Monday, May 01, 2006

Disappearing hips

Its amazing what disapears first on me when I have to miss training. My glutes and hips go first; amazingly quickly too, and then the quads. Arms and pecs stay with almost no training( except for those 34 years,lol). Course I was training my glutes and hips during those years as well and look what happened there.

My schedule, and therefore my system, are all crazy and it hit me good this morning at 4:10 am. Really, really, really, really wanted to sleep more. I focused hard and well for these last two weeks and it culmanated with this weekends comp and now it is done. Could feel the big adrenal letdown last night. Not too worry. Nothing some good workouts and getting back on my schedule wont fix.
Felt weak as a kitten today and totally non motivated. especially after 7 clients kicked my ass. pussy.Course my prayers for sun and heat were answered and its amazing how much quicker I warm up now as opposed to the "spring" we just had. time to de-ice and drop a few more pounds of butter.

I am incorporating virgin cocnut oil and coconut cream concentrate into my diet as a fuel source.Will cook the veggies in is a medium chain trigyceride and has thermogenic properties. plus its tasty.need tog et more fish oil as well. summer is not the time for cod liver oil.

44x8/8 ( no need for multiple sets now)

x7/7 x 3 rounds

total = 108 reps

Man this was a slow ass start!!!.No umph at all!! But I knew if I didnt just freakin GO I would feel worse, much worse tomorrow. More rest would have been a disaster.Just do your numbers and the rest will follow. It actually didnt feel that bad strength or position wise but wind was way off.

tabata two hand swings
53x20 sec on/10 sec off x 6 sets.


Man ten seconds is NO kind of rest at all.Interesting how it compares to wsb's speed squat 12x2 with 45 sec rest/sets. two reps take about 5 sec total at most so it is really a strength training ratio with 8 or so times more rest than work. now thats funny and interesting. food for thought.Course it kicked your ass anyway.

I think 15 second on and 15 sec off would be a good aerobic ratio interval with a solid power dimension.have to try that.

Farmers walk
low rack 2/36's x 2 laps
hi rack postition 2x36's x2 laps + 2 laps low rack x two sets.

havent done four laps of anything so thats good.I think that changing the rack position, just like changing which arm is doing the swing lets you go longer and distracts you as you train.the hi rack position makes my shoulders "clunk" though and I dont like that.

23 reps

Just some extra work to make it an hour. beat but know I am back on track.


bw 161.6
bf 10.4%


Franz Snideman said...


Why not Cod liver oil in the summer?

I just bought some coconut oil from

Mark Reifkind said...


supposedly when you are exposed to lots of sunlight in the summer( plenty of vit d)you dont want the extra vit d cod liver oil has.more fish oil then.

markdavidson said...

Mark, im starting to hear more and more about coconut oil. Where can i get more info? Also i see on the dragondoor forums people going to mike mahler for nutrition/supplement advice. Do you reccomend i do this, or can you do this?

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Mark Reifkind said...


Coconut oil has some really unique properties. go here

and search for coconut oil.

I got my at:

I've forgotten more about nutrition than mike knows, lol. Just joshing but I can certainly help you.

Royce said...

Mark, I live in Phoenix, basically it's sunny 300+ days a year here, so should I never take cod liver oil?

Mark Reifkind said...

royce how much sun do you actually get exposed to there? I'm no expert on this stuff but I am switching to fish oils for the summer.I live in cali so even the winter has lots of sun. Its probably more about the seasonality of it than anything.