Saturday, September 17, 2005

Another solid workout

Man I was lucky. I could be prepping for surgery right now. Felt great after yesterdays session and was ready to go. another morning no clients so training was first up on my list. One day soon I will train first every day.

two hand swings

53x20x10 sets

man this was tougher than I expected. hammies were just a bit fried from yesterdays worl. but I played it safe. I can REALLY tell now how much I use my arms as my hips and legs die. They are weaker than I hoped. but they will really get stronger now with the changes. adjusted swing height for lat five sets as power went down.

Have to start timing sets.

one kb press

36x5+5 no problem two hand clean for left though
44x5+5 again fine
53x5+5x2 again fine. I so lucked out. Can't say I dont have any luck.

Bottoms up cleans
26x5+5 perfect
36x5+5x3 sets not even a twinge.

one kb lunges

53x8+8 x3 sets strong and deep. legs are feeling good.

Pistols on bosu
4 sets of 5 each leg!!! easier every time. balance better today.

datsit short and sweet.

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