Sunday, April 30, 2006

Six PR's.A great day at the Meet for Nick.

Man, that was ALMOST as good as lifting myself. My training partner Nick Bruckner, had a breakthough meet at the APC California State meet after 4 long years of getting his chops right. He went three for three in the squat ( 9 white lights) ending with a not expected 562 lifetime best( way to close to my alltime pr of 573 for my liking!).

He opened at 501 ( which last year was his third attempt pr!) and the setup was bit shaky. So, instead of going to 551( which was the plan) we took 545 for a 5 lb pr. He set up well and crushed it. Since we already had the pr( which is why you take them on second attempts) we went to 562 and it was even easier than the second, as he finally got the hang of the monolift. On his way to 1400!

Benches went ok as his shoulder has been iffy and he hasnt had much shirt time or heavy tricep work in. we opened light at 330 to get a lift in,then went to 374 which he made, but not easily. 385 was in the groove but too heavy .

Deads were next and I can honestly say Nick has learned how to DL. Its amazing how as a coach you can say the same thing over and over and then you tweak it just a little bit and the athlete hears it and makes a huge change. Nick was trying to deadlift from his legs( quds) and NOT from his hips( glutes). once he changed this(especially since he sumos) it took off.
For instance he missed 475 in the gym two weeks ago and yesterday DESTROYED 440, 468( another meet pr) and then 501 like it was 135! he had 525 or more in him

The technique change shortened his stroke by a mile.It was postively easy! So he got two new total pr's as well as getting the 500 lb db monkey off his back. Plus he won States. A great great day.

I honestly dont know if it would have felt better having done the dl myself I was so pleased. The meet was well run and we got out on time although we barely made it there on Friday after a three hour traffic delay! Literally we were TWO MINUTES from turning around and going home. You never know and showing up and competing is more than half the battle.

Plus I am very very pleased with my ability to walk and ambulate these days. Back to back trips with lots of sitting walking and standing would have( nad has ) killed me in the past and I would have been limping in serious pain had I done the RKC and then this trip like this last year. I am fine and not a limp in sight( well almost,lol). But all the ballistics and farmers walks and flexiblity stuff has really paid dividends for me in the real world. Very pleased.

Now have to get back on track.

Of and Geoff you were right bro. I definitely should have brought my kb. Since I am so numbers oriented I am always not wanting to do a workout unless I can do it "for real" i.e get my numbers I am supposed to do. I would have had plenty of time to get all my snatches in. The KB goes with me to Nationals and I will do my Saturday snatch workout backstage. It will be good exposure for the KB as well..


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