One of the best parts of the RKC from last year was his chi gong morning reharge.I've been playing with that shaking and vibration stuff all year since then and its a great addition to the joint mobility work.

Victoria, my client also kicked ass and passed her RKC with flying colors so I have another instructor now as well! Well done.

Four hours sleep and one hundred snatches.

What an amazing weekend. I will take me weeks to process what really transpired this last four days. My knee was going pretty well til saturday night and the walk to the restaurant for dinner. Sunday morning was ugly with soleus,gastroc and lateral hammie so locked up it woked me up at 4 am( 2 am PST). Yesterday was the kicker as I was on my feet until 2 am when I drove home from the airport.

Took me all morning into the start of the cert on sunday to limp normally, lol. BUT I was walking and standing for 12 hours a day for four days and that is definetly NOT my norm. It gave out at the end but compared to last year there is no comparison.I do however need a knee replacement in the near future. this is just getting way old. nothing else was bothering me. no back or shoulder issues and my energy was great.

I havent trained since last wednesday though and although I have burnt many calories I have not trained .Walking and standing all day was the goal this weekend. I can feel the difference. I need to train. So on 4 hours of bad sleep.At least its first in the am as I took today off.


53x5/5x10 100 reps

Amazing. this got very tough after 60 reps. I feel like shit.everything is off. took me 30 minutes to get my breathing to open up. BUT it needed to be done. Amazing how quickly condition falls off. Once i got warm i felt better but from 70-100 reps concentration was very so so.

Tactical pullups
3,4,5,3,4,5 27 reps. pause at top and bottom

man my energy sucks. traveling always wrecks my training.

flexibility work
on floor straddles and pike stretches. overhead hangs from power rack. No farmers walks for me today! maybe not all week but I doubt it.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Short and sweet.

A very light one today in deference to the RKC weekend that's coming up. I'm going to be on my feet for four days straight and with my knee thats never any fun.It will be a great comparison to how I did a year ago at my cert.
I wore knee sleeves and spent most of each evening on a foam roller and on the floor trying to unlock.

Hopefully the weekend will make up for it, which I'm sure it will. Tracy will be getting certified as well as my longtime client Victoria.Some seriously interesting experiences are at my door.Plus I plan on throwing around some kbs as saturday is a training day! LOL!


snatch 10/10 16 kg
pullup (bw)5's
suitcase farmers walk 250 foot laps 2 16 kg.

6 rounds of each in order. this was actually fun. went for 35 minutes or so. Nate Morrison talks about developing general readiness but using swing, clean snatch combos alternated with jogs and going for an hour straight. this might be a good wednesday strategy. Holding the overhead position is so critical to my shoulder stability I cant beleive it! the 16 kg is so light I can really concentrate on form and position as well as static holds at the lockout. almost scared to let my self train really light. weird.but the volume can make up for it.

Intensity and duration are mutually exclusive. If I want to build up to an hour straight( which I might) I have to back of the load and the intensity.I've forgotten what its like to be an endurance athlete I've been a one rep powerlifter for so long.

Off to the RKC!

Monday, April 17, 2006

I've been bad.

I've been feeling so good lately in terms of knee, back and shoulder pain I havent been stretching as much and I can feel it rearing its ugly head. AS it always does. The only thing harder than knowing how to fix your body is having the discipline to do it - not only when you are hurting, but especially when you are not!

Its been so cool to not have to do an hour or more of bodywork on myself everyday just to be able to walk or lift my arm overhead. BUT back to the floor for me, hammies are tightening and the knee aint sittin right.

x7/7x 2 ladders =72 reps
53x5/5x5 sets= 50 reps 122 total

really concentrated on keeping the lat TIGHT on the drop. Didnt feel good at all today and was just counting numbers to get done. really focused on pushing BACK on the jerk so it didnt lead out front and strain my teres. Was looking up too much on the jerk as well.Everything was tight,including lower back. Hate training after work.One day I will be able to train myself first thing in the am. thats the best.oh, and rise with the sun. This getting up in the middle of the night is getting real old.

x9/9= 70 reps. punked out on the last set of ten.

waiters walk
36lbs x two 100 foot laps each arm seven times.

man this was HARD after all that jerk work. took forever for my shoulder to drop down. at least the sun is out again and its NOT raining. woo hoo!

dats it

weight 162.4
bodyfat 10.6%

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Really getting that the kb has to move fast to get the most benefit out of ballistic work.So I went a little lighter today for the first half of the session and really focused on technique and velocity of the reps. The technique is holding up really well.

x10/10 = 108 reps
53x5/5x5 sets=50 reps

total-158 reps.

really good work. Each reps was paused at least one second at the top of each rep on each side.This is important for me to make sure my shoulder is fully down and I am fully under the weight. THis is what sets up the next rep.Cant be afraid of using the 20 kg.

pullups( tactical-LONG holds at top and long pause at bottom)
3,4,5,3,4,5,3,4,5= 51 reps strong today in these.

Farmers Walk
2 62's x200 feet/ four times

these were great except for my right hand which BARELY made the last feet of the lap. left hand was fine but right grip was giving out. Maiden Voyage for the bells. thanks again Geoff Neupert!

datsit. feels very solid.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The ones that count

are the ones you dont want to do and have to fight with yourself to make yourself start.This is what builds inner strength and real character. It's easy to train when you feel strong, rested and pain free. It's when you feel the opposite that getting started is the hardest part of the workout.

Thought I was going to have a good one today. Slept pretty well, wasnt in too much pain and all the joints were moving correctly. But it was a long day at work and the sessions were intense and their was mucho bodywork and stretching to be done. Thumb work always kills my biceps and shoulders. Of course I had planned on 28 kg high pulls. oh well.gotsta do what ya gotsta do.

I imagine Pavel standing there with his arms crossed: " Don't be Sissy." ANd he's right. Go git some.

Snatch Hi Pulls

x9/9 = 126 reps Lower than I wanted but I was lucky to get them.
44x10/10x2 this was the weight I probably should have used.

This was a fight from the start. tried VERY hard to find my new hip position but the 28 kg was feeling a big heavy today and wanted badly to pull me over. Immediately felt more hammies, a sure sign of being pulled. I was late getting started and this was a bad day to push warmups. I didnt find my groove til the 20 kg sets. Lession: DO WARMUP UNTIL YOU FEEL WARM.Even if that means the workout is cut short.


53X 7/7
53X5/5 = 72 reps

Another mistake- should have done these first like last time. This is easy for me to find my hips in and would help it in the snatch pull, where it is harder for me,especially with heavy weight.

Rainy Farmers walk

2 53'sx2 laps/ four times

went heavy today because I wanted to get them over with.Not bad. Will use the 62's hopefully on Saturday.Will it ever stop raining?

datsit. Live to train another day.You just get these done. Still on track though. Volume is maintained.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Clean and Jerks

Decided to go back to jerks for awhile instead of presses. They really could be the balancer I am looking for to all the posterior chain work of swings and snatches. Lots of quads.I just have to find a technique that doesnt make my shoulders rattle when I dip. Very disconcerting sound. Client cancelled so I got to train the first part early: 10 am

One KB Clean and jerks
53x4/4x6 sets
48 reps
was going to do 5's but I was getting a bit tired and didnt want to push the form.

53x5/5x5 sets
50 reps

thought about doing them long cycle as above for the extra work but I think doing just the jerks will give me more frontal thigh work.Focused on pushing my hips back as I dipped down,maintaining my lumbar arch and keeping the bell descending in the same plane as in the rack position. i.e not let it go forwards as all as that is what de-stabilizes my shoulder.
Interesting also is that jerks really cook my triceps whereas the presses just get my delts. this could work. Have to do it on wednesdays though, not monday after saturdays snatches.

ballistic pullups

50 reps

these were suprisingly strong.not too bouncy( no kips) but no pauses either.shoulder worked great!

two hours later

Farmers walks/waiters walks
2 36's x 3 100foot laps

alternate with

1 36 for 2 100 foot laps with each arm

5 sets each.

this was good.datsit.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The foundation widens

Inspired by re reading my old snatch training posts I decided to do a ladder instead of straight rep sets. Worked great, a did the technique. It is holding up and acquiting itself very well.

36x6/6x2 ( 8:30 starts are always cold)

x7/7 x four rounds= 144 reps
+ 53x5/5 total= 154 reps

Easy as pie. Fairly fast pace too. Just went every other partner.hips really popped it up and the descent feels so much safer. much less wear and tear on biceps,shoulders and grip. Held each rep at the top for a solid one count as I got my hips under as much as possible as well. This really is helping shoulder ROM and flexibility. Not to mention stabilizing strength.

Two hand Swings
53x15 =106 reps

these felt great.really lets me focus now on the finished hip snap as counter-balancing as I push back.a different move for me now.hips are cooked though.the bulldog was tough though.I have work to do.


I lied.

I guess my best snatch volume is not the 148 I did last week but 178 from last July 11. good thing I keep I did some reps

36x8+8 things feel good. was messed up at work today,suprised to feel this good.
44x5+5 new sanded handle feels good. took that power coat crap off it.

53x7+7 nice. feels light
53x13+13 these arent that bad at all. form feels great. the extra LEG work is paying off I think!!53x11+11
53x9+9 sprinted right side from start. strong for a change.
53x10+10 these werent that hard
53x5+5 hold overhead position two counts each rep.

178 reps. excellent 146 last week. maybe a down week next monday. feel great that I can snatch correctly again. will hit 200 I'm sure.

we'll see what this am brings. hard to do those hi number with sets of five!LOL!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Body Fat PR

Wow, this ice cream thing is working:

weight: 162.2
Bodyfat: 9.1% Lowest in fifteen years or more.

Combined Center of Gravity

So this hip thing is working great with myself and my clients. I am realy getting it down now and can teech it very effectively. It is helping them immensely.So much cleaner on the back and shoulders than the other technique.ANd so ironic that it took the kettlebell to show me what Louie was talking about in the squat. How to sit back and stretch load the hips while keeping the back arched. Only the hips moved, Louie said and he was right. I just didnt know how to do it.My knees go out and everything.

Such incredible potential for powerlifters also. Way more than I had imagined. Getting your GPP and your squat and sumo deadlift form refined at the same time. THis is about a sports specific as you get.

A giant key ( and cue) for me is to get FULLY on my heels and flex the glutes harder than I think they need.Then to push back against that tension, not releasing and letting gravity pull me down. I tend to go down, rather than back, in that way( my old form) and get bent over.This reminds me of a bow and arrow. the glutes are the bow string.The further you push them back the tighter the string gets.

But its the COMBINED center of gravity of your hips and the bells mass that is really what this is about.Finding that linkage between the two is what makes it work and what I havent been getting. the further I push my hips back the closer the bell stays over my base of support and the more stable I am.Even perhaps past perpindicular as Pavel and Louie say.

Only the beginning.Deep skill fun.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Upward trend continues

Work capacity is increasing very nicely on this abbreviated routine. Form is getting better each workout and lungs and recovery are getting better as well. PLUS the exericse selection really seems to be right on target for my current needs as I am getting better, not more injured. I really always have been a great fan of just a few basic exericses worked into the freaking ground, infrequently. I like to focus on one thing at a time and master it, as deeply as I can.

That's why I hate circuits. as soon as I am figuring it out I have to switch. never has worked for me. In gymnastics we would stretch and do tramp for an hour before practice started. then it was an hour or 45 minutes on floor ex,side horse, rings,parallel bars vault and hi bar.One day compulsory routines the next options( tricks!) day. We rotated the order after side horse but always did floor and pommels first.

One KB Cleans

72x5/5x5 sets

These felt great. very easy and strong although my upper back was tight for some reason. LOTS of great hips snap on these. When the bell is in close I can load my hips much better.I am using the bell as a counterweight now, finding the bells and my own combined center of gravity..Pavel is right( of course) you can sit further back this way than is normally possible Louies past perpindicular box squat technique!

Snatch hi pulls
53x12/12x5 sets

146 total reps

Suprised myself here. I hate any reps over five but these are good for me. Mechanics were very good and this let me practice my hip push back alot. I lose tension in the glutes very easily and if I dont keep them tight THATS when I lean over and load the back instead of the hips. Voila!

Farmers walk, on kb in rack
one 44 # x 2 100ft laps each arm, five times.

these were hard but much better than two kbs. not ready for that yet.44 was pushing it for 2 laps. 36 for three laps or four.

dats it. 55 minutes.

Oh and the ice cream diet is working. I had cut out ice cream trying to get down to 158 or so and started GAINING! I was almost 164 on more lo fat grains and no ice cream. back to steak and veggies and then ice cream( half pint) for dessert and now back to 161.4 and 10.8% BF. Go figure. Oh have been taking Nate Morrisons suggestion about cod liver oil and I seem to have noticed a definite difference in joint pain already.

Nutrition is just like training: highly individual and influenced by way more things than we know about, not the least of which is our heads.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Split workout

Had a cancellation mid morning today and decided to do my workout.Or the first part of my workout as I ended up with just 45 minutes. Just enough for my two exercises!LOL. I do tend to obsess but hey, I've been doing it for 34 years now.

Clean and press

53x6/6x8 sets 96 reps in 18 minutes.

Didnt rush but didnt take my time either.Dont want to sacrifice form at all. Amazing what just those few extra reps add up too. 16 more reps than last workout.

Pullups( tactical and STRICT)

45 total reps in the remaining 15 minutes.

two hours later

waiters walks with 36 #
2 100 foot laps right arm
2 100 foot laps left arm

4 times

LOL! bad idea to do waiters walks after presses. shoulders were cooked! Better to leave them on Wednesdays when I dont do other overhead work.

grooves feel so solid.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Snatch Workout

woke up fighting some bug this am. Lovely.


53x5/5x5 sets
53x7/7x5 sets
53x5/5x2 sets

148 total reps. All time highest volume of snatches done.

Unfortunately these took longer than I desired as I had three other training partners to work around. Think I will move these to Mondays when I can go a bit faster.

5,6,7,8,5,6,7,5,6 55 reps.

think I will drop back in reps and do longer pauses and holds at top. strong through

Farmers walk, suitcase style

2/53's x 200 feet 6 times.

Love these. strong today too. short rest/laps.

New Snatch technique

this is per Jason Browns request to see some video of my new snatch technique of pushing the hips back before I lower the bell. Its not as apparent from the video (especially as its sideways and I cant seem to get it vertical) but its the best I got today. If I cant get it rotated I will reshoot it next week.