Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sleep is good.

What a difference sleeping well makes. Incredible.Things are calming down now; perfect timing too as I get ready to leave for the Danish RKC on Wednesday. Haven't been to Europe since coaching at the IPF Women's Worlds in Sweden in '93 and what a great trip that was. This should be even better.
Decided that since I am training specifically for the SSST my longer set snatches should be done the way I plan on competing it; with sets of ten and multiple hand switches. I will save the longer but slower one arm sets for after I meet my SSST goals.I can go much faster with the multiple switches and the limitation is my cardio ability, not my grip strength or static shoulder strength.

Z drills warmup; 10 minutes

16 kg x5/5x3
20 kg x
1) 50 reps in 2:33
2) 50 reps in 2:30
3) 50 reps in 2:13 ( warming up ,lol)
4) 40 reps in 1:78

190 reps
8360 pounds
142.5 points

these went VERY well, used no chalk or tape and didnt feel my hands at all. THis is getting to be like gymnastics training; where you tear your hands to shreds training day in and day out until one day you don't tear any longer.I'm getting there I think.

H2H Transfers with 24 kg

152 reps
8056 pounds

These went very well and I used power breathing with a much more classic sit back, hip/leg style of swing. Just what the doctor ordered for a leg dominant movement.



Taikei Matsushita said...

So you kept yourself awake to adjust to European time zone?

Have a great time !
I think you'll become busy traveling around the globe in future.

Mark Reifkind said...

lol taikei,

not the plan but it seems to have worked that way. as to the globe traveling I sure hope so.Japan is tops on the list :))