Saturday, May 13, 2006

Snatch time.

Great day today. Slept well, woke up in little pain and felt mentally ready to attack 168 snatches.I've decided to just train with the Big Three Kettlebells: the 16,24 and 32 kg.The Original Russian set.
Using too heavy bells for swings is just conterproductive I've decided as the higher force reuqired to swing the 32 and the 40 just creates havoc with my knees as well as creates too much muscle tension all over.
I can clean, press and bottoms up the two pood with no problems so I will use them on those exercises. On snatches swings and walks I will use the 16 or the 24 only. The key component for me with swings is speed. If it slows down it's no good.And if its too heavy for me to move fast it's no good.
Pavel might be right( big surprise there) that the bigger jumps are more productive.We'll see.

16 kg
two hand swing
one arm swings

about 10 reps each . two sets

16kgs x5/5x2
x8/8 x four rounds 42 reps per round 168 total! 9072 foot pounds of work

These went very very well.Held each at top for a solid count as well.conditioning, form and work capacity are increasing nicely. 200 here I come!Around one min to 1.5 rest between sets. very comfortable.

two hand swings
53x10x13 sets =130 reps

these were too easy but I figured I had just done a pr exercise volume and should step back a bit. with the 24 kg I can do higher reps ladders.

ballistic pullups
6,7,8,9,6,7,,5,5= 53 reps. no problem

felt too easy. would have done farmers walk but was helping nick with his new squat suit. Man I wish I would have add access to these when I was competing!

bw= 162.8
bf 10.5%

holding steady. datsit.


Royce said...

Rif this is completely off the topic of your post, ( sorry I had to get this out to someone I think might understand ) I just went back and read my original RKC manuel.
I read something new, I absorb a certain percentage of it then apply it. Then if I go back later and read it lots of new stuff jumps out at me.
Pavel suggests several guidelines that I hadn't really thought about beore today. And they are kinda the core of the manuel, I just didn't get it, there is so much info packed into so few sentances.
1) don't limit the # of sets done on an excersize but VARY the number of sets and weight, have a good workout, a short workout now and then
2)I can work out as many days in a week as I want, just vary the load accordingly
3) do the excersizes in a circuit
4)end your workout with as many sets of 20 snatches as you can.

I got the part about using the body as a unit, switching movements, tension, breathing and the things that seperate RKC from bodybuilding, and I recieved immediate benifit from them.
But I totally missed the part that would allow me to reach my goals, of overall fitness, muscular endurance, and fat loss. I got caught up in learning the movements. Then looked for the workout structure elsewhere.
Pavel is a genius, and I feel like a dunce, I believe every month or two I am going to re-read the RKC manuel.
All I really need is a few KB's and a pullup bar, although I want more toys than that, I really don't need them right now.

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Looking good, Rif! 200 is definitely around the corner!

Mark Reifkind said...


dont worry about it, its the process. I always go forwards by reaching backwards myself.The hwole thing I just got about breaking at the hips first was in thr first rkc book,I just didnt realize its significance til now.
what you see depends on where you stand eh? and the higher you clibm the farther you see. its a process, doesnt matter when you get it just that you get it. nice job.

Royce said...

Thanks. And congrats on the snatch volume, way cool, that's a lot of workload!!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks pete, I can see it now. when I get there I will wave the loads from 150 to 200 with ladders of

Joefitness said...

Nice work Rif, the Snatch volume is coming up