Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bullet dodging

Very wierd things. No swelling. No bruising or subq bleeding. No real loss of strength. Full ROM including external rotation, a test for long head biceps tears No pain. Just a serious gap between the bottom of my deltoid and my brachialis. And a very peaked outer biceps that still contracts. Can still seem to feel the biceps tendon too although their is some softness in the gapped area.Wierd indeed.


It must be a fascial tear. What might have gone is scarred fascial tissue from last years injury at the same spot. That would explain the deformation WITHOUT the swelling bleeding and pain from a tendon or muscle tear. and the ability to still contract it.

right arm swing 36x15x2
two hand swing 36x12x2
no pain or problem. really flexing triceps hard throught swing.straight arms
44x15 one hand
+10 two hands
53x15 one hand
x10 two hand x4 sets

no problem at all. no pain at all.

two hand swing
53x15x3 sets easy. really opening up the groin to get a bit deeper into the swing with more legs/hip and less temptation to use the arms.I've been bending my arms way too much it seems.
Joe told me it went on the UP swing, indicating I was pulling with my arm too much.

right 36x5
left 18x5 nothing. no pain or restriction. or even sense of stretch in the area/

left 26x5 again same

right 53x5
left 26x5 easy even lower as a press slowly with NO pain the area.doesnt make sense.

right 53x5
left 26x5

supersetted with one foot bosu step ups

bosu pistols
4x4 each side . ROM felt better than last time but stability down. had to hold on more but right leg is really getting down.

supersetted handstands
5 handstands hit EACH ONE on first attempts. havent done that before. held for 5-8 seconds.

didnt bother my arm or shoulder at all . this is wierd.

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