Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Windmill and Snatch video

finally got this to work

Forerarm Death.

Definitely paid a price for those 48 snatches with the two pood Monday. Forearms are destroyed! DARCs today were particularly painful. but I got it done and dont think I hurt myself.

man am I tight!!!!!
53x5+5x2 finally opened up a bit esepcially with the right side.
1:15- 1:45

72x20x8 sets this was a death slog.I did them but they really were hard and not fluid. worried about straining arms each rep.
72x40 so of course I had to do the last two sets at once just in case they had a chance to recover by tomorrow! LOL. everything is tight from mondayI really am fighting going for the 100 rep goal here.

supersetted all sets with one foot stands on bosu. this is getting easuer each time. did many extended blinks and rolling winks while on one foot. I can feel the increased foot strength.


Pistols on BOsu

Did these in the cage and self spotted.

right legx3 wow. this is more solid than I expected
left legx3 needed a lot more help than right but lower than last time. can actually feel some strength in this position now. and MAN what glute work. WHo'd thunk it.

right legx4x2
left legx4x2

this is really getting better. If I can learn to do real pistols I couldnt ask for more from my legs and knee.

three training partners

Monday, August 29, 2005

What is fiber?: Diet and Nutrition, Weight Loss, Fat Loss

What is fiber?: Diet and Nutrition, Weight Loss, Fat Loss


Two Pood Snatch

Well it is time to move up. Feeling pretty good today, not too banged up from all my rest most of staurday and all sunday. SOmetimes not moving kills me more than working out. But you got to sit down one day a week. Or I do anyway.



72x3+3( one timer swing for first rep)
x3+3=8 sets
48 total reps

YES! These were very very solid. ALso this is the workload that tweaked my left biceps a year or so ago. Could have done 4-5 reps no problem and two or three more sets.very conservative.

53x15+15 very strong. it feels like a toy. like it should.

53x20+20 (Grips) man now this is where the grip come in. my hands were pretty sore and I have one small but nasty rip where the finger and the hand meet.hard to heal there.Have to keep it stretched open with tape.

one arm swings

man these are always so hard to be explosive with when I am that tired. good strength work though. leaving my arm against my abs , as per Mr Cotters instruction helpd tremendously;saving my shoulder and really giving me a ledge to push off of.


just dead.

Half pullups
forehead to bar. a little tough on biceps tendon but mainly focusing on scap retractions.

6X6 easy but going slowly.

bosu box squats
4x10 bodyweight,close stance.

6 reps/ hit the first three on the second rep and the last 2 on the FIRST rep!! Finally. these are getting more comfortable.

training time: 1 pm-2:40 pm monica and joe trained with.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The kettlebell swing video.

Mike shows the power of the basic swing.

The Kettlebell Swing: First for a Reason

The Kettlebell Swing: First for a Reason

Great article on the swing and its many applications by Bill Fox.

Swings presses and lunges

I am getting to love the pure simplicty of saturdays workouts. Two hands swings have always been my least favorite kb movement for the sheer fact that I was terrible at them. By not trying to do a zillion reps each set I have focused on technique, strength and power and they are actually getting good. Watching Mike swing on video has really helped as I can really exactly how it is supposed to be done. Boy is seriously strong.

Two hand swings
72x10x15 sets. Much more leisurely pace than I wanted. BOys were talking too much and I was too lazy to push myself. good volume though and the rest periods werent that bad.

150 reps. Going back to the two pood was a good idea. Maybe I will cycle two pood, bulldog and the bands on either 1.5, two pood or the bulldog.

two kb mil press
Thinking of this as a handstand pushups. elbows in and close overhead position. felt great.

53'sx5x4 sets

these feel very good.right shoulder almost feels normal.

kb lunge Hi rack position

hi rack has actually gotten easier than low now. back to the low rack it seems.

Bosu low box squatjust did these like a close stance low box squat without the rock back for the abs. much better4x8 bodyweight: these are really opening up!3x8 with 26 pounds on chest. the weight makes it much easier. Pistols here I come!Bosu low box squatjust did these like a close stance low box squat without the rock back for the abs. much better4x8 bodyweight: these are really opening up!3x8 with 26 pounds on chest. the weight makes it much easier. Pistols here I come!

datsit. not bad after yesterdays workout.

BOsu Get down get up situps

These are done pretty quickly. this is the slower version:

Friday, August 26, 2005


was supposed to do presses today but needed some more cardio. decided on cleans

88x3+3x4 sets. this was a challenge. I have never used this before in a workout. just the one triple I did down in santa monica. did not feel bad at all but it is a brute! I love cleans, they are the intermediate swing;less cardio than the pure swing but more brute strength and body hardening than the snatch.
72x8+9 so much lighter on the way down
53x12+12 love it.

all sets supersetted with bosu ball step up into one foot balance. these are getting easier each time. used deavid wecks extended wink technique and it was GREAT! this guy is SO CLEVER when it comes to training ideas.

kb front squat
72x4+4 hardest part is keeping it racked, not the squat

farmers walk
one 53#
left hand 2p laps switch to right hand one lap: four times.

these are good for me.

6 handstands held for 5-7 sec. didnt hit a one on the first attempt most took three, some four. very strange because one I was balanced they were the strongest HS I've done recently.

oh well. tomorrow- swings with Mike in the AM.Cant wait.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Video of Mike and Joe's swings with the green bands and the bulldog.

Here's Mikes video

Joe's video

Windmills DARCs Bosu Getups and PISTOLS

Great, great training day today, out of nowhere, as they are want to do.I actually did a decent impression of a pistol on my right leg today standing on the bosu and came very close to a decent half rep on the left as well!! I now beleive I will be able to do left legged pistols on the bosu ball. Whether I can do them free I wont venture a guess yet but I never thought I would be able to do them on the bosu either.

weight 164.2
bodyfat 9.5% This is a 15 year low. very very happy with this.

windmills( both sides)
26x5+5 wow right side is very tight from no practice
53x5+5x3 sets I need to do my right side again.Left side feels stellar.

72x20x10 sets I much prefer doing lots of lower rep sets. these very very powerful too. the bulldog next week.

Superset with

one foot bosu stands. these were the best I have ever done. done center mat so no supports to tap of of I was holding one foot stands for 30 plus seconds on both legs pretty well and could fight to hold position much stronger.I also could close eyes on either leg for a few seconds and not fall off! excellent.

bosu ball get up situp
6 sets of ten. wow. this was a KB what the hell effect.I didnt think I could ever do these.You have to sit down very low onto the bosu ball, lean back into a full stretch. then situp and pull your legs under you into a deep squat up.basically a deck squat onto the bosu with an ab move thrown in. very very very cool.

I started off with a wide stand and brought it in. My left leg was working very well

Bosu Pistols
left leg( with mike for support) three decent half reps. I can feel where my hamstring is not strong enough to hold the position but it seems my knee is strong enough now to play with this. excellent.
right leg: 3 reps! holding onto mike slightly for balance but hey, my leg felt strong and I felt like I could get into the right position.

The boys played around with swings with the 88 and the GREEN band for resisitance . Mike andJoe have a new found respect for the bands.


Squats The Primal pattern.

A Paul Chek classic/ Yes we ALL should squat!

Monday, August 22, 2005


Deload week and boy do I need it. SOre sore sore from Saturdays band and kb combo. Probably wont do that again for awhile. I will start using my hip flexors to pull myself into the hole though on swings and snatches.


53x8+8x10 sets/. man, 8 reps is so much better than 16. I hate high reps snatches. Let me do a ton of sets but you can keep those freaking reps.Of course I will do them, but I will hate them.

160 reps . good deload number, 80%

one arms swings

these were good.strong hip drive and root.

half pullups

6 sets of 6 my right lat/erector are totally activating maybe for the first time in years. sore sore sore. but the pullups are easy. really focusing on scap retraction and pulling the shoulder into the socket.


How is the average fitness expert like a kettlebell?: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

How is the average fitness expert like a kettlebell?: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Mr Lawrence is one sharp guy. And a hell of a kettlebell man as well.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stones gym. yes it is that dark and it is noon on a sunny day. Maybe one day I'll get better light but I doubt it. Posted by Picasa

Some more wierd bars and our soft box. Posted by Picasa

One of the "Rif" Stones and Magnus, my sword. Posted by Picasa

Glute hams raise, various bars and bands. Posted by Picasa

We also have a competition Ivanko set. hate chrome anything. Posted by Picasa

Very old but perfectly balanced,machined york plates. I love these things. Posted by Picasa

Our deadlift, KB and squat platform Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 20, 2005

After searching for Watts all week I had an idea. Posted by Picasa

First you thread it through. Posted by Picasa

pull it through Posted by Picasa

Finish the loop over the handle. Posted by Picasa

Snug it tight Posted by Picasa

The mini is double choked.You can adjust the tension as you need. I tried the green bands and it was too much. Triple choking the mini was seriously tough. Next week. Posted by Picasa

Here's the finished setup Posted by Picasa

Here ya go. try to drive fast. I dare ya. Posted by Picasa

You really have to keep driving ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE HIP SNAP. If you relax even just a bit you lose accelerative force. Posted by Picasa

The tension is unreal.Rep ten of set ten.
The band tension is pulling you down FASTER than gravity alone can creating more elastic energy in the muscles.This faster stretch creates a stronger AND FASTER concentric contraction.More Work and more Power generated. Kewl. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 19, 2005


this workout has changed now that mike and I arent training in the park. I'm back at stone, training solo and H2H aint cutting it. Fridays are always hard as I am tired and beat up from the week and need a simple and quantifyable goal . Cant think or coordinate as well fridays.

so this is the last week fo h2h on fridays for awhile.

around body pass
x50 this is a great warmup

alternate each set with one foot stands on Bosu:

these seem to work better if I do a step up right into the one foot stand and try to hold that.strange. ALso, just like standing and squatting on the stability ball if I look down a bit my balance is much better. sets my hips back todays work was much stronger than lately. took a few days off balance work, legs were heavy and tight.

undergrip flips
36x10x2 lots of biceps loading on these

swing flip snatch
36x10+10x2 not into h2h right now,they're ok.

( still alternating bosu stands each set. lots of volume- can feel calf releasing a bit)


this was a shock. I decided to do something very simple and now I have the shoulder ROM they are not painful. Before they would rack my shoulders and neck for days. the handstands have helped too.

(2) 36'sx10x6 sets really working on form and using my legs. interesting. would have done 10 but still did the h2h stuff.
this will be great if I can do double 53's .

MADE THE FIRST ATTEMPT! yes! then made the next seven!

seven handstand each held 7-8 seconds yes.

alternate handstands with Bola snaps, alternating each side 20-30 each side.

Half pullups

well well well. I did some scapula retractions last week and started doing the same and the next thing ya know...... it had turned into an easy half pullup. I think I am going be able to do pullups and climb ropes again, just like the handstands!

5x5-6 hangs felt good too.

farmers walk 53#
left hand low carry one lap
right arm hi rack one lap
left hand low carry one lap
right arm hi rack one lap

corrective exercise for left leg and hip/right erector and right lat.

alternate with 4 more handstands outside.

excellent workout. short and sweet too.

Physics and DARCs

Long ass day. worked on kb physics when I should have been training and got a very late start.We starte out trying to discern velocity and acceleration forces on the KB and ended up looking at Work, Power ,Watts and speed. Very, very, very interesting stuff. Waiting to confirn our calculations, which seem TOO high.

If these numbers are right it will verify what I have been saying about kettlebells all along, which is they are the most work and calorie dense method of exercising you can do. I mean, you can always swing a heavier bell,or two, swing higher, or faster or rest lest between sets. It can take and ordinary humans and make them athletic mutant, if they have the need.

Or can make the ordinary person,with just a modicom of effort, a much better man or woman. From a functional performance standpoint.

I finally got around to training. but went right to the whip:


53x100!!! PR.

not bad at all. got psyched after we did our calculations even though it was solo training.another goal down. windmills 36x5
left left leg stand, right arm press 26x3 left knee aint happy

53x5 left 36x2 right x2

darcs 53x50
53x50 felt a sudden surge of energy
200 DARCS !

front squats 36x6+6 53x5+5x3 sets wider stance.more like mike c's


Monday, August 15, 2005 | News for Oregon and SW Washington | Health | News for Oregon and SW Washington | Health

Now this is cool.

Snatch PR day-solo

partners had a cat emergency( who knew a cat could tear an ACL?) so it was solo time. It was also the day I wanted to do 200 snatches. Oh well , what you gonna do? time to go.

x12+12 not that bad
x15+15 was planned for 14 but messed up so I had to even it up.
x16+16 this was "interesting". forearms burning and pumped.
106 reps
grips on
x10+10 love theses things.
x12+12 I'm getting tired. not much sleep in last two days.
x13+13 grip is still getting worked , despite the grips. can stay more explosive though.perhaps contributing to the increased grip stress/
x12+12 200 exactly.

This kicked my butt.grips allowed me to do more leg hip and back work and stillwork my grip hard without tearing up my callouses. Play with using them first or last.

Enough reps for away though. back into a strength phase for the snatch. Mission Accomplished.

one arm swings
72x8+8 ugh. I am dead in the legs and hips
72x10+10x2 this was way too hard for this little work. heart rate is still up.

53x5+5 man I didnt think I could do these. those snatches killed me.
72x5+5x2 actually started feeling better. Heart rate came down a bit maybe,lol!

datsit. pr's are always good.especially if you walk away clean. we'll see tomorrow but I should be good.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday Basics

I like training just the basic three on saturdays now while Nick is squatting. Reminds me of the old days.Heavy and hard.

two handed swings
36x20x2 hard to get used to training this early only one day a week/
88x10x13 sets- really didnt get my hips and body into it until the 7 th set or so. then it was much easier!

supersets with Bola snaps 10 each arm,not counting missed catches.

Russ Mil press
72x2x5 sets. Interesting technique change. Kept my elbow more on my ribs than just my lat and really pressed in front more than to the side. Kind of like my bottoms up press path. Had more trouble keeping from inward rotating with my left arm!usually its stronger. the two pood didnt feel that heavy today.

see saw press
53x5 eax4 sets

kb lunges/chest rack
x10/10 PR
legs are feel decent I have to say. much stronger. good weeks workouts. workcapacity AND strength are definitely up.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Fridays H2H/Solo

I do enjoy these quiet workouts alone. I move much faster and get more done in less time. Less intense in some ways though as I dont push myself very heavy.Maybe a good thing.More conservative when no one is around.

around the body pass supersetted with Bosu work( 2 feet head mobility)
26x50 like side horse with this weight. can get it way out there.
36x40 this is a good hi rep exercise you can get momentum
44x25 a little tough on the left bicep
36 x40 this and the 26 are the best weight only clockwise- AGAINST my spinal rotation.

stands on bosu were strong. head goes side to side and up and down with eyes closed strongly.

undegrip flips
26x15 each side
44x6 left leg strong
36x10 this would be a good unilateral exercise for my left side

one arm DARC flips
36x12 harder than I expected
36x20 better concentration
44x10 tough
44x16 TWO drops.
44x16 hard

two hand DARC flips
44x15 ok
53x15 timing not right
53x20 still not right but better.

4th try 7 sec I am going for hitting it on first try
4th try 7 sec
2nd try 10 sec SO CLOSE
2nd try 10 sec damn!!!
FIRST TRY!! 10 sec. took long enough.

Bola; 10 minutes/ snaps easy to do now, hard to perfect.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Centripetal Force is why... (long and scientific): Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Centripetal Force is why... (long and scientific): Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

AH finally! the physics of the kb swings arc.

Asymmetrical, unilateral training

Yesterday I did windmills with my left arm only.For my right arm I did one arm spear press( open grip). But I did these standing on my left leg. Very difficult with the weight offset to the non supported side.

What I felt these did was further strengthen my weaker left leg/hip as well as the full flexion and static strength of my right arm.Just doing the left arm windmills is helping develop the left hip but the right shoulder needs something specific as well. I held the top lockout position for one to two seconds before lowering.

I could really feel how the bosu training has been helping my left leg. I had much better rooting as I pressed. This left leg supported, right arm overhead position is the vertical version of the right arm/left leg superman I do on the stability ball, to activate my left hip and right erector. this is going to help a lot I think.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Training at Mike's

Ah, the simplicities of the garage gym. Trained at Mike Castrogiovanni's house today and had a killer workout. Hot as hell, though, as all good garage gyms must be. Or freezing cold. One or the other for a proper courage corner.

windmills(left) 36x5,36x5, 53x5x4 these felt easy.
One leg press (right) 26x3,36x2x4 sets
tried this as the counter balance for my left leg and right shoulder. seems to have worked fine. use a spear grip on the press so as not to overuse the front delts. this is a hard balance as the load is on the other side of the support.

53x20 dont feel super. the heat is tough.
72x70 PR! I will get 100 with these. not bad at all
72x55 tough tough stuff. I hate hi reps.
72x40 this was close to the end of my endurance.Arms tired from Monday. not long rest periods either. 2 minutes tops

front squats
alternate kb from left to right

takes me forever to loosen up the knee.

long cycle clean and jerks.

did these cause mike was doing them
(2)36'sx10x4 sets

these did me in

ten minute bosu stands and snaps.]

datsit!solid work day.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Snatches and grips, the real test.

Time to give the gymnastics grips a real test ride; today is snatch day-been waiting.Its just like when I was a powerlifter, if I got a new suit in and wanted to try it I had to wait for squat day or you would mess up your cycle. Patience is a virtue.

Snatches with grips
36x5+5 the grips definitely put you in the finger hook grip position.
44x5+5 the groove feels very natural
53x8+8 effortless
x10+10 the same. you can really let it drop and have no grip worries. same for the pull
x15+15 all of the above where done sprint style. about one minute half rest/sets

time for the weight test, they passed the rep test.
72x3+3 excellent! havent snatched this in 7 months!
x4+4 really takes the grip out of it so you can drive the legs. wow. hands feel fine.
x5+5 had plenty left in me. this really lets you focus on the leg/hip/back drive.

Snatches/ no grips
53x8+8 now THIS is interesting and unexpected, my grip feels easier and my legs feel more fatigued .It really did spare the grip even as I worked the legs. A pre-exhaust situation. Perfect for me as my legs/hips are my weak point.
53x10+10 grip is good
53x13+13 no problem
53x15+15 wow.

this is good. 184 total reps 92 with and 92 without grips. my hands on the end of the second ladder were starting to feel the reps. I could have done these first and then kept going to the limit of my legs, not my hands. The finger tip grip also changes the lever arm of the kb/arm unit, lengthening it, allowing you to have the hips higher in the bottom position but not lose leverage.

Like a long arm guy has a better deadlift the longer your arms the stronger the snatch pull will be because you can stay more upright.

one arm swings with grips
72x6+6 now this is also interesing. these are HARDER than without the grips.
88x8+8 same here. I really had to work to hold on. the bell goes right to a finger tip grip and that LENGTHENS the arc of the swing, making it harder. very interesting

88x8+8x2 no grips definitely easier!!!! Kind of like the two KB, one hand swing is easier than the one arm swing to me.

bottoms up cleans
72x3+3x3 these are tough when I'm this tired in the arms and forearms..

what a great and interesting workout. so much food for thought.

How to get started with a high intensity cardio sprint program: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

How to get started with a high intensity cardio sprint program: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Another Maxwell classic. What doesnt this guy know about training and can explain fully and simply?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Elastic muscle/plastic fascia

So, in my "anatomy trains" book on the conept of myofascial meridians the author points out that while muscle tissue is very similar to elastic fascia is much more akin to plastic. Elastic muscle stretch to their capacity and spring back. Fascia gets overly stretched and deforms and adheres.

This would also mean that your movements and posture, by creating essentially heat in the myofascial system could mold the fascia into you. IN positive or negative ways. This might also explain why I feel the need to constantly stretch out. As I stand or lay too long the fascia pulls into its deformed pathaway and twists me. Heating it up lets me stretch it out more towards neutral, and, thankfully, less joint and muscle pain.

This also means that perfect form,in exercise and life,your posture and gait mechanics in all movements are every bit as important as I thought.

I am definitely going towards a better and more structurally effecient physique and functional strength. BUt their is still not much left of my knee. It will only take so much and I have to remember that. Daily.

It also seems that the idea that as you get older you should, and need to, exercise less may be wrong. At least for me. It seems I am moving towards moving something everyday. It may mean that the "training" is just flexibility or mobility work but I have to move everyday and work on what hurts before it gets bad.

I would go with what Josh said, but one step further: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

I would go with what Josh said, but one step further: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Great minds think alike,lol. I totally agree with this.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

swings presses lunges

Felt pretty beat up from yesterday this morning. things loosened up fairly well.

two hand swings
88x12x10 sets one minute rest/sets. this was good. strong than last week although sets of 20 will be very hard.

Nextcycles swing exericse will be two kb swings. bottoms up press 36x3+3
44x2+2 solid groove
53x1+1x10 sets. was planning on doing doubles but it was not to be
. got a bit light headed from holding my breath too long.this move takes TONS of tension to do.

KB lunges rack position 36x8+8
53x8+8 these feel great! legs feel strong and knees feel good too.
72x8+8 solid.


High tech gymnastics grips. Posted by Picasa

How the grips sit in the hand.Note that the grip only goes down to the first joint of the finger. Posted by Picasa

The full grip position. Ready to swing. Posted by Picasa

The initial grip position. Note the fold at the top. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 05, 2005

H2H and Handstands

Solo training today and feeling very good, physically and emotionally. Almost positive!LOL!!
Starting to get into the best shape I have been in in many mnay years. Kind of a wierd amalgam of gymnastics muscle density, bike racing cardio shape and powerlifting focus.

Work capacity is growing almost daily. Energy is at an all time high.And yet strength is the best its been in eons. Real strength. Everyday get out of bed strength.Not peaking strength. Useable stuff.

around body pass/clockwise only
around leg pass
figure eights
26#x10 each easy
36#x8 each no problem
44#x6each tough. abit heavy on around leg circles.
26x20 Yes. this was good. lots of core work there.

superset each above with bosu ball stands/two feet
eyes closed
eyes closed and head moves side to side
eyes closed and head move up and down

Undergrip flips to alternate hand
26x10 each leg/left leg first
36x10 each leg
44x8 each leg solid
53x6 each leg. not bad at all. left leg is very strong. really found a rythym.

superset with bosu one foot stands
4 sets for 20-30 seconds. no tap offs. this much stronger now.I can fight for position without the knee moving.

DARC flips to alternate hand
53x16 Not bad at all.

superset with one foot stands EYES CLOSED
these were feeling so good I went for some eyes closed work and it was so much stronger'

left leg
3 sec/3 sec/4 sec/ 4 sec/3 sec/5 sec/6 sec!!! best before was a weak almost 3
right leg
4sec/4/sec/5sec/7 sec/ 10 seconds!! YES! it was very close but I got it./7 sec/ 9 sec.

this worked so well using the bosu as active recovery between kb sets. cant beleive the improvement

7 sets, each taking three attemps to get all the way up to hold a 8-10 second handstand. was going to keep doing them until I made it on a first attempt but decided enough after the seventh miss.

superset with hangs from the powerrack feet off floor.
30 seconds each. to prepare shoulder for coming ring work.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Day at the beach part two Dinner for Five kettebell style

So after an incredible afternoon of training, swimming and eating Mike C, Brett David Weck and I were headed back to San Diego to meet up with Steve Cotter and deliver the mutant kbs to him.

The back of the Bretts car weighed down mightily with us and the kb's as we crawled along 405 for FOUR HOURS to get to beautiful San Diego. should have taken less than two I was told.

When we arrived at Davids house we immediately got the grill fired and the steaks ready then explored David exercise invention lab of bosus, bosu bolas in various in numerous states of readiness and med balls, kettlebells and various weights and balance boards. balance training heaven.

David also has a slack chain strung across his back yard like in the circus. he walks across the thing like he was on the ground and has a rachet setup so he can change tension and therefore the balance challenge, in a heartbeat.freaky balance. another mutant.

pretty soon the steaks were done, the wine poured and Mr Cotter walking in the door to claim his kb's. the conversation was all over the place from the incredible agility of Parkour street runners to the intense discipline required of chinese wu shu training and girevoy sport to the intensity and athleticism of pro wrestlers and the strength and power of the greats from the past. It was like Dinner for Five for fitness. No topics were off base and no holds barred. great great stuff.

Topics for future projects and dvds were thrown around as well as plans for more of what we just finished, high end training and comradeship and things learned from and in multiple and numerous ways.

Mike C discovered Wecks 8 lb bosu med balls and started juggling them, doing drop sets down to the 6's .going until he missed then dropping down to the 4's and then to baseballs for "active recovery". It was 12:30 in the AM , we had been going all day and mike is in Wecks garage, doing a gazillion juggling reps with weighted balls and sweating like no tomorrow.Then he was on the indo board doing the same. I was shot and called it a night although I should have gotten my camera again.Next time.He told me later they were up to 3:30 training. Hell, next time we'll video the whole thing.

Windmills and DARCS

thought I was tired going into todays workout. As usual, how I start the workout is rarely how I feel when I am finished with it.

am workout

123 continuous snaps with the bola while standing on the bosu ball! Right hand catches made 123 in a row and the left hand only 96 but I went onto 123 also after than one miss. On monday my best was 30. definitely found the groove. Next goal is 100 while standing on one foot. that will take a while mainly because I cant stand on one leg LONG enough to do 100! LOL!!

total snaps done: probably 300 each side( took me awhile to hit that 100 set.)

1 PM

36x5 l + 5 low windmill left also( this gets more work to the weak left hip as well as the
44x5+5 low windmill
53x5+5low windmill strong.
72x5+5 low windmill this is now a regular training weight!

72x20x9 sets( ten switches each side)
these were strong today even though my arms are tight.
88x20!!! saved the best for last. never did one DARC with the Bulldog till today.

200 DARC reps. cardio and power are good.

front squat
53x5 ( hold kb left only)
53x8( switch right side rack)

10 sets of front squats! I need these. have to do ten by ten with this now.


optimum protocol for ladder sets: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

optimum protocol for ladder sets: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Monday, August 01, 2005

Pavel's Weekly Strength and Flexibility Training Tip

Pavel's Weekly Strength and Flexibility Training Tip

This is an important entry.Training the tendons and ligaments correctly.

Pavel's Weekly Russian Kettlebell Challenge Tip

Pavel's Weekly Russian Kettlebell Challenge Tip

I make the big time: Pavels blog!


Incredible time this weekend with Pavel and the guys. Havent had so much fun since the Worlds in Japan and that was in 1995. Was super amped and pumped all morning long and was playing with bosu bola on the bosu ball for about an hour as I had a cancellation!

Finally got the snaps down and hit 30 in a row each hand standing on the bosu. This is going to addict me hard.

36x6+6 x2 feel strong.

x9+9 feeling light
x12+12 right side is now officially better than my left in almost 3 years.
x14+14 it is HOT but this wasnt that bad. dont want to do it again though.
x7+7 thank god for drop downs.
x9+9 that didnt last long
x12+12 ok, I'm tired now but the set was easy.

Volume =168 reps /PR! didnt time it but rest periods were very quick. a minute or so up until the 12 and 14 sets. getting ready to go to the two pood and some lower reps.

you could probably organize the snatch training like classical powerlifting periodization- start with high reps and lower intensity( weight) and as you peak out on that drop down in reps and increase load. I can see I'm not going to want to do too many more weeks of ever increasing snatch reps. Hands wont take it either. Will see what happens when the grips come.

one arm hi pulls
x10+10 these were hard. hips and legs are smoked

kb cleans
72x5+5x3 sets I'm done.

going back to protein drinks, I can feel the need for more recovery and I just dont like to eat food proteins. Dont mind drinking them though.