Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Will2 on the Danish RKC


I leave for my first ever Danish certification tomorrow after lunch. THis should be one crazy 5 days! I am bringing my laptop and flip camcorder and hope I have time to post a bunch from the cert/ But ya never know. Either way it's gonna be very interesting and intense " mainland maneuever".

And now, something much more impressive than my pathetic ten minute set.

Tracy kicks ass.300 snatches, 12 minutes, 12 kg for her SECOND set of this.

Monday, April 28, 2008

First 10 min snatch set, one hand switch

Since I am supposed to be tapering for the cert( which I had really forgotten to do) I thought it might be better to combine my snatch and swing workout today since I am traveling on Wednesday.I wasnt keen on doing max vo2 so I decided to test myself with a ten minute GS style snatch set with the 16 kg. First you make the distance then you increase the speed so I thought I had to start somewhere.
I had NO idea what pace would work, my only thought was that I wanted to go five minutes each arm without putting the bell down.SO I settled on a two breath at the top of each rep and figured I would count the reps via video after the set( or I) was over.
Worked out pretty well: I made 5 minutes each arm albeit with a VERY slow pace of about 10 reps per minute. Man that is crawling but holding that bastard at the top for so long really makes up for the slowness,lol.
One lesson: next time start on my weaker right side. It was much harder to deal with the flexibility restriction on the second five minutes that if I had been fresh.No biggie but will definitely do it differently next time

16 kg swings 5/5/5/5x3
16 kg snatch 5/5/5/5

five minutes left arm: 48 reps
five minutes right arm 41 reps
total 89 reps( man that's terrible but hey, first time)
got the whole thing on flip vido but google downloader takes EONS to get the video so it will be up later for those with a high tolerance for boredom.

one arm swings
alternate 20 kg and 24 kg
8 sets 5/5/5/5 for 160 reps 7040 lbs
7 sets 5/5/5/5 for 140 reps 7420
300 reps
14,460 lbs

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Snatch Musings.

My new hero,Eduard Trusevich.I want to be him when I grow up.

What a difference a few months, a few technique changes and some shoulder mobility makes.I truly never thought my shoulder would be able to handle consistent, intense snatch training,especially after last year when I had to give up ALL snatch work and rebuild from scratch with just swings, overhead holds and LOTS of shoulder flexibility and joint mobility work.
The max vo2 training totally changed my view of the snatch, how to train it, what I am capable of,and the work has prepared me, on many levels, for the next stage of my training, testing and , perhaps competing.It has shown me, without a doubt, that light weights can really build incredilbe strength and fitness that does carryover to the heavier weights and the longer sets. No doubt.
Just as in WSB training, where light weights, moved fast with short rest periods, teach one to exert true power and create superior conditioning, max vo2 training and the incredible volume and power that it requires really brought me to an entirely new level. And, as I love to say, the higher you climb the farther you see. And the view has really changed now.
There are many different ways to be efficient. Efficiency for moving fast is much different than the efficiency to maintain for long periods. Efficiency for strength and power is much different than efficiency for relaxed sustained effort. Yet they all can work together to build separate but complimentary qualities needed for complete mastery and skill of the lifts being done.
It all depends on the goal. You get what you train for.
Which brings me precisely to what this is about.What I am training for.
Short term I have two main snatch goals now: 100 reps in five minutes with the 24 kg and 200 reps in ten minutes with the 20 kg.The Ultimate long term goal is 200 reps in 10 minutes with the 24 kg. I now KNOW I will get these.It literally is just a matter of time; now that I know I can train the snatch intensely and consistently without tearing my shoulder up.I will just keep going and going until I achieve it. That's just how I am.I'm not in a hurry.I will just keep plodding forward until it is achieved.My next tattoo will probably be a pitbull holding a kettlebell because that's how I view myself; a pitbull. Once I get hold of something I want I just don't let go.
And now, that I know I will get my ssst goals I started thinking ahead of that; what's next after that? Higher SSST numbers? Yes, for sure, but also I started to realize that I could compete in GS( at least in the snatch) if I wanted to.
I have always said that GS appealed to me, on many different levels. First off, the solitary, amateur only type sports like gymnastics, powerlifting and ultra running and cycling have a great appeal to me. I have never liked team sports or even pro sports.I love the Olympic ideal of the true amateur working his craft toward perfection; searching for Glory, not dollars.And that's personal glory, not just the thrill of the win over others.Beating your old self is the key.
I love the Zen simplicty and minimalism of such solitary pursuits: the same thing over and over again, honed down more and more until autonamous perfection is reached.Like meditation where all outside distractions are systematically removed and one is forced deeper and deeper inside, where the true self lay. And true insight is to be had.Stilling the monkey mind so the true mind can be observed.
I have always found this in my training and have missed it these last few years when everything was basically rehab. It had to be done, and I wasn't sure that that wasnt all there was left for me but now I know that's not the case.Very hard to get to that place with one foot on the gas and another on the break as I have had to do for what seems forever.
ANd I know the difference between training and competing form as well. That one can do more reps and NOT be any stronger or fitter- just know more tricks.This became crystal clear to me when I changed my grip and my breathing and basically double my per set output virtually overnight.Not any fitter, just working less hard per rep which let me work longer. It ain't rocket science,which some seem to think.
Which is perfect and appropriate for the platform. ANd something that absolutely has to be trained as well if it is to be perfected. But that more than one method has to be utilized.
I see my snatch training evolving as if I were a distance runner:
1) distance and overdistance training: working with 3 min, 5 min and longer sets per arm,regardless of pace and weight.My LSD work for baseline conditioning and competition form.
2) Tempo work: my ssst training with multiple hand switches.This is the kb equivilant of speed work on the track or fartlek work on the trail.This will increase conditioning and teach the higher pace for the long term goal numbers
3) max vo2 work: for maximal cardiovascular conditioning, lactic acid tolerance and explosive power.This would be like short interval and or hill work.

I can see my snatch workouts expanding to three days a week, mixing in LOTS of swings as my assistance work for my leg and hip strength.this will be vital because my competition snatch technique requires less and less from my lower body. I need to stay in balance.
But my first goals have to be accomplished and that might take awhile. But I will be working on all of it at the same time because even the light, long sets will contribute as well.The wider the base the taller the peak. So my GS will be RKC style GS, using a multi faceted approach and building strength and power at the same time I increase my endurance and comp technique. As I said, it ain't rocket science.


Full body Z drills 40 minutes.

Stick and floor rifga 15minutes

really am going to focus now on using the stick to push my overhead flexibility as far as I can take it til it's 'normal'.I realized today part of my problem was that I went from such an extreme level of joint flexibility and range of motion as a gymnast all the way up to a completely stiff powerlifter with ROM in about 2 planes of motions: squat and bench.

Now that the Z opened up the joint I can use this increased mobility to increase my overall flexiblity as well and keep the muscle tensions more balanced.Just need to spend more time overhead. The true test will be getting back into handstand symmetrically.I have some serious scapulo thoracic rotations from gymnastics "twisting" in only one direction for years with a shoulder injury on top . lots of fun.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sleep is good.

What a difference sleeping well makes. Incredible.Things are calming down now; perfect timing too as I get ready to leave for the Danish RKC on Wednesday. Haven't been to Europe since coaching at the IPF Women's Worlds in Sweden in '93 and what a great trip that was. This should be even better.
Decided that since I am training specifically for the SSST my longer set snatches should be done the way I plan on competing it; with sets of ten and multiple hand switches. I will save the longer but slower one arm sets for after I meet my SSST goals.I can go much faster with the multiple switches and the limitation is my cardio ability, not my grip strength or static shoulder strength.

Z drills warmup; 10 minutes

16 kg x5/5x3
20 kg x
1) 50 reps in 2:33
2) 50 reps in 2:30
3) 50 reps in 2:13 ( warming up ,lol)
4) 40 reps in 1:78

190 reps
8360 pounds
142.5 points

these went VERY well, used no chalk or tape and didnt feel my hands at all. THis is getting to be like gymnastics training; where you tear your hands to shreds training day in and day out until one day you don't tear any longer.I'm getting there I think.

H2H Transfers with 24 kg

152 reps
8056 pounds

These went very well and I used power breathing with a much more classic sit back, hip/leg style of swing. Just what the doctor ordered for a leg dominant movement.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life gets in the way

of training sometimes.Had to skip yesterdays training and havent had to do that in eons.But 36 hours of no sleep and no food doesnt bode well for snatch vo2 day,especially the 36:36 protocol. But it did show me just how well the warrior diet works. When you get into fat burn mode you can go a LONG time with no food and not suffer. In fact, it almost gets easier the longer you go- to a certain point. Like the Hungarian RKC team says : "eating makes you hungry".
Didnt get to the workout til 3:30 today, another 20 hours with no food .Things didnt go too badly, all things considered.

Snatch Vo2 36:36 16 kg
17 sets of 16 reps
272 reps
9792 lbs
136 points
HR at end 175

This was so easy to about 12 sets then it got tough, mainly in the grip, towards the end.Used corkscrew technique and had no problem getting 16 reps per work bout, which is just about 8 reps per 15 sec pace-the fastest I can go. The rest period seemed really long, again, up to sets 12 or so.I can really see where this method helps with grip lactic acid tolerance but I hate taking my forearms into heavy fatigue so I didn't push to twenty sets.15:15 pushed cardio much harder for me,although I guess if I tried to fit 17 reps into 36 seconds I could get my HR up more. Next time.

Torch Swings
2 15 lb Clubbells x 5 sets of 8
These went well with lots more control than last week. Really like the shoulder linkiing and the elbow traction;as well as being able to work external/internal rotation in a dynamic movement so easily. Great move and a solid counterbalance to kbs.


BW 157.2!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Swing strength.

It's amazing how quickly gravity can take over. I haven't swung the 32 for a few weeks, and havent done it after work on a Monday in forever and boy it tried to kick my ass hard today. Felt great all day yesterday, so of course I hardly stretched or did any Z and today was just that much tighter and stiff than I wanted to be doing into this workout. Of course I didnt get a chance to do much Z with clients today so it was a slow start. Didnt eat enough yesterday as well and was just a bit light too.Enough complaining, this is what I did:

One Arm Swings

32 kgx10/10x15 sets
300 reps
75% of PR( felt like 85 %,lol)
21,600 lbs
33 minutes

Each set took about 35 seconds and Irested one minute or a bit more between sets. Using power breathing was WAY more intense on the HR and the work effort.Of course the damn thing felt heavy today and I actually start to lose grip a bit on the 12th set in my left hand! I tweaked the shoulder a bit spotting a client just an hour before the workout so I suspect that played a part. Will Z and stretch it out after this post.
It just confirms what I already know to be true: your weak parts get weaker FAST when they aren't trained consistently! I can snatch much more easily than I can swing. Snatches are much more upper body dominant- my strength.
Swings are much more lower body dominant, as well as higher tension on the lower body. Again, my weaknesses.The shift from the hip snap to the punch through on the snatch really spreads the load, making it a great total body exercise. But the swings really concentrate the effort and work the hips and legs for me like squats and deadlifts used to.I sit back much more on swings than I do on snatches as well.
No wonder they are so hard.I need to add in another session of swings now, I can see that.And I think I can handle it. It will also balance out the latest increase in snatch volume.Torch swings will help but I need a transfers day;probably on Saturday after snatches. That makes sense.
I also am going to back off on the overhead clubbell work as my left elbow is not liking it and I dont want to get hurt for what is essentially an assistance exercise to me. I need the elbow lock and shoulder pack work of the torch and rockit swings but will lay off mills, swipes and sheild cast work for a bit.I need more KB swings anyway :))

Shield cast
10lb club 3x10/10
15lb club 3x8/8

2 15 lb clubs x 5 x10

these are ok but they aren't 'it'.

datsit. time to eat.

bw 161.4
bf 8.8%
water 60.6%

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Snatches with the 24.

Today would be a first. I never have done sets and reps like this with the 24 kg and it was not very long ago I considered anything over a ten rep set high reps.But Snatch Vo2 training and lots of paused snatch workouts have really changed my technique and stability in the movement and this stuff just seems like the natural next step in my training.
If my body could handle the heavy stuff it would be different but those days are over for me. High rep training is the new frontier now. I had always hoped,in the back of my mind, that I would be able to push my snatch training hard and really get back into setting and accomplishing real numbers goals and it looks like it might just come to past. Way cool

20kg x5/5x2

24 kg x10/10/10/10 in 2:40
x10/10/10/10 in 2:40
x 10/10/10/10 in 2:34
x10/10/10/10 in 2:10
x 13/13 in 2:00( one minute per arm)
186 reps
9858 pounds
186 points

this went just great! I kept to a slow pace and just motored through it. very solid and the hands and overhead postion felt great. very very pleased with this workout. my 100 reps in 5 minute goal will get done for sure.

I got some video of the fourth set on my new Flip Video camcorder that is freaking amazing. And amazingly easy to use EXCEPT that it doesnt fit the USB on my PC and my laptop is at work.This thing will shoot 60 min continuous video and is cheap.Have to get it through Tracy's laptop later.

Here it is. Seems I cut my arm off but hey, this was the first time playing with this thing. This is way better quality video than my canon powershot. very impressed with this thing.

I was super happy when I did this workout with the 20 kg so this was even sweeter.The fitness level I have acheived through the max vo 2 work has really let me train at this lower intensity level for much longer.The stronger you are, and the higher your absolute level, the easier submax anything becomes. Of course I have a VERY long way to go before I can go ten minutes ( or even five minutes)straight at any respectable pace but it is coming. I can see that now and I couldn't say that before.

Clubbell Mills
15 lb clubs x 10/10 x 5 sets

this is still touchy on my left elbow.Need more forearm release I know. I have been lazy about it.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snatch VO2

When I could fly.

Another bad night of sleep made today not so much fun. I had planned on just starting with 8 rep sets and see how far I could go but then decided it wasnt a good idea to push my cns hard on a day when I havent slept for beans.So it was 7 rep sets and see how far I could go. Not a bad outcome, considering.

Snatch vo2 15:15 16 kg

50 sets of 7
350 reps
12,800 lbs
175 points
HR at end 170

this went suprsingly well and discovered a technique idiosyncracy that really made a difference in bell speed. I have a deep prejudice against my stiff legged DL style of swinging and snatching, and, like most who want what they don't have, desire a strong leg/hip drive style snatch instead of the back/hip teshnik I use.
I have to stay flat footed at the top of the snatch AND at the drop or I get back on my heels too much and it slows me down! Of course I didnt really grok this to about 35 sets or so but man the last 15 sets were done with room to spare. Of course having more than two brain cells to rub together would have helped me get this earlier but hey, what can you do. Sometimes gravity wins.Not today but it was close..

Rack Walks
1200 feet with 16 kg switch hands every 200

Could have gone more but my get and go got up and went.

Torch swings
2 15 lb CB x 4 sets of 15 reps.

Did these inside so they were 3/4 swings( low ceiling) hence the higher reps. these are so good for unwinding my biceps/brachialis.


BW 161.6
BF 8.5%
Water 60.8%

Monday, April 14, 2008

Speed Swings.

Sunday morning kettlebells in the Wine Country. Just an incredible view from the house of the Russian River.

Tracy and I had a great weekend up in the wine country with some friends, but travel, eating out and late nights drinking wine are not my norms and boy could I feel it today! I missed last weeks swing workout when I subbed in snatches on Saturday and I knew swings would be extra hard today because of that.Tracy of course trained on Sunday with Gayle on the deck of their house and 'sweated out' the wine.Not me :))
Swings are my 'leg' exercise and when I skip or back down I lose leg power fast( what little there is,lol). Strengths stay strong with little or no training ( my upper body) but weakness get super weak super fast.One must train what's weak to ever have any hope of real, long term improvement.
So I chose the 24 kg today and not the two pood, which would have been some very slow, low power swings,not the best thing for me when I'm feeling weak. Speed was the solution and I was itching to try 15:15 with one arm swings so off we went.

One arm swings 15:15


24kgx 15:15 x 9 reps per set 25 sets 225 reps 11,925 lbs

one minute rest

x8 reps per set 15 sets 120 reps 6360 lbs

total reps :345

total sets: 40

total lbs 18,285

total time : 20 min.

MAN! this was way tough! Even though I was beat I had visions of 50 sets with this weight and 9 reps per 15 as a starting point and LOL, was I surprised! It started well but 9 reps in 15 sec is fast and you have to pull the bell down. and the 15 sec rest seemed to evaporate more and more each set. HR was about 170-18 pretty quickly and I used Hardstyle technique and biomechanical breathing exclusively which was perfect. Lots of speed and power on each rep.

BUT, there was no way I was making 50 sets much less at 9 rep pace so after 25 reps I took a minute rest and continued on with 15 more sets of 8 reps,which was easier but not THAT much easier. I was cooking. HR 180 plus. Dynamic effort swings,with compensatory acceleration for every rep, really creates huge forces for each rep and man could I feel it.

I actually think it's too fast for this day,especially with snatch vo2 coming up with only one days rest. perhaps 15-20 sec of work per arm, then double the time for rest. make it more of a strength and power protocol.This will be especially important on two pood day.


24kg x20 reps x 5 sets

100 reps

5300 lbs

total swing reps 445

this was just mileage, to get my numbers up. But, transfers work my legs even more than regular swings as I am letting go much earlier and there is no tension in the arms or shoulders at the top.just the root.

Two Hand Swipe

15 lb cb x10/10 x3

25 lb cb x 8/8x3

these were good and two hands was perfect. I didnt want to isolate my left elbow at all with regular swipes as it is still a bit touchy.

two hand shield cast

15lbs x40 x 2 sets ( 20 reps per grip per set)

very nice and fluid.great dynamic shoulder and core work.

datsit. I be tired.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Long course snatch training

Today the 20 kg snatch is on the menu, and, per the Irontamer's suggestion, I am going to do one minute sets per arm,then switching and shooting for multiple four minute sets. This is my third snatch workout for me this week, which could actually be a first.It wasn't very long ago I had to give up snatches entirely for just swings because my shoulder was so unhappy.This is quite amazing to me.Especially at my advanced age of 51,lol! A miracle, really. I loves the snatch. Tsar of Kettlebell lifts indeed.It's as close as I'm going to ever get to doing gymnastics again and that's perfectly fine; it is more than enough.

16kgx one minute per arm 30 reps

20 kg x one minute per arm twice : 51 reps
x one minute per arm twice: 53 reps
x one minute per arm twice: 54 reps
x one minute per arm twice: 60 reps
218 reps
9592 lbs
163.5 points.

finally got warmed up,lol. And my tongue is only partially in my cheek.This is totally new territory for me and it's very interesting.I focused mainly on the techniques I was trying to employ and things went very well. Could have easily kept going. HR was about 140-150 the first few sets then jumped to 170 or so the last set.Hands and grip held out fine.Rested about 3- 4 minutes between sets.wanted to be fully recovered.
200 reps in ten minutes continuous, however, even with the 20 kg, will be no small feat for me.Hell, 150 reps in ten minutes will be hard !
It is hilarious to me though that the more I do longer sets the less I am using chalk. I used to be a chalk fiend of the first order but I shied away from it during max vo2 work as it seemed to make it tougher on my hands.
Used the false grip, corkscrew descent and the double breathing which is amazing.
I have a long way to go with this training,which is very exciting for me!Lots to learn and discover as well as cool new strength and conditioning levels.

10 lb CB Mills
20/20x5 sets
200 reps

really worked on technique and fluidity here and NOT irritating my left elbow which has been complaining after some clubbell work.
Did try a new technique of just shifting my hips and NOT coming up on my toe, ala Coach Steer, but my back already said it's not for me.To much of the torque comes and stays in the QL and lumbar regions. Not a problem, did a bunch of Z and overhead decompression stretches and it's pretty much let go.

CB Barbarians( gama cast into flag press)
25 lbx8/8 x3

This is a great combo move for my triceps and pecs..lots of tension in the locked elbow position and good ROM..

Torch Swings( for Cecilia)
2 15lb CB for 4 sets of 6-8

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Steel Will

Thought I had linked my good friend and RKC Team Leader Mark Toomey's blog, Steel Will Training but I guess I hadn't. Hit the link for a great blog by one of the best men I know.Mark is always positive, grounded in reality and with some of the best stories I have ever heard; and believe me, I have heard some serious ones!
Here's a clip of Mark demonstrating some great advanced snatch drills and giving some excellent advice.Snatches off a swiss ball and with bands as well! Louie would be so proud!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Snatch Vo2, the next level.

Wow, that was an interesting workout.Mondays high rep sets with the 24 kg left me a bit more sore than I had planned.Traps, rhomboids and forearms were just a bit tight the last two days.I wasnt sure if I was going to use the 20 kg today for 15:15 as planned, or drop down to the 16 kg and just go light. I was open to either as I am switching schedules and have to snatch again this Saturday.LOTS of Z and stick stretches these last two days too and things seemed to be opened up by workout time today.
So I thought I would warmup and see how I felt.Warmups felt great and the bell felt light so I started with the 20 kg. I had NO idea of how many sets I would be able to do, what would happen to my HR,my grip or my bell speed. I didnt want to do any sluggish sets.

Snatch Vo2 15:15
16kgx5/5 x2

20 kg x6 repsx 50 sets!
300 reps
13,200 lbs
25 minutes

I really had no idea of how many total sets I had done til I stopped.I just kept making hash marks on the side of the chalk box for every set than another group once I had reached 5 sets.Tracy was snatching next to me BUT SHE WAS GOING NONSTOP FOR 25 MINUTES and I couldnt use her as a metric.She ended up doing SIX HUNDRED NON STOP SNATCHES, switching every ten. Amazing.
I was actually going for a 51st set when I got a blister and decided it was enough, no matter how many it turned out to be, for my first attempt with the 20 kg.Have to be more organized next time.
I did the set hardstyle, although with a false grip, and the double breathing . Max HR at the end was a bit over 180, not bad at all but not high enough either. This was just a feeling out workout.Very very pleased.7 reps per 15 sec will get the HR there,that's for sure.
I am definitely at a new level. This feels just like cycling; up until I had ridden one hundred continous miles every thing up to 100 was tough. 60,70,80 it was all the same. hard.One weekend I rode 200 miles and over 100 continuous during a Talbots Cycling club San Francisco to LA overnight bike ride.After that if it wasn't over 100 miles it didnt phase me. I had jumped to a whole new level. That is what this is for me.A new level of fitness. I havent experienced this in long time and it is way cool to be able to feel again.This is the "fun" part of training. Actually achieving what one sets out to do.

Rack Walk with 16 kg
2100 feet switching every 200. PR.

These are getting much better too. As Dan John says being able to carry things is one of the Key functional strengths.

Torch swings
2 15 lg CBs x 5x5

havent done these in forever and they went very well. Concentrated on total elbow lock, full external rotation at the top of the rep and linking into the scapula.This is much better for me done for lower reps, with more tension and concentration than as a high rep move.


Monday, April 07, 2008

Long course, short course.

That's how I am thinking about my snatch training lately, which is about to take center stage in my training world.It's been a long time coming; back to being able to snatch regularly again without making the shoulder worse and the first time ever that I am going to train for the five and ten min SSST. I truly never thought I would be able to do either safely,that's how messed up I was. Anything that resembled pushing could bring on serious pain and possible injury so I just swore it off.
But consistent swing,snatch and overhead hold practice seems to have brought things around to be able to do the Snatch Vo2 safely and that has dramatically changed both my snatch form and shoulder resilience as well as my cardiovascular abilities.Add in the Z and the clubs and my entire scapulo throacic area is in the best shape it's been in since the early eighties.Not to say it's anywhere near perfect; nor that I can't slide backwards in a heartbeat if I'm stupid or greedy. But my awareness of what's happending is way better and my pre/rehab/corrective exercise toolbox is way bigger.
I'm switching Saturdays back to snatch day and will alternate training each week for the 20 kg ten minute test and the 24 kg five minute test. The ten minute long course will build my wind and lactic acid tolerance as well as base form/general endurance. THe five minute faster and heavier short course will build strength and power and make the 20 kg feel light. The longer sets with the 20kg will make the shorter sets with the 24 blow by fast.
Wednesdays Snatch Vo2 workouts will build O2 uptake capacity, speed ,power and quick recovery with little rest.
Total volume per day is yet to be determined, as well as length of sets but it will soon be clear.
Todays workout went very well with this concept.

16kg x5/5/5/5x2

176 reps
9,328 lbs
176 snatch race points
running total= 976

wow this went great. Used the false grip, corkscrew and super secret DW breathing technique,lol.What a difference each makes and together,wow.I've never been able to do these types of sets straightup hardstyle, which is the point.All these techniques makes snatching easier not harder, which is the point of adaptive, overload training.One sits on a box to make the squat harder, not easier.Competition form is another thing, another skill, and that's where one wants to make things easier. SO today I practiced that AND got a great workload in.
If I am going to test for 5-10 minutes I have to get used to going longer and longer all the time with the pace I want to maintain to get the goal.As well as build my CV system with increased max vo2 training. It's just SO amazing to me that I get to even play like this again. I thought this type of training in anything was over for me forever :((
How cool it's not!
Snatches have never felt this controlled and explosive at the same time!

10 lb 2 CB Swipes
100 reps 4 min 45 sec

this was fun. The 10s are such great weight to go long reps with. The 15's can still be tough on my elbow if I get tired and not keep the load 'spread'.the tens are fun and going 5 min straight is perfect training.The hardest part is just standing in one place for so long and not be able shift like you can with one arm work.

10 lb 1 CB swipe
100 reps switch arm every 10 reps
3:45 sec

ah, these are cool and went faster. very relaxing and therapeutic.rythymic

Shield Cast
100 reps switching every 10
3:30 sec

this was great for opening up my shoulders in the the circular, transverse plane

BW 162
BF 8.1%
water 61.4%

Datsit. will do some Z and rifga later to stay loose.It's all good though.

Ok, this is what it looks like for ssst training for the 20 and 24 kg respectively. 20 kg day will focus on one minute sets for each arm,waving the number of switches/sets till I get past 8 minutes regularly and up to 400 total reps per workout( double the goal).
24 kg day will be as today,switching every ten reps and working up to 200 + reps per workout and or multiple 4-5 minute sets.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Swings, snatches and some TSC.

Today was 24 kg swing day and I knew I wanted to do some longer sets, in preparation for the new assault on five and ten minute tests in the future.Also wanted to see how the breathing techniques work with swings relative to snatches.
Even though I got through the 36:36 pretty easily I still had more residual muscle tension in my forearms,top and bottom, and as usual they tried to make their way up to my shoulders.Lots of Z and G5 slowly but surely worked it out and the shoulders are back to where they have been.
With super loose ligaments it doesnt take much muscle tension to really pull some important bones out of alignment! For some strange reason that always causes problems with something in my body :))


24kgx10/10/10/10 x 10 sets
400 reps
21,200 lbs

These went suprisingly easy. I used tradtional biomechanical breathing on the first thirty reps then went to the new technique on the last set of ten and it seemed to help ease the HR and respiration. But I'll be damned if I can count a rep correctly when I do it,lol!

16kg x 32/32
2 min each arm, 4 min continuous
32 points

wanted to play with the breathing and positions and go for four or five minutes.I started to feel a bit fatigued in the arm at 32 so I switched.Slow pace but that was ok.

15 lb CB Mills

datsit. Jordan Vezina came by Stones this morning to challenge himself in the TSC strength challenge. He did great and I'm sure will have a post about it on his blog.The guy is tough. Well done Jordan!

The new goal list in order of importance:
1) 24 kg snatch for 100 reps 5 min ssst (non continuous)
2) 20 kg snatch for 200 reps 10 min ssst( non continuous)
3) 20 kg snatch for 100 reps 5 min ssst ( continuous)
4) 24 kg snatch for 100 reps 5 min sst ( continuous)

Friday, April 04, 2008

How to build a squat

181 lb Rif in the hole at the 1993 AAU Calif State Championship at the famous Sports Palace Gym in San Francisco. I believe my top squat of the day was 529 in my favorite Marathon Super Suit. Thats Uber powerlifter Scott Waits spotting me.

Just realized that Pavel published my article on squatting in the latest newsletter and I forgot to post a link
"How to build a squat"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Here's a grind.

You gotta be real strong to pull this long and not break position.Mitch Edelstein shows what a max effort looks like. 650 lbs @ 220 lbs bodyweight.


Always good before a tough set, barbell or kettlebell.Music to squat by.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Snatch Vo2 36:36 redux.

Ok, one more time with the original snatch vo2 max protocol. I can't really say its the return as I never gave it a decent shot. I tried it once, knew immediately it would tax my grip too much and that would mess with my shoulder, so hasta la vista. I stuck with the 15:15 and it worked very well for nine months.
Now, however with the new grip ,corkcrew and breathing techniques I just knew that I was ready for this workout again and that the time was right.I was correct. I got through 20 sets of 15 reps per 36 sec bout ,my hr was barely 160 and I was finishing ahead of the clock. The hardest thing was coordinating the breathing with just trying to count that high,lol!
The groove was great and it went very smoothly. Too easy though and next week will do 16 reps and then probably work my way up to 17. we'll see. the good news is that it didnt kill my grip like last time and I am much fitter as well.The 15:15 protocol certainly does that.
Alternating all these different versions should work very well,each increasing the intensity of the other.
I just realized that I really can't count: I do 17 reps on the first set of this video,lol! Better too much than short, that's for sure.Tracy is kicking ass, as usual, snatching the 16 and the 12 kg as well as mixing in two hand swings in her 36 sec work bout.She be berry strong lately :))

Snatch Vo2 36:36 16 kg
20 sets of 15 reps
300 reps
10,800 lbs

rack walk 16 kg
1600 feet, switch sides every 200

this felt very solid. so very pleased with how my knee mechanics and my gait have been of late. havent walked this well in many, many years.I really have to say how INCREDIBLE the Z health drills have been for my entire body. It really is amazing and I do it every day, in some, without fail.
I still stretch and use the foam roller almost everyday but it is much less necessary and intense since using z health religously.

two hand shield casts
15x10/10x5 sets

This was good that it was light. those single arm 25 lb sheild casts kicked my arms' ass.
Next week is 15:15 with the 20 kg for the first time, I am excited!


*edit* 300 16 kg reps = 150 points
running total= 700.