Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snatch Vo2, down week.

I definitely needed to step back in volume this week and this was just about the perfect workload. Recovered very well from both Tuesday's swing workout and Thursdays heavy press and snatch work.

50 sets of max vo2 work was on the menu and I stuck to the plan. This time I cam prepared for the sweat with cotton everything including wrist wraps and two bells in front of me,lol.

All systems felt good including my weird of late left tricep and of course my knee and back. Been doing some gait modifications which seem to be working out, although one always has to be looking forward unintended consequences. Like you change one legs length or flexibility, and it affects the other side, even though the change was good for the leg in question. It's slow experiment, always.OR should be.

The scientific method at it's best; a hypothesis,design and experiment, test it, wait for the results.On either side of the coin. I am, and always have been, my own lab rat.

Normal stretches, 30 minutes

Max Vo2
16 kg
50 sets of 7
350 reps
12,600 pounds/work

These went well and my form was solid although sliding back to my older style a bit.I played with this a bit on Thursday as I was trying to figure out how my clean had become a bit de-constructed, or so it seemed with my left tricep, and how I could fix it.

On the cleans following the bell back more seemed to help as I think I was sitting TOO much(more like a bottoms up clean) and pulling too early. Who knows, but this follow the bell back more, at least on the left felt the safest.

Did the same thing with the snatch and it worked.I didn't worry about trying to bend my knees at all and just let my lumbo pelvic rhythm take over and it felt solid.

It's funny, my snatches tend toward GS style, my swings and presses definitely Hardstyle. I think their might be some 36:36 protocol coming my way soon.

Two Hand Shield casts

20 lb clb x10/10 x2
25 lb Cb x5/5x3
20 lb cb x 10/10

these felt heavy, lol. Definitely time to back off.
Another great training week in the books. feels great.


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