Monday, May 22, 2006

Press and pull

So I seem to have lived through my saturday snatch session although I must be getting menopause as I sweated through TWO shirts last night as I slept. this getting old thing aint no fun at all.Night sweats, lovely.

Clean and press
44x5/5 ( seems I found a use for a non standard issue kb)

These went pretty well. Still letting my elbow swing wide on the left arm on the second rep press but other than that it went up easy. 3-4 no problem and the first time I've done this in months.Or at least it seems that long. too lazy to check.

Superesetted withTactical pullups
5,6,7,8,7,6,6= 45 reps

that added up faster than I thought. Nice

Waiters walks
100 feet each arm, with 36# x 5 times

rack then suitcase farmers walk
50 feet each style with 44# x 4 times

energy good. shoulder position on right side overhead finally coming along.

bw 160.4 ( havent rehadyrated yet I see)
bf 10.5% ( see above)



Royce said...

Rif want to hear something weird? I obviously have been chillin' with the weights for a couple of days, but my chest, upper back, arms and shoulders have filled out enough for my wife to notice. Not bodybuilding big by any stretch of the imagination but I noticed, one of her co-workers noticed and so did she. WEIRD.

Mark Reifkind said...


not unusual ,really. resting allows the muscles to refill with carbs, which holds water. hence more, the rest allows greater recovery and more growth as well. enjoy!

Royce said...

Very cool. Learn something new every day.

Franz Snideman said...

You're left elbow is swinging wide..hmmmm? Mine does the same thing.

Weak left lat / weak stabilizers?