Saturday, May 06, 2006

Strength and Power

Not bad for an old man I think.

Back in the saddle today for a regular saturday volume snatch workout. Had a few decent workouts this week but was eager to see what 144 snatches would feel like.Saturdays I won't care about how little rest I take but how much power and strength I can generate. Fits in well with all the powerlifting that's also going on.

Hi pull/snatch (warmup)
26x8/8 one pull,one snatch
36x8/8 x2

x7/7 x4 rounds 144 reps total. Not bad at all

this was much better than I thought it might be given how hard 100 were on Monday. really got under the weight and held at the top of each rep.

two hand hi pulls

88x8x5 sets 45 sec rest/set

I really wanted to focus on explosion and holding the tight glutes at the top of each rep rather than going for hi reps. this felt great. much prefer the hi pull arc to the long arm swing arc. much easier on biceps and shoulders for me

Pullups( ballistic)
5,6,7,8,5,6,7,5,5= 54 highest volume in awhile

datsit. feel great. Posted by Picasa


Franz Snideman said...

You Rock! Very Lean!

144 reps on snatches, you're my hero. You are raising the bar Rif. We need to take a small trip up there this summer and hang out. Do some training, etc.

What's a good month for you?

Mark Reifkind said...

lol! thanks dude. I want to have 150 as my bottom line base and wave up to 200 snatches regularly. wont take too long I hope. 4 rounds of 7,8,9 will get me 192 so that plus one extra set.

let me talk to tracy about a good month to have you guys visit. that would be great.and we still want to get down there for Yoanas tv show.