Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Wife Rocks.

My awesome wife's incredible weight loss/transformation story is covered by Dragon Door TV! The beginnings of the KB Swing Queen, in her own words. How cool. The DVD's will be out in 4 weeks, her Chapter in Tim Ferris's new book out in Sept and it's just the beginning!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Morning swings

Didn't get near enough sleep last night but things went pretty well this morning. After some joint mobility work for Tracy's class I spent 15 minutes or so teaching them the basics of the KB clean then off to my own workout.

I decided that I was going to REALLY let myself warmup as much as I needed to, instead of rushing trying to get to the heavier weights. I was a good idea although I didn't get the higher total I wanted the body was warm and ready to go when I did.

One arm swings
16kg x5/5/5/5 x3
20 kg x5/5/5 transfers x3
24 kg x5/5/5 transfers x 2
28 kg x5/5 x2
32 kg x5/5 x5 sets

24 kg x20 reps x 4 sets.

Not a bad workload, ran out of time to do rack walks but it's fine..


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snatch Vo2, down week.

I definitely needed to step back in volume this week and this was just about the perfect workload. Recovered very well from both Tuesday's swing workout and Thursdays heavy press and snatch work.

50 sets of max vo2 work was on the menu and I stuck to the plan. This time I cam prepared for the sweat with cotton everything including wrist wraps and two bells in front of me,lol.

All systems felt good including my weird of late left tricep and of course my knee and back. Been doing some gait modifications which seem to be working out, although one always has to be looking forward unintended consequences. Like you change one legs length or flexibility, and it affects the other side, even though the change was good for the leg in question. It's slow experiment, always.OR should be.

The scientific method at it's best; a hypothesis,design and experiment, test it, wait for the results.On either side of the coin. I am, and always have been, my own lab rat.

Normal stretches, 30 minutes

Max Vo2
16 kg
50 sets of 7
350 reps
12,600 pounds/work

These went well and my form was solid although sliding back to my older style a bit.I played with this a bit on Thursday as I was trying to figure out how my clean had become a bit de-constructed, or so it seemed with my left tricep, and how I could fix it.

On the cleans following the bell back more seemed to help as I think I was sitting TOO much(more like a bottoms up clean) and pulling too early. Who knows, but this follow the bell back more, at least on the left felt the safest.

Did the same thing with the snatch and it worked.I didn't worry about trying to bend my knees at all and just let my lumbo pelvic rhythm take over and it felt solid.

It's funny, my snatches tend toward GS style, my swings and presses definitely Hardstyle. I think their might be some 36:36 protocol coming my way soon.

Two Hand Shield casts

20 lb clb x10/10 x2
25 lb Cb x5/5x3
20 lb cb x 10/10

these felt heavy, lol. Definitely time to back off.
Another great training week in the books. feels great.


Friday, June 25, 2010

You think you understand the shoulder?

Read this and get schooled. GREAT job MC this is a classic article on how the shoulder works and what one needs to do to keep it working

Thursday, June 24, 2010

32 kg press/ doubles

who says kbs don't build arms?
I've only got a few weeks left of stable training left before we start traveling to certs. I want to be as strong and fit as possible before I get into the deconditioning,lol, that travel entails for me.

I have to balance pushing my numbers up a bit and try to ride this wave of momentum I have been on of late, but also make sure I don't get tweaked and am fit for the numerous long days on my feet teaching , demonstrating and walking through airports.

No small task.

Recovered well from Tues Am heavy swings and last weeks press workout for triples with the 28 kb encouraged me. I was actually thinking of triples with the 32 kg but in the back of mind I probably knew that was greedy.

But I wanted to train with the 32 kg today if I could. Could being the operative word. I just never really know til I start warming up and my left tricep has been a bit wonky on my cleans of late. Not weight related but I think more connected to my shoulder laxity there so I had to really watch things. It goes from feeling 'pulled' to being perfect so I think its some slight subluxation but hey, I really like that tricep.

Warmed up with cleans and really payed attention to not pulling too early.

KB cleans
16 kg x 5/5 x2
20 kg x5/5
24 kg x4/4
28 kg x3/3
32 kg x3/3

These went well. No tricep involvement at all and I really tried to ride the backswing farther back than I have been and cleaning "late" so to speak.

KB press
16 kg x 5/5
20 kg x 4/4
24 kg x 2/2
28 kg x 1/1

32 kg x2/2 x 5 sets

Wow. They moved really well and the cleans were fine. I actually thought about going for a triple on my last set but came to my senses. Since we only have two more weeks to go, this probably is the top of my wave and that's not bad at all to me.Especially since I had more reps and sets in the tank.

Just that much closer to my goal of pressing the 40 kg. Next week will be the 24 kg for 5/5 x 5. Lots of work but lower intensity.

some video:

20 kg x5/5
20 kg x7/7
24 kg x5/5 x 5 sets

these went well's such a trip training these after heavy presses. never did that before recent times

One CB Sheild Cast
10 lb x20/20 /15/15 continuous

15 kb CB x 8/8 x 4 sets

excellent! finally back to a little weight in the club again. nice.

lots of stretching to come. Then it's Sat and Max Vo2.It will be a back off week, that's for sure. Have to start the taper.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comrade of the Week.

Although I know it is very 'tongue in cheek' I am still very proud to announce that I have been named this week's"Comrade of the Week" by DragonDoorTV! Here's the clip

thank you guys, I am honored!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Endurance from Strength.

I am adapting well to training this early, it seems.But it still takes me a long time to fully warmup and be able to exert as much force per rep that I want to( remember Hardstyle,lol?). Especially since I also want to build up my reps to at least 300 per workout( my old pr is 600) but I tend to run out of time with my lengthy warmup and need to stretch things out.

I had told myself I would stick with the 24 kg until I could do my 300 + reps per workout but yesterday I had a different thought. Actually I remembered the fact that the stronger you are, the easier reps with a lighter weight will be.

If one can only bench press 100 lbs, then reps with 80 lbs will be very tough indeed. If your bench max is 300 lbs then you will do many, many, many reps with 80 pounds without even training for it specifically. Endurance is a byproduct of strength.

Of course, not endlessly linear, but as a general rule the further away from your max the weight is the easier reps and volume will be. Just is. As you get closer to your absolute endurance numbers than specialized training will make the difference but I thought I might just need some heavier swings to make the 24 kg feel light and the volume pump up faster.

When I trained swings as my main gig( when my shoulder was hurt and I couldn't press or snatch- when I did my 600 rep pr, btw) I always alternated days with the 24 kg as the work weight and days when the 32 kg was the weight of the day. My pr with the 32 kg one arm swings was 400 in one session. That's alot.I knew it then but I REALLY know it now,lol.

So today I planned on taking the 28 kg out for a ride and was nicely suprised when the 32 kg was light in my hands and on my hips and it became the work weight for the morning.

Tracy's swing class was packed and that always gives me an energy boost. So nice to finally see so many Hardcore women recognizing the value of TracyStyle swing training and the muscular and physiological benefits of her style of kb training and really taking their training seriously.

You gotta show up; the bell won't swing itself.

One arm swings

12 kg x10/10
16kg x5/5/5/5 x 2
20 kg x5/5

work sets
24 kg x 5/5/3/3 x2
28kg x 5/5/ x3
32 kg x5/5 x5
24kg x5/5/5/5x4

212 reps

this was back when I was strongest in the swing although today's reps felt faster and higher.Nice.

I just love five rep sets for strength building with a barbell, kettlebell or even bodyweight! It's my favorite rep number,lol. Even though I can do many more ,it really allows me to concentrate on maximum acceleration, power and technique all at the same time. And let me handle a heavy, but not too heavy, weight. In the video above ten rep sets were easy. I have ways to go.
As expected the 24 kg felt like a toy after the heavier work.

Rack walks
16 kg for 10 min switching hands every 50 feet. These are getting stronger as well. Did a bunch of cleans in between each hand change too.

hamstring strap stretch
seated floor straddle
up dog
down dog
side split straddle
front lunge both sides
overhead stick stretch
behind back stick stretch
back bend over stab ball

also spend some time do thomas hip lifts and TKE( terminal knee extensions) with a dyna band trying to talk my vmo and left glute to fire better. I need a new knee,lol

Also taking my hydration in the afternoons and the weekends much more seriously now and I can tell the difference already. I hydrate well when I am at Girya but was slacking off in the afternoon and especially on the weekends.

I am convinced that played a fairly major role in my back issues of late. Have to keep the muscle plump; hey, it's 75% water!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

70 sets, the hard way.

As usual I didn't know how max vo2 would go today. Last week was the breakthough for my 50k snatches but only 55 sets. So technically it was a down week; so this week I figured I would go up. The question is, by how much? I thought that 60-65 would be do-able but also thought, I might jump right to 70 sets, if I felt good.

That of course is the key phrase 'cause I'm really not into getting hurt these days and if I do less today I can do more tomorrow. But I still was thinking 70 was possible with less than 85 % total effort. If I need to go above the percentage the training load is too high.

It was a hard start. I felt my left triceps get a bit weird as I was warming up and the warmup was rushed for a number of reasons.No matter. Once I go going things seemed to go well although I could tell that sweat was going to be problem from the start.

I swear, dealing with my prodigious sweat capacity during max vo2 is tougher than doing all the sets and reps! I am constantly having to wipe sweat off me, try to keep the bell dry AND keep my hands dry. And I go through towels like crazy and once they get a bit wet they're worthless as if I pick them up my hands are wet again! ARGHH.

I made the mistake of taking my shirt off too as this gave me less material to absorb the sweat and created more problems.

It just wasn't an on day but hey, that's training. I kept checking in and their was no reason, other than frustration, not to keep going.
My tricep mellowed out, my back felt fine as did my knee but my groove was off, erratic. I fought hard to not be distracted but that is a distraction in itself,lol.

I got through to 50 sets and really didn't think I could get 70 without pushing on the gas too hard and I didn't want to do that. Everything was soaked and that damn buzzer keep going off every fifteen freakin' seconds,lol.

So I stopped at 60 sets as Tracy and Meg pushed on towards 70. I went outside for a minute, got some air and came back in ready to watch them finish but their was that damn bell on it's side where I threw it at the end of the last set.

SO I picked it up and did my last ten sets. Not the smartest thing but there was really no reason not to.
SO I got my 70 sets of 7, albeit with a one minute interlude.
gotta get this sweat thing handled.

Snatch vo2
16 kg
70 sets of 7
490 reps
17,640 lbs

Two Hand shield casts
20 lbs x 10/10 x2
25 lbs x8/8x 4

Two hand swipes( between legs)
20 lbs x10/10 x 2 sets

My journey as an athlete is much more about how I handle, and what I learn from, my hard days; than it is from how good I feel on the easy ones. This I know is true for me. I handled my workout today although I'm not sure of the lesson yet other than to wear more absorbent clothes and sweat bands during summer max training.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Press and snatches. Good to be back.

I pressed last week but only the 20 kg and while it was the smart thing to do, given how my back was just a few days before it wasn't much work and I was a bit worried how heavy things would feel today.

Especially since swinging the 24 kg Tues am was so much fun,:))
Of course swinging is about my lower body and pressing is about where my base strength is, my upper body, and 12 noon is not 6 am. So I had more confidence but you never know.

I made sure to eat enough this am to have a decent blood sugar level by the time training came around. Almonds, tahini, Metrix protein powder, yoghurt and some more almonds worked well.

I warmed up with cleans and they felt light and solid right from the start, a good sign. I like practicing the cleans first as they really lock me into my lats and legs and get my rooting started.Your press is only as good as your clean.

I totally believe this.

And after helping so many try to press 1/4 or 1/2 their bodyweight in preparation for their Level 2 Cert I realize just how few can get their lats into their press. This means SO much less weight lifted as well as so much more stress on delicate shoulder joints.

KB Cleans

16kg x5
20 kg x4
24 kg x3
28 kg x3
32 kg x3/3
32 kg x4/4

I also try to handle one weight heavier than what I plan on pressing that day and I got some good reps with the 32 kg so I knew my press would be solid today. Even the 32 kg felt light in my hands as soon as I grabbed it. Always a good sign.

KB Press
16 kg x5/5
20 kg x4/4
24 kg x2/2
28 kg x 1/1

these felt so easy. I can't remember when I tripled the 28 kg much less so strongly. Very happy. Heres some video:

Snatch Practice

16 kg x3/3
20 kg x3/3
24 kg x3/3
x 5/5
These felt ok but I was a bit worried about how I will feel tomorrow so I went very very gingerly into the sets. I could have done more but was just happy to be throwing the 24 kg around again.I could feel my hamstrings and lower back getting a bit tired so I stopped. My work capacity ahs a ways to go but hey, I'm happy:))

I was also THRILLED when Tracy told me how she used my press technique as her inspiration during her press workout earlier that morning. When she pressed, she said, she visualized my press and tried to mimic my technique! I can't tell you how proud I am of that.

Mimicry was how I learned all my gymnastics skills, and works great for many people. " I can't do it, but I can copy it",lol. But that's another blog post

CB Shield casts
10 lb CB x 100 reps continuous, switching hands every 10 reps.

easy. Definitely time to move up to the 15's

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back to work

After the great high of hitting my snatch challenge goal on Saturday, it was back to work on my swings at 6 am Tuesday. I can't believe how missing just one moderately heavy workout made this one feel so heavy but it did.

It didn't help that DOMS was setting in from Saturday at the same time, making me pretty stiff when I hit Girya at 5:45 am. Had no idea of how many reps I was going to do but I knew I wanted to get right to it so I skipped a warmup weight with the 20 kg and made the jump from the 16 to the 24 kg.

Doesn't sound like much,( or look like much written down) but it woke me up pretty fast Tuesday AM. I need a lot of warmup but since I'm only counting work sets with the 24 kg I didn't want to waste too much energy with the 16 or the 20 kg.Turned out ok, although I could really feel last weeks missing work.

It takes so much to get strong and it can disappear so fast! At least for me in lower body movements. My upper body has a lot more resiliance from years and years of serious upper body work. I really skipped my developmental years in my lower body( gymnast run very little) although what I did do was all sprinting.

Just wasn't enough volume to develop those little legs of mine. It wasn't until I blew out my shoulder my junior year and all I could do was run that I developed an athletic sense of my legs. And it wasn't until I started training on the bike for racing that I REALLY started to understand the strength, power and endurance the legs are capable of.

There's nothing like climbing hills for miles and miles on a race bike to really get the thighs in serious shape, and, ironically, it set the stage for them getting REALLY strong as well. Why not? Strength is tension and serious bike training delivers TONS of tension.

One arm swings
16 kg x10/10 x 3

24 kg x 5/5
x10/10 = 90 reps
10/10x 5 sets= 100 reps

10 rep sets of 6 sets= 60 reps

total reps= 250

not bad.
conservative but not too far from the number I would have done if I hadn't lost a week. 300 next week.

Rack walks
16 kg x 8 minutes continuous. switching hands eveery 30-45 seconds.

still love these

stretching as usual
hamstring strap
down dog
up dog
stick stretches behind back and overhead
hip opening stretch

Good stuff. Presses tomorrow!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

50 Thousand Snatches: Mission Accomplished.

It took me longer than wanted it to but this morning I surpassed the goal that I set March,2008 when I heard about the 50 thousand snatch challenge. I knew right away that I wouldn't race this challenge. That is, I wouldn't change my training to accomplish it. I just wanted to keep track of how many snatches I was doing each week, as part of my online training log( which is all this blog really is to me) and see how long it would take me to get the 50 k.

I also knew that all the ' hares' that took off when the challenge was announced, would NOT be there at the end. Either theirs or mine. I knew this tortoise would. As I like to say these days, I might not be able to outlift you anymore, but I will outlast you. The only way it won't happen is if I quit and I don't have a lot of quit in me.

Tracy stopped tallying her snatches about a year ago but that's because there are literally too many to count every week,lol. She probably hit her 50 k goal 9 months ago and that's probably one third of the total number she does. Like I said, too many too count each workout.

But everybody else except for a few stalwarts gave in and either stopped snatching or stopped counting. I though I would beat Rob O'Brien to the tape but he poured it on and I tweaked my back so he won our little race; but again that was never the plan.

Today's victory is even that much sweeter when I remember that last Sunday my back was so locked up I couldn't stand at all without severe spams. I won't get dehydrated again, I promise. But I was so happy when I could do my little swing and press workout Thursday but not totally confident I would get my 50 kg goal today. I was way better the last few days but still tight in some places.

Woke up feeling great and knew it was in the bag. Tracy was going to test her five minute snatch test today first and I also knew she would kill it and provide even more inspiration to me for making my number.

It also helped to have Tracy, Meg, Mina and Nick all training together. The group dynamic was awesome although Tracy and company were all doing max vo2 based work. It didn't matter , the energy was great.

I settled on 50 sets of 7. That would give me 350 snatches and all I needed to hit 50k was 271. I wanted to hit the number but I also didn't want to be greedy and take any risk with my back.

It all went well. I hit 40 sets of 7 no problem which gave me the 280 I needed to break it and then went onto 50 sets for my next goal and then did 5 sets of 8 reps per arm to put the cherry on the sundae :)). I always want to finish strong to set up the next workout.

Last set, Best set.


Here's the breakdown

Snatch Vo2
15:15 protocol
16 kg

50 sets of 7
5 sets of 8

390 reps
14,040 lbs

Total snatches done since March 2008= 50,112

Nice, now onto 100,000. This time, hopefully in less time. Plus back to 36:36 protocol as well as building back to 80 sets of 8 in this protocol and introducing the 20 kg into the mix as well.

Clubbell Two Arm cast.

20 lbs x10/10 x 3 sets
25 lbs x8/8 x 5 sets

these were good. A bit worried about torque in the transverse plane so I didn't do any Shield casts or mills. Just fine today :))


Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is perfect.

I can't believe I didn't know about this guy

Swing and press

Had a nasty back tweak on Sunday, for no damn good reason, so I had to spend Tuesday's swing session doing stretching, air swings, stabilization work and other corrective work. Getting back to swings and presses this fast was a major victory but I knew I needed to go slowly.

One arm Swings
12 kg x10/10 x2
16 kg x5/5/5/5/x2
20 kg x5/5/5/5 x 3 sets
x 10/10x 2 sets

everything felt normal and good to go but I wanted to really underdo the work load. The only thing I did differently on Saturday was the mills and that rotatation in the transverse plane might have instigated my back issue. That and allowing myself to get dehydrated. Dehydration, even in small amounts, tightens me up enough to create enough torque to get my back to tweak. And when it's hot, as it's been, I sweat. A lot. Summer's here. Time to focus on staying hydrated.

KB press

16 kg x5/5
20 kg x5/5 x 5 sets

Again, everything felt solid and I was seriously grateful for being able to get back to real training so fast.

CB Shield Cast

10 lb clubs x10/10 x 4 sets continuous, switching hands every 10 reps. easy.


Can't wait to hit my goal of 50,000 snatches this weekend. It's been a long time coming!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

How cool is this?

What is cooler than this? when you can do this,what else do you need to do?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Man.

It's great to be able to move really well and be super mobile. To run, and cut, and bounce. I should know, I was an olympic level gymnast. But there's nothing like being as strong ,really strong, and there was no one stronger than Ed. Check this out:

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Snatch Vo2, so close

to my 50 thousand snatch goal. I could have just said screw it, and do exactly the number I need to hit the 50 k today but that's not my style. Stay with the plan, and finish when it's time. I'm glad I did.

Today was set up to be a back off week and I needed it. Just did 5o sets today and it was tough towards the end. I'm a bit tired,but I should be. All loads and intensities have been up for many weeks and I'm glad I took my own advice and backed off today.

Still found a way, though, to sneak some intensity into the mix by adding a few 8 rep sets on the 10th set of each group. I was snatching at an 8 rep per 15 sec pace anyway so it wasn't that hard.
My snatch groove, as with my swing groove, is the most consistent and balanced that it has ever been; as evidenced by the fact that I HAVEN'T played around with it, tweaked it or tried to "make it better" at all.

I just warm up with my power good mornings and there it is. Keep my head up, my back arched, hinge back and voila' it's there. I can't tell you how nice that is for me, not having to think about what I should be doing to make the groove work, and not hurt anyway. Very nice. This is the way it should be.

Snatch Vo2
16 kg
355 reps
12,780 lbs

Back to not having to warmup again, just did one or two sets of swings and went for it. Nice ot have my CV system working again too,lol.
I did sweat like I had just finished a Bikram class though. Back to two sets of bells as at a certain point the towel(s) are so wet trying to wipe them or me, off just makes everything more weight and wet handles suck. So two bells it is.

Gama Casts
20 lb CB x 10,12,14 each side
25 lb CB x 8,10,12 each side
20 lb CB x 20 , each side

CB Mills
10 lb cbs x 20/20

so glad to be able to do these again.should be able to move up to the 15's soon, the groove feels solid.

datsit. let the weekend begin!

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Gymnasts at work

I mean play. What happens every day, when the judges aren't there.

Sheer physical genius.

Strong is good.

I was, and wasn't, a bit surprised when I stepped on the scale after todays workout and weighed almost 163 lbs. I've felt more "beefy" of late but I haven't been weighing myself at all. I thought maybe 160 but 162.6 was a lot.

It could be my earlier and more frequent eating, starting at 6 am when I get to work with almonds, tahini(sesame seed butter) MetRx protein powder; then going onto yoghurt and or string cheese, more almonds and or tahini a few hours later. Lunch is now my biggest meal with wine and cheese rounding out a very nice evening,lol.

It could also be the third kb workout, which I've been able to maintain for the last month, combined with the increase in volume and intensity across the board. Nice.Plus,it's always easier to put on muscle that you've had , than to build it for the first time.

Either way I am bigger and stronger, than I've been in a long time and it feels good. I'm not as ripped lean as I was at 152 but I am hella stronger and I ain't exactly fat either. And as I try to regular press heavier loads I can really feel the difference this extra mass has made in feeling STRONG under the heavier bells, or even when cleaning them.

The bigger I get the more I remember just how strong, and big, I used to be and how much confidence that extra mass gave me when trying to move very very heavy absolute loads.Strong just always feels good to me.

I had even toyed with the idea of cleaning the 40 kg today and knew regardless of what I decided this morning, the real decision would be made at 12 noon when the workout began. I put the idea out there and awaited the decision.

It came very early in the warmup when the universe told me today was probably not the day as I got a weird spasm in the long head of my left tricep warming up the clean with the 20 kg! My tricep cramped and wouldnt let go! Very strange. So my plan to warmup to big weights on the clean first was kiboshed.

Somehow I pulled too hard to early with the weight out on front of me and the tricep just contracted too hard. I knew it wasn't serious but it pissed me off.

16 kgx5/5
20 kgx5/5
24 kg x2/5

No fun, lets see if I can press

KB press
16kg x5/5 ( can't clean/swing with left so cheat clean it)
2o kgx4/4
24 kg x3/3
28 kgx1/1

32 kg x2/2 x 5 sets

wow, these presses were very, very strong. Even on my left arm ( which told me the tricep was just cramping and not really injured) Even the cheat clean with the left side,which I've never done heavy, before felt strong. The rack position was strong. I was strong.


16 kg x5/5
20 kg x 5/5
x 8/8

88 reps nice.these felt so easy but I could feel the tricep a little in the bottom of the swing position so I stayed with the 20 kg.

Shield casts

10 lb cbs x 100 reps non stop. switch arms every ten reps.

this further told me the tricep was ok as this move can be tough on that muscle. this felt light strong and easy.

I asked whether I should go heavy today and got the answer. I would have listened to a more gentle message, possibly, but, most importantly, I listened to my body.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mo' swings

Six am training is starting to actually be easier than I thought it would. As I remembered, waking up, drinking some very strong Peets coffee and immediately going mentally to what weight and workload you are going to be lifting very soon has a tendency to focus the mind- fast.

I don't get much stretch out time on these days but it doesnt seem to be bothering me, the groove is very solid and very comfortable, I just fall right into it. I am also making bigger jumps, from the 16 right to the 24, instead of an intermediate jump to 20 kg( to save time) and it, too, seems to be working.

Once I can do 400-500 reps per workout, easily,strongly and regularly, I will go back to alternating the 24 kg one week with rep volume work with the 32 kg, like I used to.No hurry though, I am getting stronger very week and the 32 will be there when I need it.

The energy of the Swing Queen and her stalwarts in her class help a lot.The group energy, even though I am training separately from them, helps greatly. Plus, it's all women, gotta man up:))

Was going to drop down in volume today but the work just seemed easy, so I dropped the reps per arm down from 10 to 5, but still did 20 rep sets. 14 of them today :))

One arm swings

16 k g x5/5/5/5x2
24 kg x5/5/5/5x 14 sets
280 reps

what can I say? much stronger and more confident from the start.really feeling the legs and hips working hard on each rep and the loads much more equally distributed. My back says yes.

Rack walks
16 kg for ten minutes of continuous walking, shifting arms every 60 seconds or so with a clean in between arms.this kicks my ass, as usual but so productive for me in so many ways

stretch out

strap hamstrings
up dog
down dog
hip opening squat
overhead stick stretches
behind back stick stretches
front lunge, overhead stretch
foam roller

Nice. datsit. Can't wait to press on Thursday.