Monday, April 28, 2008

First 10 min snatch set, one hand switch

Since I am supposed to be tapering for the cert( which I had really forgotten to do) I thought it might be better to combine my snatch and swing workout today since I am traveling on Wednesday.I wasnt keen on doing max vo2 so I decided to test myself with a ten minute GS style snatch set with the 16 kg. First you make the distance then you increase the speed so I thought I had to start somewhere.
I had NO idea what pace would work, my only thought was that I wanted to go five minutes each arm without putting the bell down.SO I settled on a two breath at the top of each rep and figured I would count the reps via video after the set( or I) was over.
Worked out pretty well: I made 5 minutes each arm albeit with a VERY slow pace of about 10 reps per minute. Man that is crawling but holding that bastard at the top for so long really makes up for the slowness,lol.
One lesson: next time start on my weaker right side. It was much harder to deal with the flexibility restriction on the second five minutes that if I had been fresh.No biggie but will definitely do it differently next time

16 kg swings 5/5/5/5x3
16 kg snatch 5/5/5/5

five minutes left arm: 48 reps
five minutes right arm 41 reps
total 89 reps( man that's terrible but hey, first time)
got the whole thing on flip vido but google downloader takes EONS to get the video so it will be up later for those with a high tolerance for boredom.

one arm swings
alternate 20 kg and 24 kg
8 sets 5/5/5/5 for 160 reps 7040 lbs
7 sets 5/5/5/5 for 140 reps 7420
300 reps
14,460 lbs


Gabi said...

5 minutes per arm is just awesome, at whatever pace! My stomach churns at the mere thought. Hard to believe there are people who can actually consider the top position as "rest"... :D

Howie Brewer said...

Sweet! And it's nice to see you at least once performing a workout that the rest of us mere mortals can imagine doing ourselves! =) Although I am sure before long, you'll be at double or triple these numbers.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks.I knew the number was going to suck but I wanted to tape it just in case I made the whole ten minutes. Total spur of the moment thing which is out of character for me but it's been a weird week.I can totally see how the top can be a rest position. at least on my left; right side still has a ways to go.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks howie,
For sure I am no mutant, just a guy with some ocd and some willpower,lol :))
Building up to the 24kg and getting60-70 per arm will take quite some time. It's a slog. Not sure I will maintain the interest; I much prefer the SSST style as it's much harder and give quicker results.

Tony said...

Catherine Imes has done more "GS style" 16k snatches with one arm in four minutes and Rif did using "RKC/GS style" with two arms in ten minutes.

Sorry, but this is an incredibly weak performance.

Jordan Vezina said...

Great job Rif, have to start somewhere. You are the definition of well rounded.

Mark Reifkind said...


you are right, it was weak.that said, all I wanted was to go five minutes per arm straight and that was accomplished.never even thought about trying that before.
Just beleive it wont be my pr for long.
and thanks for the comment.

Mark Reifkind said...

oh, and tony, there was nothing RKC style about that. gs is about low power production per rep,efficiency and endurance not strength and power, that much is clear.

Wildcard said...


I give you props for even trying a 10 minute set, regardless of the numbers it is a whole different animal especially with only 1 hand switch. I can see 3 or 4 things that you could change that would assuredly help you to increase your PR. Too detailed to post here, but e-mail me or PM when you get back from DK and I'll be happy to share...shit I'll even come to your gym if you like! BTW tell Kenneth, Tommy and Camilla I said hello. Safe travels.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks for the comment. not sure how much I will get into the one hand swithc thing before I meet my ssst goals but will probably have a ten minute day just to build the base.shoot me an email with your adives and those 3-4 things if you will. I am in denmark right now and have web access

Pete said...


Mad props for going for a 10 min. snatch set. Getting ready mentally is work in itself. My PR for a 10 min. set with the 16kg. is 190. I have no doubt that you will hit that easily. Good luck with it.