Monday, May 15, 2006

I think I know what did it.

tweaked my back, I mean. I've been doing a Quigong movement that John ducane showed me at the cert;its called coiling silk and its done IN A WIDE HORSE STANCE SQUAT POSITION. Duh, I cant freaking squat, even with bodyweight AS IT IMPARTS WAY TOO MUCH TENSION INTO MY HAMMIES AND GLUTES. Just what locked up yesterday.

I've been doing the coiling silk movement, which involves moving laterally and going sequentiall lower for a bit but had a solid five minutes of it on saturday. that and the dehydrationa re what set me up for this I now believe. Everything else was the same as usual, why this sudden blast of extra muscle tightness? No more squat although I really loved the Coiling Silk movement, its fetl great and was a ( almost except that it helped cripple me, lol) warmup.
Single arm KB lifts please.Oh and walking.


Franz Snideman said...

Rif - glad you figured out what was bothering your back. I don't do squats, at least not heavy squats. They hurt my back tremendously, always have. Funny how bodyweight movements can still reak havoc on the body. Your issuse definitely sounds mechanical.

Royce said...

I'm glad too that you figured it out.
2 minutes of Hindu squats kicks my toucas, five minutes in in a wide horse is HARD. Sorry again dude.
Have a speedy recovery.

Mark Reifkind said...

yes it definitely is mechanical. I can go from zero pain to a level 9 on the scale in seconds. the sacrum moves or the pelvis drops and the whole structure falls apart. I cannot squat.period.

it is interesting though that when I swing a lot and dont squat when I do have to go into one its easy. when I train the position all the time I'm always locked up.

thanks royce its going in the right direction.

Ken Black said...

Thanks for linking up my blog.

Glad to hear the back is on the mend.

Look forward to seeing you in July. Hope that you will have time to drop by to have a look at my 'garage'. Got plenty of toys;)

Geoff Neupert said...


Sorry to hear about the back.

Here's food for thought: I have performed no stretching or SMR, staples of mine, for the last 5-6 weeks since we started the Z-Health Cert. process. Just by doing some DJM, Z style, I can loosen stuff up. My hips are great and knees are getting much, much better. I'm squatting pain free for the first time since I was 19--that's 14 years. I've also had chronic right knee pain since I sulexed my patella at age 16 while wrestling. It's now gone. 16 years.

Z-Health addresses the nervous system first, then the musculo-skeletal system second. A lot of the DJM I've been doing has unwound tension patterns that I've had since I've started lifting (17-18 years) due to injuries. For example, I now have a right VMO; previously, I've struggled to get that thing to hypertrophy. My legs looked completely different before Z, now they look almost the same.

I share this with you because I know you would find the intricacies very, very interesting.

E-mail me or call me if you want more info.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks for the info. I will give you a call, can you shoot me your # via email?

With you and Frankies recommendation Ihave to take this stuff more seriously. BTW the hip,sacrum is back in place and it feels like it never happened!?!

Cannot get dehydrated OR do squats!

Pete Diaz, RKC said...


Ditto on the above condolences....I am sorry your back locked up...and now it is back in place with no issues? The body is an amazing and curious structure. It sounds like you got alot of good info, though! Here's to continued to health.

BTW, if you get a chance to stop by Ken's garage, it is one hell of a toy store!

I am looking forward to everyone meeting in July.

Mark Reifkind said...


No problem, a great site.I doubt whether we'll have much after time from the meet as these things take FOREVER! especially nationals but who knows. anymore its hard to see toys I can't play with :((
My back is better thanks for asking. I got the hammies to release the pelvis snapped back in. thank GOd.I was scared. I've been there and do not want to go back.

talk to you soon


ps thanks pete it is very wierd and mysterious.It definitely keeps me on my toes.