Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Short and sweet.

A very light one today in deference to the RKC weekend that's coming up. I'm going to be on my feet for four days straight and with my knee thats never any fun.It will be a great comparison to how I did a year ago at my cert.
I wore knee sleeves and spent most of each evening on a foam roller and on the floor trying to unlock.

Hopefully the weekend will make up for it, which I'm sure it will. Tracy will be getting certified as well as my longtime client Victoria.Some seriously interesting experiences are at my door.Plus I plan on throwing around some kbs as saturday is a training day! LOL!


snatch 10/10 16 kg
pullup (bw)5's
suitcase farmers walk 250 foot laps 2 16 kg.

6 rounds of each in order. this was actually fun. went for 35 minutes or so. Nate Morrison talks about developing general readiness but using swing, clean snatch combos alternated with jogs and going for an hour straight. this might be a good wednesday strategy. Holding the overhead position is so critical to my shoulder stability I cant beleive it! the 16 kg is so light I can really concentrate on form and position as well as static holds at the lockout. almost scared to let my self train really light. weird.but the volume can make up for it.

Intensity and duration are mutually exclusive. If I want to build up to an hour straight( which I might) I have to back of the load and the intensity.I've forgotten what its like to be an endurance athlete I've been a one rep powerlifter for so long.

Off to the RKC!


Royce said...

If I have read your previous posts correct you have gained muscle/strength and lost fat on the Warrior diet?
Do you time your workout so that you eat right after?
If not do you take a recovery meal/shake after workouts?
I am buying the book in a week or so, I need a better nutritional plan than I have now.

Franz Snideman said...

Have a great time at the RKC Rif!

Take care of you body!

Mark Reifkind said...


I have NOT gained muscle on the WD although I have gained strength, compared to where I was a year ago.that is not from the diet but from the technques of my training. I am using the WD to lose mass as the extra bodyweight, albeit muscle is still har don my knee.


thanks it was a fantastic time. my knee is a bit "cooked" from standing and walking 12 plus hours a day for four days straight but otherwise I am fine. enjoy yours in June.