Saturday, April 15, 2006


Really getting that the kb has to move fast to get the most benefit out of ballistic work.So I went a little lighter today for the first half of the session and really focused on technique and velocity of the reps. The technique is holding up really well.

x10/10 = 108 reps
53x5/5x5 sets=50 reps

total-158 reps.

really good work. Each reps was paused at least one second at the top of each rep on each side.This is important for me to make sure my shoulder is fully down and I am fully under the weight. THis is what sets up the next rep.Cant be afraid of using the 20 kg.

pullups( tactical-LONG holds at top and long pause at bottom)
3,4,5,3,4,5,3,4,5= 51 reps strong today in these.

Farmers Walk
2 62's x200 feet/ four times

these were great except for my right hand which BARELY made the last feet of the lap. left hand was fine but right grip was giving out. Maiden Voyage for the bells. thanks again Geoff Neupert!

datsit. feels very solid.


Royce said...

DUDE, 62's for farmers walks!! Very cool, fried forearms I bet.

Mark Reifkind said...

Yeah I was surprised. I have a seriously strong gripa nd didnt expect much probem. of course after 158 snatches and 51 pullups that could have had an effect!

Royce said...

Yeah, all those snatches might cause a little fatigue in the grip.
I doubt I could hold on to the pullup bar after that.
By the way I have been doing negatives only on pullups, I seem to be getting stronger, I can almost get my chin over the bar now.
If I can get 2 good reps I can start doing singles throughout the day, and then I'm set.
( and yeah, bottoms up clean with a bulldog, you gotta grip on you )
Happy Easter