Saturday, May 20, 2006

Full Pyramid Snatch

Inch by inch I'm making it towards 200 snatches. Solo AM training today and its so obvious how cold I am this early compared to my normal 1 pm starts. Have to be very, very careful,especially since it's only a week since my spine fell out my ass.So fo course I went for a pr! LOL! Never said I was sane, just dedicated.

warmups with 16kg
8/8x3 sets with occasionally hi pull in between

x10/10( this was 90 reps and the first time in eons I did 10 reps with the 53- wind was no problem just afraid of hurting something. SO hard to go with the foot on the gas and the brake at the same time.
x5/5 total = 170 reps. current pr.

Havent done this type of pyramid ladder ever with snatches and it worked well. wasnt gassed at all at the top end of the ladder just afraid of pushing too hard so I worked down rather than starting at the bottom which seemed too easy. Nice. Also so interesting to me how much my groove "moves around" when I'm snatching. Still stayed focused on tight glutes at top, drawing the bow and keeping the descent in close but towards the end, as fatugue set in it seemed a more swing type pull really let the bell fly rather than my usual olympic snatch pull.

Still had to keep it in close to protect the biceps/shoulder. Everything's fine,knock wood.

72x5/5x3 sets

Nice to see this feels light and this movement is PERFECT for after snatches when I want to keep the legs and hips going but dont want to just do swings.

Farmers walk: 2/53's
8 50 foot laps: 30 sec /laps

Set out to do 100 foot laps but left knee was adjusting so I decided to cut them short. still good work.

stretching: ten minutes: hammies, abs and shoulders. total workout time 60 minutes.


bw 161.2
bf 11.2% ( damn early am dehydration!)


Royce said...

Nice PR dude, and my groove is all over the board on high rep snatches also. When I go high reps wind is still a problem for me, but getting better!!
I sent you an e-mail. When I got off the phone with you I spent about an hour taking your advice.
Feels SO much better, going to repeat this morning. Many, many thanks.
P.S. I found a long place from below the little notch on the outside of my wrist to almost my elbow that is TIGHT, feels like a rope in there!!

Mark Reifkind said...

glad you feel better. keep doing it and working it through and it will keep opening up.the buckets tough eh? lol. tell that to my female gymnasts who used to live with their ankles in those things!

I think there is noway to do hundred of the the EXACT same rep day in and day out. the basic mechanics will prevail but how the body recruits 'what' muscles will vary, I beleive; depending on how tired, rested,injured motivated, etc, etc you are that day.

The brain knows movements not muscles and will create the best pathway given the real time current environment.I try to go with it as when I try to force what what I "think" is the perfect groove many times I have gotten tweaked.
GO with the flow baby.the higher you climb the farther you see.

Royce said...

Absolutely, movements not excersizes. never understood that untill know. Yeah the bucket is tough, but MAN does it feel better.
If I was working and lifting objects all day long I woudn't be worried about the exact groove, and I have never been injured at work only when I try to isolate a particluar area ( like grip LMAO )
I am just climbing above the low brush, but I can already see a lot farther!! Thanks again.

Joefitness said...

Excellent Work and Pavel passed on a hello and asked how you were doing. Obviously well checking out the blog.

Keep it up and hope to catch up with you this week!