Wednesday, May 24, 2006

tough but good.

Tough start today. worked early and straight through with a lot of bodywork and stretching of clients. The static hold positions are what get me. When I move I feel better.Also probably not eating enough as I was feeling a bit week at noon.Homflecker says to cycle though higher protein/fats and higher carbs emphasis on the main meal and I have been doing more dairy proteins and grains and less green veggies. also much less dessert and I feel weaker! LOL! Its the old powerlifter in me.ONe of the best parts of being a powerlifter was trying to get into the next weight class.

have to up my calories a bit for the next few days.Feel good strength wise but energy could be better.
ALso decided I do need a third workout as I didnt want to snatch again today, nor press on saturday. thought I would try hi pulls as that is a good balance between hips and upper back.

Snatch Hi Pulls

218 total reps in about 25 minutes.

I went at a leisurely pace,resting a minute or two; going when I felt ready to do the next set.too long a rest is no good either. I like training this way, I always have. Have to go at MY pace.time went fast, didnt seem like that many reps.

Bottoms up cleans
62x3/3 (easy)

I love this move but have to be careful not to get too cocky with it.

Farmers walk with X Vest
25 lb vest plus 2 36's

100 feet in rack
100 feet in suitcase

5 sets.

This was way tough as my knee was aching a lot. Too much time in my seiza kneeling chair I think.Its great for my knee and quad flexibility as well as a great postural chair but I think I've overdone it a bit.

The hi pulls were strong though.


Franz Snideman said...

Workout structure look solid.

How often do you throw in bottoms up cleans?

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Nice work with the bottoms up cleans!

Mark Reifkind said...


I think I will do them regularly on wednesdays. they are pretty easy for me.

thanks pete/

Royce said...

I hear ya' on the food, all I want to do is get some heavy kbs ( doubles ), some more plates for my olympic set, and lift and eat. BUT I would end up being 400 lbs. LOL.
I don't know who said it on the forum, but basically, the thing you don't like is the thing you should be doing.
Like me in aerobic debt, I hate it, but I need it!!! LOL