Monday, May 15, 2006

Dodged a bullet. barely.

Well it just goes to show me that you can never really relax. After Saturdays great( and very easy) workout, about 4:30 pm my hammies, lower back and abs started to lock up like they did back in 2000 when my disc went. Not a happy camper. I havent been stretching as much lately as i have been feeling so good ! Classic mistake. It also went from cold to HOT here almost overnight and I got dehydrated.Not a good combo.Took magnuesium citrate, mineral solution and drank a ton of de caf herbal tea.

Not much sleep Saturday night and turning in bed hurt the SI and quadratus badly on the left side. Sciatica the whole shebang. Lovely. Very interesting as stretching DID NOT help;in fact made it worse as the bodys reaction to the stretch was to contract. THis was not good. What did help was 600 mg inbuprofen and TONS of vibaration massage on the affected muscles. I could NOT get down to the floor to even stretch anyway.

I had forgotten how much pain I was in 24/7 for so many years and how much time I had to invest every single day to work on myself enough to open things up. Plus, torturing yourself with myofascial techniques, foam rollers, sharp round objects and thumpers to releive pain later is just no fun.BUt it has to be done or Marky dont go nowhere. Sunday was better all day until 7 or so when the whole things tightened up again. Again more trigger point work and vibration thumping.

Got most of it and woke up this am in not too much pain and the day got better as it went on.Once the hammies release the pelvis stabilizes and the bak settles down. Lots of decompression hanging too.

I was happy I could do a little something today.

press( one clean, done with two hands)
53x5/5x7 sets 70 reps.

this was ok, the cleans were dicey at first but actually things started to open up well.supersetted with pullups

Tactical pullups( very strict)
5x8 sets =40 reps

Farmers suitcase walk
2/36'sx 2 laps -- 25 lb X vest on as well.

these were ok but it was HOT!

Stretching;20 minutes

I SO now appreciate being ( mostly) out of accute and debilitating pain, as I was in prior to becoming a Girevik! I DO NOT want to go back to 2 hours worth of self applied bodywork to be able to walk the next day.I think this is an anomoly as well as a message from the universe: DOnt take it for granted. Be thankful. And I am.

we'll see how I do. Have to stay hydrated and stay the HELL away from two handed swings. They never work for me and I just have to accept this.Same as squats .

oh well. doesnt matter. walking is better.



Joefitness said...

Great point, do not take things for granted! I am just glad you did not take a step backward ;-)

Take care of your body bud!

Mark Reifkind said...

Oh I stepped back but I dont think I fell off. not yet anyway. thanks

Franz Snideman said...

Yikes. A minor setback Rif. You'll be back 100% soon enough.
Do you have anyone who can do NMT on you? Much more effective to have a qualified NMT therapist to work on you. Self massage is great, but there is nothing better than having someone else work on you.

Royce said...

Damn Rif, I am sorry to hear that. That has got to suck bad to have the knowledge and desire to workout and walk such a fine line between ability and injury. Hope you feel better soon.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks guys. yes royce that is extremely hard, one foot onthe gas, one on the brake allthe time. and the head wants to just gas it.

Mark Reifkind said...

franz no but I should get someone soon.