Friday, September 30, 2005

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As plausible a theory of the beginnings of the universe as any I suppose.

cleans and presses

late start today but energy is good.

kb cleans
53x5+5x5 sets

first time with the 53 for sets and reps in the clean since the tear. no problem

2 kb clean and press/long cycle
44x5x5 sets

these went well although right shoulder is tight.

Bottoms up cleans
44x5+5x3 no problem!

5 sets of 8 seconds

farmers walks
53x2 laps low rack l
53x2 laps high rack r
53x2 laps low rack l
53x2 laps high rack r
53x2 laps low rack l


The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

Rule number one.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Eric heiden

Looking at those pictures of tom platz reminded me of the time I spent training with and eric heiden.I also had the honor of training him in a weight training class I had for cyclists. another hero from my youth I remember watching him win five gold medals in five unbeleivably diverse races and not being able to beleive his leg development. And then going on 75 mile training rides with him and listening to his stories about his time in the peloton in europe. what a stud.

one arm swings

These still make me nervous but they went fairly well today/

44x5+5x2 the most I've windmill on the left since the tear. I could feel the biceps a little but in a strange way. Nothing bad

one arm swing

53x10+10x5 sets ( 53x3 feet=159 f/#x100 reps =15,900 foot pounds)
44x10+10x5 sets ( 44x3 feet =132 f/#x100 reps = 13,200pounds)

could have done more with the 53 but didnt want to push it pretty fast pace. 1.5 minutes/sets

total swing foot pounds= 29,100 foot pounds

5 sets for ten seconds

scapula pullups
5x5 easy.

easy day. fat too.
bf 11.4% ! dehydrated and too many carbs yesterday/less ice cream!

Agonizing over the perfect workout: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Agonizing over the perfect workout: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts
Again, Prof Maxwell hits the nail on the head.As the ad says: Just Do it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The perfect squat

I love this picture.

Platz Squats

Tom Platz was the Man to me when I was a bodybuilder. He personified so many of the attributes and qualities I wanted to have in myself. Total Focus on task. Total and complete discipline to the goal and to the methods and mindset necessary to get there. And not the least of it, a total and complete obsession with the barbell squat and leg training as well training to ultimate muscular failure.

He also was one of the first bodybuilders to blend a detailed scientific approach to training with an equally instinctive side as well. The Ying and Yang of Bodybuilding.

A bodybuilding primer in training sadomascochism.Felt like home to me. I was lucky enough to have Tom as an instructor when I got my ISSA certifications and it was one of the high points of my life. We hung out, smoked cigars and and we got to be friends.

Monday, September 26, 2005

clean squat press

This is my new key movement. I have to have a definite focus to my training. I must have a primal, basic movement I want to improve. First, after gymnastics it was running. Then cycling. Then running and cycling. Then it was bodybuilding squats and my legs. Then it was power squats and deadlifts and my hips and legs.

I needed to improve the mechanics of the movement(s), the top end, whether it was mileage or size or weight and my work capacity. Become a training machine. An animal, in its best sense of the word.

Then it was snatches. Now that I'm not hot to do THOSE anymore it is now clean squat press. It is by far the most potential work producing movement as the kb covers more ground than it does in any movment. In fact it might be the farthest distance the kb can move in one sequence, unless you just keep going

The kb clean moves it about 2 feet, then you squat it and move it again another 2-3 feet, then right over head for another 2-3 feet. so if you are conservative and go 2 feetx3=6 feet of distance traveled each rep.

a 53#er traveling 6 feet per rep produces 318 foot pounds of work per concentric rep.

I did 10 reps per set( 5 per arm) and 5 sets so:

318 foot pounds x 50 reps = 15,900 pounds of work. A decent workload .

So this is my new key movement, along with swings. The base widens.

clean squat press( one kb)
36x5+5x2 sets
44x5+5 arm feels fine. left glute VERY tight all day today for WHO KNOW? what freakin reason.

53x5+5x5 sets 15,900 pounds

2kb clean squat press

(2)36'sx5 /2160 pounds
(2)44's x5x2 /5280 pounds. these arent half bad! deeper squats with 2 kbs than 1.

2kb , one arm swing
36+26x10+10 x 3 sets/ 6480 pounds

total swing volume: 27,660

Pistols on Bosu

5x5+5 these a re the best they've been . quads feel strong.


5x 10 second holds. third set made on first attempt. first two on second attempt.

scapula pullups

5x5. these are getting stronger each week. did two full pullups for last reps of last set. no problem I feel light.

Dont think I can use the push the knees out technique on my swing for the same reason I cant power squat that way. My back always ends up hurting when I do. Killed all weekend and it hasnt hurt for months and months. got to bend over and use the hips like in my dl stance.Cant squat the swing.

BW 161
BF 10.3%

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sore swings

Man I have been getting more sore lately than I have in eons. I think the insult to my body from the tear has really put me into a catabolic state. Which means I need to up my protein. LEft calf and hammie very tight and sore from yesterdays bosu work and farmers walks which always kill my leg.

lots of stretching and hanging

Two hands swings

72x10x15 sets. went pretty quickly too. really learning how to finish the hip extension, not just start it.

150 reps

x 35
x40 glad I can even do these again.

4x15 reps want to beef up triceps mass a bit. KB french presses next.

kb lunges, suitcase style
72x8+8x2 these were strong.

dats it. food.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Did NOT want to train today. No umph, bad sleep, no partners to make me do it and having to baby my arm and try to train is irritating. I know, I know, I should be very happy I am not post surgery right now and happy I can train at all. Knowing and doing are different things.

New Schedule:

Saturday: Swings*,Pushdowns, Lunges

Monday: Clean/squat/press, bosu pistols,handstands, scapula pullups

Tuesday: Floor work/Joint Mobility/ Bosu stands

Wednesday: Windmills, Swings*,Bosu Pistols, handstand , scap pullups

Friday:Press**,Cleans^, Farmers walk^^, handstands, scap pullups

* Swings: Variation- either one hand, two arm or one arm, two kbs.
Sets/reps- Holistic- low reps ,long rest for absolute strength and force production
medium reps, medium rest/set for power and lactic acid training
High reps, long rest/sets minimum # of sets
warmup to heavy ,low rep set(s)
Drop weight for med sets
drop again and finish with high rep set(s)

^Cleans: either one arm regular, one arm bottoms up, two arms regular or two arm bottom up
^^ Farmers:; vary positions regularly, even during the sets.


2 KB press

arm feels fine, cleans were ok as well. focus is perfect form.feel strong and good to handle some weight. glad I am not doing reps today. The lighter weights but more speed and power are kicing my ASS!

OneKB press
44x5+5 one clean
53x5+5x2 Woo Hoo! strong. didnt feel the biceps at all.even during the clean.

All presses super setted with one foot bosu stands

x10+10 feels fine
44x5+5 this was good too but didnt want to push for more.

Bottoms up cleans
44x5+5x2 no problem here either! thank God!

Cleans supersetted with eyes closed two foot bosu stands/ with head turning. I suck with my eyes close. balance goes to crap in a heartbeat.

Farmers walk
44# kb x2 laps x 8 sets. fast pace and almost no rest. this felt good for some reason. Cant remember when it did. I actually felt like I could walk strong again.

handstands/scap pullups

5 handstands( most hit on second rep) for a full count ten seconds.
5 sets of 8-5 pullups which were way easy.getting light really helps that.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

If you keep testing your limits you will find them.

I was thinking of this today while contemplating my( now) very strangely shaped left bicep. Itis the nature of highly competitive athletes to push until they cannot push, rest a bit and then try to push some more. Even if this is NOT the best thing for us to do for long term health and well being.
You often do not know where the edge is until you've just stepped off it. Not a lot of fun but the nature of the beast, unless you lower it down a notch and train conservatively as I am forced to do now. And maybe forever. Old habits die hard but pain is the great humbler. I know very very very well just how much pain you can have when fall off the edge.
It does, however beat all to hell not being to train at all. I am quite aware of that , and thankful I can still train.

x8+8x2 if I cant train heavy I can at least do some reps. left arm feels good.

swing squats
( just the simple version, not the flip and catch one)
44x8x8 pretty quick rest/sets 1 minute or so.

bicep felt ok just nervous.

two hand swings
44x30 ouch that hurt way too much for so little work
44x35 a bit better but I've been neglecting the high rep stuff
44x40 a serious burner. not using my arms at all to help really stinks. I can see just how much help they have been giving me, dragging my little ass up.

6 sets - had a hard time hitting on first attempt. mostly on seconds. not bad.

last three sets did 2-4 quarter pushups . brings back the old days. a real HS pushup, not those fake wall supported crap. I wll be able to do these again. Almost time to buy some rings!

Scapula pullups

6x5 expected these to hurt but no problem. these were supersetted with the handstands.

I so want to get back to being able to do all these basic primal movements again. I have a feeling I will, especially as I continue to get lighter:

BW 160.8 ( new low)
BF% 10.6 not bad.


Monday, September 19, 2005

One arm swing

One week since the injury and it feels really good. Not perfect but when did it? FOrcing myself to go very very slowly depsite feeling ok. Time to redesign my swing and focus on my lower body.

one arm swings
36x15+15x6 sets
44x10+10x4 sets
44x20+20x1 set

300 swings. light but 300 reps. really focused on keeping the hips locked and pushing through the floor the whole way. temptation to pull with the arms was huge,especially towards the end of the reps/ about 45 minutes.

5 sets of 4 reps. lots of arm assist focusing on depth.

6 handstands 8 seconds or so. getting ready for pushups. feels the best it has in years.

another one bites the dust.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Another solid workout

Man I was lucky. I could be prepping for surgery right now. Felt great after yesterdays session and was ready to go. another morning no clients so training was first up on my list. One day soon I will train first every day.

two hand swings

53x20x10 sets

man this was tougher than I expected. hammies were just a bit fried from yesterdays worl. but I played it safe. I can REALLY tell now how much I use my arms as my hips and legs die. They are weaker than I hoped. but they will really get stronger now with the changes. adjusted swing height for lat five sets as power went down.

Have to start timing sets.

one kb press

36x5+5 no problem two hand clean for left though
44x5+5 again fine
53x5+5x2 again fine. I so lucked out. Can't say I dont have any luck.

Bottoms up cleans
26x5+5 perfect
36x5+5x3 sets not even a twinge.

one kb lunges

53x8+8 x3 sets strong and deep. legs are feeling good.

Pistols on bosu
4 sets of 5 each leg!!! easier every time. balance better today.

datsit short and sweet.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Post Mortem

I couldnt figure out why I keep getting hurt with the two pood snatch when it feel so easy. The problem comes from , as usual, an imbalance. My upper body is light years ahead of my lower in strength. Attach my bad knee to that and it gets worse.

The 72 isnt heavy for my upper body but it is for my lower. When my legs and hips get tired I pull too much with my arms and this is what happened. My hip snap has decent strength but not long term power output. As my hips give out my arms kick in.

Swings, swing and more swings. Back to basics, as aways. Was really concentrating on opening up my groin as I swung today and felt the glutes get loaded in a way I havent before. Now I see the use of the box squat for teaching the swing, as well as the face the wall squat. Push the knees out, just like it a WSB squat.
This injury is going to totally change my swing.

On my way back.

Still good.It feels normal now. but better. didnt bother me at work at all, thank God. still being very cautious( at least for me) . Very watchful of the shoulder as fascial tearing has to affect that front arm line meridian as well. go slow.

strange exercise choice for slow but I started with the eighteen
18x5+5 no problem
36x5r/18x5l still good
36x5r/ 26x5l still ok. I love this move. It is my substitute for the snatch. Never did really like that move although I could do it decently.
44x5r/26x5 l coolx3 sets

feels very good. need this.

front squat
44x6r/36x6l this feels normal.
44x6r/26x6l cautious.

supersetted all above with one foot bosu stands. Have to devote a separate workout to this now as I am not making much progess with the one foots depsite it being a good active rest

farmers walk with 36# low rack.
alternate arms each lap(50 feet)
3 sets of 4 laps. ankles are wobbly in the grass.

superset handstands with each rest interval. these are really getting solid again.anywhere.

datsit. later: boso bola for biceps rehab.

bodyweight: 161.6 ( lightest yet)
bodyfat 10% ON THE NOSE! excellent.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 - Mike Mahler - An Interview With Dr. Greg Ellis! - Mike Mahler - An Interview With Dr. Greg Ellis!

Very interesting interview by Mike Mahler of Dr Gregory Ellis. Quite a unique diet.

Bullet dodging

Very wierd things. No swelling. No bruising or subq bleeding. No real loss of strength. Full ROM including external rotation, a test for long head biceps tears No pain. Just a serious gap between the bottom of my deltoid and my brachialis. And a very peaked outer biceps that still contracts. Can still seem to feel the biceps tendon too although their is some softness in the gapped area.Wierd indeed.


It must be a fascial tear. What might have gone is scarred fascial tissue from last years injury at the same spot. That would explain the deformation WITHOUT the swelling bleeding and pain from a tendon or muscle tear. and the ability to still contract it.

right arm swing 36x15x2
two hand swing 36x12x2
no pain or problem. really flexing triceps hard throught swing.straight arms
44x15 one hand
+10 two hands
53x15 one hand
x10 two hand x4 sets

no problem at all. no pain at all.

two hand swing
53x15x3 sets easy. really opening up the groin to get a bit deeper into the swing with more legs/hip and less temptation to use the arms.I've been bending my arms way too much it seems.
Joe told me it went on the UP swing, indicating I was pulling with my arm too much.

right 36x5
left 18x5 nothing. no pain or restriction. or even sense of stretch in the area/

left 26x5 again same

right 53x5
left 26x5 easy even lower as a press slowly with NO pain the area.doesnt make sense.

right 53x5
left 26x5

supersetted with one foot bosu step ups

bosu pistols
4x4 each side . ROM felt better than last time but stability down. had to hold on more but right leg is really getting down.

supersetted handstands
5 handstands hit EACH ONE on first attempts. havent done that before. held for 5-8 seconds.

didnt bother my arm or shoulder at all . this is wierd.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Russian Kettlebell

Russian Kettlebell

A great article by the amazing powerlifter and person Donnie Thompson. Had the pleasure of going through my RKC certification with him, Marc Bartely and Mr Haney last April and it was an honor to meet them. They showed their mettle that weekend and it was cool to see.
They have now placed the bar high for very strong, very big men to be super conditioned as well.

Simple things

As I've learned before there is nothing like an injury to immediately show you what is truly important in life. Hi performance immediately takes a back seat to the amazing complexity of everyday basic movements.

Fourteen hours after the tear I am hopeful that it is just a minor tear and I will be back to training quickly. No bruising or serious pain.Full ROM and only a minor deformation in the arm.
No more two pood overhead though.I might be finished with snatches altogether.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Pavel's Weekly Russian Kettlebell Challenge Tip

Pavel's Weekly Russian Kettlebell Challenge Tip

AH! I made Mr Pavels BLog again!!!

Biceps tear

Well ,just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water . I tore the long head of the biceps today on my third set of snatches with the 72. Pretty much the exact same spot I did it to last year, using the same weight.

It seems that throwing the two pood overhead exceeds the structural capacities of my modest connective tissue structure. But I am a slow learner it seems. not sure how bad it is although I have a visible gap in the top of the outer biceps near the deltoid. Ice anti inflamms, compression, elevation and light emu oil massage.

Back into rehab mode it seem. But tomorrow will tell much more.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Moves.

Skipped Fridays workout working on getting back on line so I wanted to combine things a bit today. Since I do well with the swing flip squats as a ballistic squat I decided to try one kb squat cleans. I've done them before and like them. Presses were planned for normal saturdays workout so I combined them all:

one KB:
squat clean
front squat
military press

36x5+5 did one rep of each and repeated cycle till five reps were done.transfer and repeat.
53x5+5x8 sets. wow. these were GREAT! was going to do ten sets but decided to leave a little. started off stopping between the front squat and the press but then itf felt much better to just keep it going: front squat immediate press. the 1.5 pood felt like a toy.

Supersetted with One foot bosu stands

man these were hard today. could not get rooted at all.

two hand swings:
88x10x10 sets. took about five sets to warmup my groove but then it felt great.need to always use my legs, not just my hips. cant be afraid to bend my knees.and really leeave the forearms on the inner thighs and lower abs as you drive.

Also kept visualizing Mike C's swing in the video. seen in slow motion you can see how his BACK extends first after the deepest part of the bottom position and THEN his hips and knees. Just like Louie says to do.Makes total sense: extend the back to extend the hip. In that sequence.

datsit. about and hour 45 minutes.


Its been 33 years of continous training and competing and still one of my favorite things is to be able to get up early, have some seriously strong coffee and get myself ready to train first thing in the morning.

It rare these days to be able to train myself first, when my energy, both mental and phsyical, is at its highest( which for me is the AM). Got to put food on the table which means clients come first but on days like this where I am able to really hit it myself first is very special and brings back many fond memories when training myself was first, second and third on my list.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Anatomical terms of location - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anatomical terms of location - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Great site for anatomy.Its amazing to me how little anatomy most trainers know.

What are the following KB exercises called in Russian?...: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

What are the following KB exercises called in Russian?...: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

The kettlebell exercises in Russian

No NEt!

Man I have had two long days with no internet access and you think I would have dropped off the world. I felt absolutely disconnected from what has become my virtual world, this blog especially included.

You realize the scope and depth of what is possible in this cyber world when it is removed. My business, my interests, many many great and interesting friendships - are all on the web. It really is portal into infinity.

It is also very scary to realize just how quickly it can all come tumbling down when it is held together so tenuously in bytes and dots.and howmuch information and speed of access we have to lose. very different from just such a short time ago.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Windmills and DARCs

Man there is a down side to everything. I slept really well last night, which means I didnt toss and turn;basically slept in the same position. slept well but when I woke up my trap was locked and my calf/hamstrings was locked as well.
plus I am trying to get off the prescription voltaren for my arthritic knee and switch to just aspirin. always a little delayed pain from switching meds and lots more spasm. Lovely morning.Lots of stretching though.

36x5+5 bout time to add a second windmill day in
44x5+5 bracing the left elbows against my knee helps initiate the rotation on this side. Like an old schoolers bent press technique
53x5+5x4 sets. each set got better. the overhead is really stabilizing now.

72x40 was thinking for a moment at taking a stap at 100 but it was a rough morning
72x50 UGH that was a puker. Man there is a BIG difference between 5 sets fo 20-30 and one set of 100. big big difference.

BOSU STEP UPS supersetted each set of darcs

this should be my repetition max day, using DARC swings as the test. much better than the snatch as you can really push yourself with virtually no risk of injury. and you have to let go each rep so you can drop a bell if you lose concentration. Eric Heiden would have loved kettlebells.

saturdays swings should be high power inteval work( kb version of wsb speed day). I'm starting to think the snatch should be to get the weight overhead for windmills and the work stuff mainly swings ;]

Bosu Pistols

man I simply cannot believe how well these are going and strong they are making my legs. and my knees are tolerating it because I have so much more ROM than before. AND foot strength from the BOSU.

4 sets of 4 each!!!


5 handstands each held 5-6 seconds. Got all but one on first attempt. getting better.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the elusive rooting power: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

the elusive rooting power: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Man, Cotter is on FIRE. One amazingpost after another.

Ok, so I'm not a math guy

I stand corrected. I think I will just calculate foot pounds of work as my metric. Just need to know a solid number to rate progress.

This is from my friend Tim Dymmel:


Checking out your Blog and saw your numbers. Great workouts. I'm using ideas for my own. I'm also wanting to get a Bosu ball and the Bola when it's available. Wanted to correct you a little on your calculations.

Remember, to get Watts you have to use Newton * Meter divided by seconds. So take the Kg x 9.8 for gravity to give Newtons. Then the displacement is in meters. Divide that by time for a rep and you get Watts per rep. Multiply by reps and get total Watts.

So for your latest workout you'd have (24kg x 9.8 for gravity)/(7.67s/rep on average for 23 minutes) x 180 reps = 8,411Watts in 23 minutes

To use watts power into Horsepower looks like
Watts to
Watts x 0.00134
Hosepower to
Horsepower x 746

I'm still working on how to use the foot lbs. But for now, if you want watts, you have to use the metric stuff. And don't forget gravity with the kg's to get Newtons.

All the best,

Monday, September 05, 2005

For Steve Cotter - A workout and couple questions: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

For Steve Cotter - A workout and couple questions: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

great letter from Steve Cotter to Bud Jeffries. Great conversation between two strength giants.


Energy levels have been very high lately. abnormally so.I actually feel energetic and rested which is not usually the case. I think lower pain levels is the reason. when you are in chronic pain you eat up tons of energy just "managing" it and not yelling screaming most of the time.

Worked a full schedule this labor day then trained alone. no problem.

36x10+10 switch hands every 5 reps

53x10+10x 9 sets

180 reps

23 minutes. this was suprisingly easy although my form sucked. I have to revist the basics again as I am pulling with my arm too much again.more one arm snatch hi pulls and swing/snatch sets.

53 lbs x5 feet= 265 ft/lbs per rep
265x180 reps=47,700 ft/lbs of work
divided by 23 minutes=2074 watts per minute.

gonna have to put this on a graph soon.
used grips on left hand on last set, callous felt like it was going to didnt.

Supersets each with Bosu step up and holds

two snatch hi pulls
88x10x5 sets. these were hard but good. lots of leg and hip drive.

Superset these also with bosu one leg stands

88x3 feet =264 ft/lbs/rep
264x50=13,200 ft/lbs of work
/ ten minutes=1320 watts/min.

60,900 ft/lbs of work in 35 minutes+ 5 minutes between exercises= 1522 watts/min ave.

Handstands/ pullups

ALternated kickup handstand 5 5 sec hold
with pullups 6x5 reps to nose. these are getting there quickly. feel thse in my lower right lat inserstion big time though and its tight. this hasnt worked for awhile.

hit the hs on the second rep of the firts set and the FIRST rep of the next 5 sets!!! very happy. shoulders were not over my hands enough at the start last time.! duh.

RIS and foam roller.hams and calves very tight.

workout time 70 minutes.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Power Kettlebells

Basics today, a swing, a press a lunge. back to the 72 since last weeks foray into Bulldog territory. Decided I shouldnt use it too often as I am not strong enough yet to swing it FAST enough to produce enough power, which is my weak link. The 72 is probably the best weight for most workouts, and play with the rep schemes.

Fifteen rep sets today.

9:30 am solo feel very recovered from yesterdays w/o.legs feel surprisingly strong AND loose.

two hand swing/Bosu two foot stands eyes closed.
36x20x2 trying to really time the "tap"/static stomp and let it swing the rest of the time.

72x15x10 sets.

72#x 3 feet=216 ft/lbs of work per rep
216x150 reps =32,400 foot pounds of work
divided by 20 minutes =1620 watts per minute.

This was decent. really worked on when to snap the hips for the most effect and HOLD the contraction as I continue to root as the bell is at its height.Also tried to pull it throughon the down swing as best I could to increase kinetic energy. using the lighter weight meant it moved faster than the 88 would have. Producing more power in the end.
I dont bend much when I get my best position. almost like a stiff legged deadlifter.I have VERY long arms for my height.

the last five reps of the last five sets were tough. this is a weak energy system position for me. It will get better.

the two foot bosu stands were perfect for five sets, really focusing on dropping my heels and pulling up my kneecaps.the last five sets were step up stands and were easy.left leg is changing. I can now support my weight on my left side without the knee subluxating!!!! Huge gain for me.Thank the Bosu.

two kb mil press
2/36x8 these were strong. thinking handstand pushup on rings.thats my visualization.

amazing that I worked out so hard yesterday and feel this good today. I never would have believed it last year.
(2)44x5x3 sets

these were not easy. very doable but harder than the 36's for sure. work up to sets of 8-10 strong before going to 53's.progress for sure here too.

Supersetted with Handstands

Man these sucked. Could NOT get my hips ( now pumped than you swings) over my shoulders!LOL! and the presses fatigued them as well. HUng from power rack in between sets as well.this helped.
6 sets of 5 kickups to handstand. none held til the last rep of the last set!

but the position is getting much more comfortable.

one kb lunges/low rack
36x5 e leg
53x10x5 sets ( perhaps six- I forgot which set if was so I did an extra to be sure ;]))

wow my legs feel strong and limber. unreal. surreal.

supersetted with one foot bosu stands. very comfy.

datsit. the weekend is official started!

Friday, September 02, 2005

here are some numbers based on elite military and martial fitness norms from around the world: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

here are some numbers based on elite military and martial fitness norms from around the world: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

We create our futures-----when the rain falls: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

We create our futures-----when the rain falls: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Wow its a great week for incredible posts. Mr Cotter on life and strength.

Solo friday

Nice to train alone today. Its such a different workout. I wouldnt want to do all of them alone but some is very good. I find a totally different rythym and the silence is golden.

Bottoms up clean

72x4+4 these feel great.

Supersetted with Bosu step up to one leg stand and hold. These are getting bette the more I do them. Perfect candidate for grease the groove. DId some at work as well.

Swing squats
was supposed to do front squat but I've been thinking about these all day. plenty of leg work no doubt

53x10x10 ouch. this took 25 minutes.

lessee: 53x5 feet of movement(approximate) equals 265 foot pounds of work per rep
265 ft/lbs x 100 reps=26,500 ft/lbs of work
divided by 25 min=1060 watts of power per minute. not that bad
Also super setted with Bosu step up to one foot holds.

these are feeling really stable as well. have a lot more wiggling room

decent pace . not too fast but I didnt sit long either. I feel in very good shape for me.Havent felt like this in many, many years.

Bosu pistols
wasnt scheduled but hey, I cant believe I can even train this movement. I love it!

4 sets of 4 rep attempts each leg. left leg and calf are really getting stronger

Farmers walk

2 36's in rack postition: 4 laps of 200 feet. this was hard for me. knee and ankle are pretty well done.

Bosu Bola

snaps 100 reps alternating sides each rep. only missed three total.
lateral slides 5 minutes cont.

great great workout.

Trying to emulate specific skills with stregth training- always a step in the wrong direction: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Trying to emulate specific skills with stregth training- always a step in the wrong direction: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Another Maxwell classic.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Martha Graham on Dance and Life.

There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost."

The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, not how it compares with other expression. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.

You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open. No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others."

Martha Graham (1894-1991) Teacher and choreographer of modern dance

Hard vs. Soft - question for Ducane and whomever: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Hard vs. Soft - question for Ducane and whomever: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Great training wisdom from STeve Cotter.

Shaved Hands. Posted by Picasa

Shaving my hands

Man this brings back memories! One thing gymnasts spend a lot of time doing is taking care of their hands. when you train bars side horse and rings daily your hands are always

1) heavily calloused
2) ripped somewhere.

I used to use a single edge razor blae to shave my callouses down and then sand them. that was the only way I could avoid the giant tears that would make training extremely painful for days after. Sanding alone didnt work as I have found out again with all this kb training.Been sanding them donw and they arent as rough but still too big a pad and they are tearing.

So I got some old school single edge razor blades and went to work manicuring the callouses. It was like I never stopped doing it and my hands remembered it like it was yesterday. I got a pack of 100 blades as that was the last one available. Didnt think I would need that many but they were cheap.

Now I see that having an extremely sharp blade makes a HUGE difference in slicing very thin sections.100 is just a start.