Monday, May 08, 2006

Weight ladders

taking a cue from Jack Reape on waving the weight up and down during the workout but keeping the reps constant I decided to try it today with snatch hi pulls. Was going to press but my upper body felt still "used" from all the snatches so I thought I focus more on the lower half.

turns out even with hi pulls my arms get pumped. oh well.I swear I am sitting back as much as I can. Draw the Bow- it's now written across my gym on the blackboard I face when I train. I like it. A simple and accurate cue.Line up the head and the feet and the hips are the bowstring.

Draw the Bow.

Snatch Hi Pulls
62x10/10 x 4 rounds.

320 reps in 33 minutes.

I was so impressed with Tracy's 800 reps in 40 minutes that I tried to push the pace a bit. Amazing how hard reps are and SO SO much like climbing steep hills on a racing bicycle.Never liked that either although I did tons of it.

This was not as bad as I thought. Dropping down from the 62 to the 36 was amazingly refreshing, rep wise and the power ( bell speed) went up significantly.The 62 was a horse for this many reps,especially just after the 53.But the goodnews is that my wind is much inproved and recovery was much better than expected.

BUt my energy overall has been exceptionally good of late. Who knows, maybe its all the coconut, flax seed,cod liver and fish oils I've been swilling? I felt downright punchy yesterday and felt like I should workout. THAT hasnt't happened in years.

Sure is better when you are not in pain.

I wonder how 36,62,44,53 would feel? This ladder has some interesting possibilities.

Suitcase Farmers Walk
2 53's x 200ft /set.

4 total sets

This was way harder than I expected and I'm not sure why other than I havent regular farmers walked with the 53's in awhile. Suckers felt HEAVY~!

tactical pullups( pause at bottom, chin over)
3,4,5,3,4,5= 24 these were good but I was done.huge forearm and arm pump/

bw 164
bf 10.3%

Am I freaking gaining MUSCLE?I havent been this heavy in awhile.Its gotta be all the volume.. Wnat to get my bw down to 160 though.Its those Bulldog and Two Pood sets, lol!!And I did carb up this weekend, I'll sweat it off soon enough, its getting hot in herre.



Franz Snideman said...

Maybe the 53's felt heavy in the Farmers walk because you were SMOKED from the wave loading.

Great concept, have fooled around with wave loading on snatches, pull ups and Bench.

Your energy is up because you are eating all those Energizing Fats. Plus you're in great shape with lots of reverse capacity to do lots of things.

Mark Reifkind said...

LOL! yeah, I dont usually give that any consideration. I think I should just be a be to keep going as long as my mind says so.Duh. I am a slow learner some times.

I think I might do those with transfers next week and see if I can get more leg and less upper body.

Finally getting a carryover from all this work and yes, I believe you are right- the fats are really helping.

reserve capcity is a nice thing. havent had it in awhile.

thanks for reading man, I really appreciate your comments and insight.

Joefitness said...

Nice work Rif...what was the work to rest ratio? Also, have you tried to add in the Noni Juice. With the Omegas, cod liver oil, Noni and Multi i have felt a huge increase in energy and recovery. A couple of days I missed everything except the Noni and boy did I feel the buzz

Draw the Bow, I like it!

Mark Reifkind said...


didnt check how long I rested but the whole thing( hipulls) took 35 minutes,have to try the noni juice

markdavidson said...


can you explain the snatch hi-pull?


Mark Reifkind said...


its a swing where you pull the bell vertically after you snap the hips. think of starting a lawn mower, you drive the elbow up and back as your hips start the swing.
its a great snatch assistance exercise and is the more advanced version of the swing snatch.

its the same kind of arc as a barbell snatch.

Mark Reifkind said...

Joe, you are taking the cod liver oil too? what kind and how much? is monica?I jsut started on the fish oils as well as the coconut oil