Wednesday, April 26, 2006

156.8 lbs

Wow, I must have been clogged up over the weekend. weighed myself for the first time since I got back and am significantly under my previous low of 161 or so at 156.8 lbs and 9.3% BF. Nice. All that activity those four days and doing a ever so slightly modified warrior diet really cut me down.

Strange how I can't tell as I was feeling a bit puffy. We'll see how long it stays off with normal activity and more food. This is my goal weight though( 158); I just didnt think I'd see it this early. LOL, another KB what the hell effect.

Thank God my knee is back in place and underneath me again. That was the worst its been out in months and months. I really dont like it either. Brought back some very nasty memories very fast. No thanks.

Clean and Press


20 total reps with the 62

I got inspired by Pavels new book (which I got a good look at this weekend) to do more clean and presses so I thought today a good day. Just a low key, transitional get back into it week this week. especially since I have to coach Nick this weekend at the APF states and have to miss saturday again. He should squat 551 at 195, drug free. Closing in on triple bodyweight.

You never know when you are going to be strong. expected to be weak today after a bads night sleep and the 62 felt postively LIGHT.I like Pavels idea of just doing the clean and press for low reps. allows more concentration and total body tension.

x8/8= 86 total reps with 44

these went much better than monday where everything felt like a ton.I really worked on my snatch hi pull technique really driving the elbow back and then punching through. Like it lots.Still though I need to do more pure swings as my glutes have amnesia again. Happens very fast. Repeat after me :SIT BACK MORE!
and then some more.

High Pulls
53x10/10x3 sets= 60 reps


45 sec rest periods. really like this technique.still have to stay focused on heels, glutes and hip drive IN THAT ORDER. Then the pull back and punch through.

farmers walk
2/53's x 200 feet three times.

short one . perhaps just some swings tomorrow am.



Geoff Neupert said...

Wow! That's low! How d'you feel?

What'd you do to your knee?

And, Pavel's new book? Yet to be released?

Franz Snideman said...

Great job on the bodyfat %

Mr. Lean!

matt said...

OK, you can't tease me like that. What is Pavel's next book about?

Mark Reifkind said...


I feel fine. I didnt think I was close to that low as I ate up pretty well yesterday.
Knee went "out" laterally from to much hammie,soleus and IT tension from way more walking and standing than I am used to.

Pavels new book should be release VERY soon.went to the printer yesterday I believe.

the book is the follow up to the first RKC book.It's about the RKC system of training.:))