Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Getting back my groove

I almost feel normal again.Mondays snatch workout was absorbed very well with no body issue and my hips feel like they are awake again. Settled back into my comfortable schedule of sleeping not near enough, waking far too early and staying focused on my numbers for the day.This saturday will get me back to the regular schedule for real and all will be well.LOL.Decided to do some more swing to kick the hips into overdrive to return.

8 am @ Girya Studio

One arm swing
44x10+10+10+10 + 10 two hand swings=50
44x10+10+10+10+10 +10 2 hand swings+10 darcs=60
44x10+10+15 2 hand swings+15 darcs=50
total with 44=200

I love nice round numbers.right brachialis locked up from pulling to hard too fast. I'm old, I need more warmup.too strong for my own joints and muscle. I like this system tracy has developed though of switching hands so often.Way easier to do much higher reps.

clean and press/ tactical pullups
44x5/5 3
53x5/5 4
62x3/3 5
72x2/2 5

I pressed strongly at Girya for some reason. The bells weight right but I am always stronger pressing there than at Stones. Weird. Cant swing for shit there though. Pullups were long pause at bottom.

Bottoms up clean/ tactical pullups
44x5/5 5
53x5/5 5

havent done these in ages and they went very well. this is a very strong move for me and one I should maintain. Tweaked myself a bit with the bulldog last time and realized I am too strong in these for my own good. I should stay with 72 and below.But its way solid for me and look great :)) I do love training in the AM.

1:30 pm at Stones

Farmers walk
25 lb weight vest and 2 36# kbs

4 laps each set x 4 times.

These were good. Like the vest. helps overload the legs more and the grip less. I've got to stop being so lazy, and get a sled, put it in my truncka nd go to the freaking park. I know thats what my legs need next.The grip is now the limiting factor in my farmers walks. not long ago it was my legs.


bw 161.8
bf 9.9%


Royce said...

Nice, 200 swings are rough no matter how you cut it.
Farmers walks with a vest, that would put me in respitory distress...LOL
My snatch and swing #'s are FINALLY starting to come up, tonight I am going to do HOC on the heavy bag with snatches 10/10 for 5 rounds.
100 snatches supersetted with heavy bag work. I am ACTUALLY starting to get in shape, dude this was and is, a long hard road reapairing the crappy lifestyle choices I have made.
By the way I am totally envious of your grip strength.

Franz Snideman said...


I find that I'm worthless trying to train before 10am. Body just does not warm up until later morning. Maybe 8am is too early for you?

Lots of swings, eh? Those are impressive numbers.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man. it doesnt seem that much to me. in fact I feel like i am loafing. My wife did like 500 swings in 30 minutes using the 26, the 36 AND the 44 for 30 sec on 30 second off in two hand swingswith the 44 at the END of her 30 minutes!she used the 36 for swings for 60 sec on and 60 seconds off for ten minute son the set before that. but I try,lol.

I just dont like straight arm swings much, my arms and shoulders always take a beating, no matter how light. I have long arms. I much prefer hi pulls and such.

the farmers walks are going better. sounds like YOUR numbers are doing great. 10/10x5 PLUS the bag would kill me. I recover slow after each set.
sounds like you are welll on your way to being serious fit.

lol about the grip I guess I really take my grip for granted but I have trained it hard all my life by accident!lol!I have some serious forearms too but that never got me going. I always wanted legs.

she is a cardio freak.

Mark Reifkind said...

franz no I LIKE to train early. takes me awhile to warm up but I was just rushing is all with the swings. I rushed the warmup and paid. its ok, lots of blue ice, emu oil, vibration massage and my special brand of self ART.

I'm up since 3 am or so so 8 am is actually lunch time to me,lol.

Royce said...

WOW, your wife is a very inspiring person I read her story in Hard Style I believe.
500 swings in 30 min is very, very cool, blows my mind I am using the 44 also and occasional double 44's.
Yeah I want the legs also, my favorite excersize in the whole world is barbell back squats, somehow I am going to mix kb's and barbells when I am done shedding fat. I want to find a niche and get excell at something, GS, powerlifting, MMA, who knows I am still looking for the right fit. I have had this really strange urge to compete at something, and I have NEVER had that before it's totally new to me. We'll see......