Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Speed day.

Decided it was certainly time to take my own medicine and do a lighter day. My log shows a peak after five straight weeks of increase, not the best idea but it seemed to work well. So it goes when you train on instinct. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But today had to be down, plus after the knee incident this weekend and not sleeping much last night again, light was the order of the day.

But no training session should go to waste and this was a good opportunity to focus on perfect technique, hip snap and acceleration on my high pulls. Doing reverse pyramid ladders was up as it was last week.

High Pulls Ladder
53x6/6 Five ladders= 240 reps in 25 minutes

five times. took about 35-45 sec/rest between sets. wind was suprisingly good, for no discernible reason. been doing a lot of volume but not so much hi reps. interesting. I really like going from light,to medium to heavy and then dropping back. The light stuff really helps teach me to accelerate the weight.

It' s just like Louie says. If all you ever lift is heavy, you will get slower. Especially in the movement pattern you go heavy in all the time.Taking 70% and moving it with 90-100 % acceleration willl put that much force on the lift.When the actual load is there you can still accelerate against it. If you peceive it to be "heavy" you will hold back. If you are used to creating acceleration you can do that. ANd the KB is PERFECT for this training as you can accelerate for a long range of motion. perhaps the longest.

That is the value of speed days to me,not just learing to move 70% fast.

Farmers walks
2/36's suitcase style
100 feet
150 feet
200 feet
150 feet
100 feet
150 feet
200 feet

Wanted to keep going with 250 foot set but knee was saying hello.SO:

2/kb deadlift
2/36's x13x3 sets,1x10

this was fun.seemed to balance out the hammie work. felt like my old powerlifting barbell deadlift form. Just a quick single, loose negative, quick knee hips dip and UP. I miss deadlifting. Cant believe I actually wrote that.

more static stretching and ton o ice.

EVERYTHING was supersetted with vibrations massage and static stretching hams. have to stay LOOSE.

bw 160.4
bf 9.6%



Joefitness said...

Nice Rif, I like the comment you added from Louie, something to keep in the archives, near the front :-)

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah dude, basic wsb theory. has many applications to many different types of lifting.

Franz Snideman said...

Yup. If you do is lift heavy, you forget how to move fast. Al Vermeil talks about that as well.

How much maximal strength is required for each athlete? And will it really help? Didn't help me for several reason, 1)got too tight, 2)didn't actually practice the sport I wanted to excell in, 3) changed the speed at which I recruited type IIB muscle fibers,

great post.

my website is still down.

Royce said...

Cool Rif, never thought about a down cycle being speed day.
Of course what I know about powerlifting I could write down on one page and have room for illustrations. LOL

Mark Reifkind said...


site is down but log is up!I wonder the same thing about bodyweight as well/what is the "optimal" bodyweight for each person? Maybe what is the "natural" bodyweight, not using extreme measures to gain muscle mass?

I think I will end up at 155-157 and 8% bf. when I was a gymnast I was 13-135 but had no legs. when I was cycling I was 154 and still had an upper body. as a girevik I probably will be a bit of a combo between cyclist and gymnast.

how strong you need to be will certainly depend on your goals but unless that is powerlifting or ol its probably smaller than we think. same with bodyweight and necessary muscle mass.

esepcially once one learns how to be strong neurologically and from the will.

Ken Black said...

Hey Rif I found this website the other day thought you might like it:

Have a great weekend.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Ken, I've known about that site for a while. great stuff.

Franz Snideman said...


Mark Reifkind said...

Just train saturday, monday and wednesday.usually just post then but if you are interested in stetching an rehab,lol, I can post that too.