Monday, April 10, 2006

Clean and Jerks

Decided to go back to jerks for awhile instead of presses. They really could be the balancer I am looking for to all the posterior chain work of swings and snatches. Lots of quads.I just have to find a technique that doesnt make my shoulders rattle when I dip. Very disconcerting sound. Client cancelled so I got to train the first part early: 10 am

One KB Clean and jerks
53x4/4x6 sets
48 reps
was going to do 5's but I was getting a bit tired and didnt want to push the form.

53x5/5x5 sets
50 reps

thought about doing them long cycle as above for the extra work but I think doing just the jerks will give me more frontal thigh work.Focused on pushing my hips back as I dipped down,maintaining my lumbar arch and keeping the bell descending in the same plane as in the rack position. i.e not let it go forwards as all as that is what de-stabilizes my shoulder.
Interesting also is that jerks really cook my triceps whereas the presses just get my delts. this could work. Have to do it on wednesdays though, not monday after saturdays snatches.

ballistic pullups

50 reps

these were suprisingly strong.not too bouncy( no kips) but no pauses either.shoulder worked great!

two hours later

Farmers walks/waiters walks
2 36's x 3 100foot laps

alternate with

1 36 for 2 100 foot laps with each arm

5 sets each.

this was good.datsit.


Franz Snideman said...

Cool workout. Ballistic pull ups. Are you getting your head far above the bar?

Do you ever do barbell jerks?

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks franz. by ballistic I mean trying to maximize the stretch reflex but NOT a kip. and no I just put my chin over.

Mark Reifkind said...

oh and no I never use a barbell for anything anymore. never liked them even when I did barbell snatches and such. arms were too big to hold a good rack position! lol!