Monday, October 31, 2005

Training partners

I've always said: Good training partners are harder to find that a good woman.Nothing worse than expectiing your partner to be there to get through a tough workout, especially a squat or bench day( where you need a handoff), or, a snatch workout and have a no show. It just sucks.

If you dont have the expectation of the partner then you adapt to that and thats it. But when you expect that person, come to rely on the them, and they dont show its different. Oh well, enough whining for now. Gotta train no matter what. Its always on you anyway, training partners or no.

Been playing with a modified GS style descent to set up a better leg drive. we'll see what happens.
26x8/8 shoulders are already tight.
36x8/8x2 not too bad
44x5/5x2 a bit jerky ont he way down. not sure the biceps tendon likes this at this weight.
53x5/5 same as the 44
x5/5 it warmed up a bit, and it did put me in a very good leg drive position it is too tough on the biceps.
36x5/5 a closer in, over the top drop.a modifed hard style.
44x5/5 not bad a bit worried about catching it with a bent elbow in the bottom though.
53x5/5x2 so so
44x5/5x2 playing with technique, nothing definitive.

152 snatches. not a bad volume considering. intensity low though.form work always is.

one arm swings

these are so much less complicated than snatches! and more fulfilling in many ways.
just the simplicity of them.

freestanding handstand pushups
sets of
16 total reps. these are getting easier. LOTS of triceps.

6 sets of 6. these are coming along fine.soon I will add a kb and cut the reps a bit.

one leg squats( rear leg supported)
These are working out great! It stretches out the rear quad as you have great control on the negative portion of the rep. and I dont have to hold on either SO I can hold a kettlebell! very happys with these

18#x6/6x3 sets wow these were hard but solid. this is exciting I really got the legs and the hips working well.

handstand holds

4 sets ten second holds.I have to do these now just to stretch out the shoulders.


Sunday, October 30, 2005

the old days

Ah this photo brings back memories. I used to do a lot of standing and squatting on stability balls. Now with this bosu it is MUCH safer, although not quite as engaging. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Great training video of the Worlds Strongest Man

and one of the best athletes as well. This guy has it all. Incredible strength, power, size, agility, endurance and a physique that would make a cartoon superhero happy. Videos in Polish but just wathch the guy squat and they jump rope like a pro boxer. Pretty flexibile too.

My new Deadift exercise list

Of course I've already 'pruned and refined' the list:

1) Comp Style deadlift
2) Deadlift /knee
3) deadlift/plinths
4) good mornings
5) snatch grip deadift to knee( smitty deads)
6) trap bar dl.

much cleaner choices/

A good one.

woke up with no ill effects from yesterdays deadlifting adventure. excellent.played around with a new decent technique for the kettlebell snatch. A modified GS style descent. I've always thought if I could get the same leg and bellposition for the snatch that I get for the clean and the darcs then I would have a much stronger "jump" position.

Problem is that doing a hardstyle, over the top, descent doesnt get close to that position, it bends me over at the hips much more.SOOOOO.... I lowered to my shoulder and THEN down (without it touching the shoulder) and voila! there it was. It worked great with the 16 kb, monday we'll try the 20kg. This could be a huge technique breakthrough for me.

snatches( 5min ss test style)
36x10+10x4 or so. just playing around and warming up but it felt very interesting.know more monday.

Overhead swings
53x10x10 sets this is a great move for me. the same path my snatch takes as well.Its a very natual "jump" position for me. and very consistent. The two pood is next.

one kb press
53x5/5x5 no problem. the two pood is soon here too.

depth squat
this has helped my hip flexibility already.I am standing on 13" boxes and I am lower than last time. excellent.

5 ten second HS

Friday, October 28, 2005

cant beleive its been that long since I deadlifted but Jack and Pavels deads got me thinking about it once more. I've been missing the heavy lifts although I know I cant do too much anymore.

Deadlifts( double overgrip)
no problems at all. cant beleive it. last time I was deadlifting regularly I was using 365-385 and I'm not far off at all. kettlebells do work that posterior chain well.

Here's the basic plan( If I can stand tomorrow). Limit volume to progressive singles as I did today and work up to a training force max for a different "form" of deadlift once a week.85-90% This is essentially the max effort day of WSB, adjusted a bit, and using the other kb ballistic training days for the dynamic effort/gpp aspect.

The exercises: 1) competition style deadlift/raw
2) competition style deadlift/suit bottom
3)deadlift off 2 inch plate
4)safety squat bar good morning
5)deadlift to knees
6)deadlift off boxes( bar is 3-4 inches off ground)
7) trap bar deadlift Of course I might not be able to do this but If I can tolerate it thats the basic plan.

kb cleans
72x5/5x2! yes, havent hit this in six weeks.
53x10/10 easy. ah its nice when the nervous system turns on.

53x50 havent dont this in awhile. easy.

farmers walk
2/53s 6 laps these are really helping my leg/hip strength and gait.

6 sets ten second holds: easymoney.

decompression hangs
6 sets 10-12 seconds

splits work on floor: ten minutes. getting closer

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Depth Squats

My hips are still my weak link and they arent coming up as fast as I would like. It seems almost impossible for me to feel my hips in even the most hip centric motions- like squats and swings. even windmills dont get my hips to load well. I am too flexible and totally locked at the same time.

My hips go back immediately with any hip flexion and yet they have to push back very far in order to get any tension in them. By that time my back is not a great angle to produce force. so its always a compromise. Powerlifting didnt even build my glutes.

really strict low progection swings seem to hit it the most.really getting onto,and staying on, the glutes as you drive through the ground. focused on hip drive exclusively today in the swings and I can feel it.

two hand swings
72x20x5 sets these were kicking my ass. I am bad in this rep range. consistently.
88x10x5 sets these were much better. I was totally warmed up and could be more explosive without fear of, I am stronger in this low rep range.power not endurance.

Supersetted with left leg only Bosu stands. used right toe to stabilize instead of arm catches. works better. really driving heel into Bosu and flexing VMO.

Depth squats
We used to do this exercise when we were traiing WSB called handle squats. You stand on boxes and use chain to connect a lat row handle and then squat/deadlift it up from a deep squat position from a dead start. We used 300-400 plus pounds on this for sets of 5 or more. So I got the idea of doing them with a kb to work my hips. Worked like a charm!!! great stretch with no back sounds or adjustments in my back

88x7x3 sets wow. that really works the legs hard- front to back as well as my glutes.

5x5 touching neck on each rep except the freaking LAST rep of the fifth set.

handstand holds
5 sets ten seconds solid as hell.

dats it

Monday, October 24, 2005

Six weeks post injury

today was the six week anniversary of my biceps injury. So I did the 1.5 pood for snatches today with no problem. excellent.

44x5+5( back is making a lot of noise on the left hand)

53x5+5x5 !!

not bad. 25 reps . good start back


118 total reps. not quite there mentally though.distracted. trained solo as well, always fun.

supersetted with one foot bosu stands

26x5+5 man I am SO TIGHT on these I wonder if they are worth the effort. Left side is easy and I could do 72 no problem but the right side, between my tight right shoulder and my crappy left knee and weak ass hips just sucks. Oh yeah, forgot to mention the curved spine. Lovely. Really lovely. right side windmills always suck..
36x5+5x3 takes forever to warm these up
44x5+5 x2 halfway decent but I hate them.

One legged squat/WSB style
these are done in the power rack with one leghooked over the catch pin and the other leg in a squat/lunge. Much better for me than pistols,which are killing my calves to the pont I cant walk. Need more bosu ball stands and less pistols. but these are great.

5x5,5,8,8,10 really can work the negative on these and when I am using my right leg I am getting and AMAZING stretch on my tight right knee. Plus I can see how easy it will be to use kb for weight in one or two hands.

Handstands/hangs from rack
5 ten second handstands.
all day with these now.

bw 161
bf 10.9%

Sunday, October 23, 2005



The path this leading into is very interesting.

Devany on Water

Follow Up to "Water Bottles,..."
April 19, 2005 09:39 AM
To follow up on my post on the overzealous promotion and consumption of water.
Your thirst over the course of a day, not within a brief span of hard work, is an excellent guide to your water requirements. Research in the Journal of Physiology shows that you don't need the 8 glasses of water "authorities" recommend (a lot of this advice comes from bottled water and sports drink manufacturers).
You need water when you are thirsty. Just realize that your thirst is a bit slow to come on line when you are doing hard work. You can anticipate this effect by sipping before you become thirsty if you are on a long hike or working in hot weather. Even then, there is little risk your body will fail to become thirsty in time to keep your water balance. How could it be otherwise when our ancestors survived the African Savanna for millions of years?
A bit of evolutionary reasoning tells us: 1. that thirst is an adaptive mechanism evolved over thousands of generations of humans; it can't be all that wrong. 2. the urgency of thirst is compelling, another evolved adaptation that keeps us from ignoring this important signal. 3. humans are the only carnivore that can operate at high daytime temperatures; wild cats can't because they lack the thermoregulatory system and sweating systems of humans. This adaptation gave humans a niche in which to operate where there was less competition from other, lethal (to us) carnivores. 4. watering places were dangerous; prey (including other humans) attracted carnivores, so it would have been maladaptive for humans to have required water on a continuous basis, as some trainers practice and recommend for their clients. To do so would have entailed continuous exposure to carnivores. 5. hunter gatherers obain a good deal of their water from their consumption of plant food as well as the blood of prey. Similarly, we modern humans get a lot of it in our food. I hope this makes clear the need to think beyond proximate or mechanism-based explanations (you get thirsty to manage your water balance) to evolutionary explanations that give a deeper understanding of why the proximate mechanism evolved and how it works in a broader scheme.
Unlike your hunger mechanisms, which go awry at the low energy flux sedentary individuals live at, your thirst mechanism is pretty much spot on. There are some individuals whose sense of thirst is over-developed even to the point of craving water well beyond physiological requirements. This "water intoxication" may stem from constant water binging.
You need water when you feel thirsty and not otherwise. Excess water bloats you and is hard on the kidneys. Water does help to cleanse the kidneys, but too much puts a burden on them. When you carry extra water you carry extra weight (which slows you down and increases your work rate), you dilute the minerals in your blood which changes the chemical gradient across cell membranes (intefering with metabolism and thermal control), and your blood volume can rise to a level that stresses your heart. Exess blood volume builds up in the circulatory system and leaks through the vessels into the interstices of the body (the same thing that happens with congestive heart failure).
I could go on, but a more general point is lurking here. A lot of fitness advice is just repeated rather than thought through and it is probably true that most manufacturers go beyond the pale in marketing their products.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Testosterone Nation - Evolutionary Fitness

Testosterone Nation - Evolutionary Fitness

A very interesting article by the very interesting scientist /athlete Art Devany. His site is Evolutionary fitness.Great blog too.

Kettlebell Swing to Handstand

Got this idea off the Crossfit website: two handed kettlebell swing to arms fully over head. With all the handstands I've been doing I got thinking of this as a swing to handstand.Loved it the first rep I did with it. Very different arc than the regular swing, and very comfortable for me.

one kb full swing
44x8 this is one big arc!
53x8x8 man this is very very interesting. the bell stays higher in the crotch on the down swing and the acscent is very different than normal.

Two KB front squat
x5 paused last rep of each set. these were solid.

handstand pushups
7 sets of 2 reps ( with sets of 3 reps on set4 and 5)
these were as solid as I've been. head about 2-3 inches off floor, no spot.

16 total reps. balance feels solid.

hanging leg raises
5x12 ( leading with left leg)

very pumped about the new kettlebell move as well as how solid the handstand pushups were.

Friday, October 21, 2005

United States Olympic Committee - Eric Heiden 25: An exclusive interview

United States Olympic Committee - Eric Heiden 25: An exclusive interview

He would have loved Kettelbells.

200 snatches

Its been almost 6 weeks since my bicep injury and today I did 200 snatches as the second snatch workout of the week. These were very light but so happy I can do this again. Firdays are always a tough workout day as its my longest work day, starting the earliest, I train solo and its the end of the week.

Snatches are perfect for this because even if I do nothing more I worked everything from head to toe; legs, hips, back,abs, shoulders ,heart and lungs.As well as agility, flexibility and stability.

36x10+10x10 200 reps in about 22 minutes.

these felt great although I havent done this many reps with any weight.

bottoms up cleans
53x5+5x2 sets. left arm was tired from the snatches. I love these.

farmers walk

2-44's x2 laps, six times. 30 seconds rest/sets. these are really helping everything and actually getting better. Much help with my gait mechanics. Using 2 kbs now is helpful in obtaining more symmetry in the walk rather than the alternating single bell.


5 ten second handstands. these are great for stretching out my shoulders.

As per Pavels great blog entry this week I will strive to do fewer things better. This harkens back to my bodybuilding and powerlifting days when I would spend entire workouts on just one or two exercises( usually squats ) exploring numerous variations of loading patterns. Perfect the movement and good things will happen.


Split work is the perfect thing for releasing my hammy and opening up my left knee. So I will get my side splits back. Ten minutes.
Total workout : 65 minutes.

bw 159.6 ( first time under 160!)
bf 10.6% ( this always temporarily goes up when my weight goes down)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Squat cleans

I love doing this exercise. it makes me feel like an olympic lifter,which is one sport I really missed out on. Course, with my knee and shoulder is was never really a choice.

squat cleans, one kb
for some reason I was fluid and loose. good depth too.

KB press, one arm
these were tough at the end but overall very solid. I need a 63 pound kb at stones.soon.

one kb lunge
53x8+8x3 can feel the effect of the squat cleans here. not bad though. left hammie tendon is tight.remember to weight instep.

five handstands ten seconds( easy!)
5x5 in pullup ,left bicep tight, focus on scapula retraction and pulled to chin.

RIS ten minutes.

Trainer or Exerciser?

I know a lot of people who exercise,but very few who train. When I started this path many years ago all I cared about was the skills and the training; competition was just something that went along with it( high school gymnastics). In order to train and not just exercise you must have a goal.Doesnt matter what it is, you just have to have one( or more) and pursue it with as much zest as possible.

I realized that to justify the amount of training I wanted to do I better not only compete, but do well, or I'd have to get a real job one day and not have an excuse for being a gym bum. So I cut my teeth on training for competition and don't really know how to workout without a set goal in mind or a deadline to complete that.

Many,many years of that have now rendered me in a state where training like that is not only not feasible but nonsensical as well. training to be your best and constantly progress is very likey to push you over the edge and I can't work if I'm hurt. Plus, it hurts and I am very tired of hurting all the time.

Kettlebell training and joint mobility have brought me back from the dead with increased mobility, endurance,flexibility and recovery. Not to mention a functional strength I have not had in years, as well as reserve capacity. Finally some gas in the tank. Not being able to do cardio because of my orthopedic limitations was getting very old. KBs have certainly solved that.

But I still have to set some number goals and make my mind up to achieve them or I notice my training get laxer and laxer.Going by how I feel is not a good thing because lately I am only tired or in pain when it comes time to get started and that doesnt make for good motivation.Once I get going I feel so much better but the old powerlifter/bodybuilder set/rep guy is the only way I like to train. I know it, its familiar and it leads somewhere.

So many peoples training goes nowhere because they dont choose for it to go somewhere in particular. 5x5 with the 72 in the front squat, 10x10 with a certain weight in a certain exercise, a 45 minute 10 km,100 swings- whatever.It really doesnt matter as long as you are training for it. Because in the world of the lifestyle athlete as soon as that goal is accomplished another one will take its place and the cycle will continue. If you are just exercising its just not the same.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Leaner. Stronger. Better.

This was to be Girya Kettlebell Training's new tag line for the web site. But something didn't feel right. I really liked the individual concepts and it was the focus of my training and my teaching, so what was wrong?

I was discussing it with Jonathan, my training partner, and he kept insisting it was a good tag line and defined what we were about very succinctly. Then it hit me; it wasn't just a tag line but our motto; the gist of what we ( and I ) are about. Everything we do and everythign we teach goes right to these three concepts.

Of all the hundreds of people I trained, coached and spoken to about their fitness and training goals not one of them said they wanted to be fatter. Usually it is their primary goal; to get leaner, harder, more defined. To LOOK like they train and are fit.Everyone wants to be leaner, even the most grisled superheavyweight powerlifter.

ANd stronger. to be able to run faster, lift more weight, do more reps ,have more discipline. It all comes down to being stronger in one way or another. More able to exert more force in whatever direction you choose. Real Strength.

ANd of course better. Better at work, at life, a school at sports at whatever one chooses. To be healthier or more agile.To be able to push forwards towards whatever goal is up next.

Kettlebells are the simplest and most direct route I've found to these three critical concepts. So its not just a tag line, or even our motto. It's our way of life, and I'd have it no other way.

Monday, October 17, 2005

back on schedule.

Saturdays used to be squat day and now mondays are snatch day. Thank God I can snatch again,no matter that it's light.

full body stretch 20 minutes

Kettlebell Snatch
44x6+6x8 sets/96 reps.

on my way back. so nice. didnt even think about form, just let it happen.I know how to snatch.

the more I do the easier they get. have to master this movement, regardless of the weight. the stretch itself is hard on my right side.Stretching out earlier in the day helps tons.

Pistols( on floor with support)
5x5. doing these in the rack on the floor instead of the bosu ball is an interesting change. have to stop worrying about depth and focus on strength in the range I can get now.

Handstand pushups( free)
4 sets of 2 within 2 inches of my head! I am right there. excellent.

Pullups to throat!
5x5! man, where did these come from. I've gotten above the bar for the first time in years. out of nowhere. and my shoulders feel great.stellar!

great great workout today. very suprising. so nice when this happens.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Grapplers Gym

Grapplers Gym

This is great! Animated KB drills~! Just go to the training page and scroll down to CORE, then kettlebells.

Kettlebells Basic Eight

It seems that the key ingredients to almost any kettlebell training program come down to these basic eight exericses:

Basic Eight

1) Two hand swing
2) One hand swing
3) Transfers
4) Cleans
5) Presses
6) Front squats
7) Snatches
8) Windmills

From these basic exercises and all their permutations and variations( one kb or two, low medium or over the head swing, heavy for low reps, light for high, compound movmements and hybrids plus all the combinations possible for circuits......) the Art of the Kettlebell can be learned.

The exercises don't need to be varied as much as the loads and the intensities.Perfection of form with diligent practice will bring about efficiency of movement which some try to avoid in their training but I think is critical for safe performance of movement for most of us.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Life expectancy calculator

Living to 100 Intro

Will you live to be 100? take the test! I look good for 91.5 years!

MJ PEAK PERFORMANCE: 50 Greatest Health & Fitness Websites

MJ PEAK PERFORMANCE: 50 Greatest Health & Fitness Websites

What a great resource. The top 50 fitness sites on the web by Mens Journal.

New Schedule

I am so bad like this. I just cannot stop searching for the "perfect" training routine. Playing is fun but I keep drifting back to trying to solve the puzzle.


handstand pushups

squat cleans
kb press

one arm swing
bottoms up clean
farmers walk

2 hand swing
front squat

will see how long this lasts. So tough without a definitive goal and a time to perform it.

Saturday basics

Saturdays were always squat days when I powerlifted. The most important lift on the day I had the most free time to get ready for it and the most time to recover from the beating I gave myself.

Now that I dont squat anymore I still like to have this day as a no nonsense,basic exercise, hard and heavy day. My training partner Nick still squats heavy on this day and I like to keep the energy in the right direction. Doing 100 rep sets wouldnt( didnt) fit.

amasov squat: 50 reps. need to do these every workout from now on. work up to 100. great for my knee flexibilty.

two hand swings
recovered nicely from yesterday. 20 minute stretch out before training.

72x10x5 sets= 3600 pounds
88x10x5 sets= 4400 pounds
total =8000 pounds not a bad piece of work. really focusing on maximum hip drive the whole time. compensatory acceleration.

one kb front squat
53x5+5x5 wow, these were easy. this is very good. depth is good too.

10x10 very quick. this felt great, therapeutic.

eight handstand ten second easy. way way easy. could have stayed up all day. these REALLY stretch out my legs and delts.

datsit. very pleased.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Long friday

LOng it was a tough one today. had great energy up to the last hour of work and then it just dropped. One of the pitfalls of not having a set routine are days like these; when what you "feel like training" is nothing at all. Cant have that though, it might start a trend. So,

two hand swing
53x20x5 sets one minute between sets. this broke a sweat.

supersetted with one foot bosu stands. really dug the heel down and strethced out the calf/ham behind the knee.

windmills ( been neglecting these)
these are always so hard for body just doesnt want to rotate left to right. my knee shoulder and hip dont like it. but it eventually opens up if I go slow enough.

one arm swings
36x10+10x2 left bicep area bit sore from the 200 or so cleans I did the other day
53x10+10x2 this is fine now but have to go slowly.

5x5 pullups to chin! best in eons.
8 handstands. fairly solid ten second holds each.just resting on the outer heel of my hand. its cool.

farmers walk
2-53'sx 2 laps x4 sets these were HARD today.

need more meat.front squats tomorrow am

Thursday, October 13, 2005


5:30 am

20 minutes waiting out the tensions stretching:

splits front and back
chinese splits ( long way to go)
lateral lunge stretch
standing pikes
prone cobras
walk up hamstring stretches

2 pm
20 minutes stretching
decompression hangs
straddles pikes and splits again
foam roller

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Paen to Brett Jones

with lighter weights, of course. Now that I am little Rif.

2 kb clean and press( long cycle, one clean for each press)

2 kb squat cleans
2-44'sx5x5 these were much better than expected. decent depth too. wider stance helps as well

2 kb cleans
2-53'sx5x5 no problem. cant believe I can do some bilateral training again. its great.

kb lunges,farmers rack
53x10+10x3 sets these are flowing really well.

bw 160.8
bf 11% ( up today)

about an hour ten minutes.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Mo Snatches

Decided to do some more snatches today.Friday was great, so nice to be able to do this again. arm was fine afterwards.I love my kettlebells.

36x10=10x2 a very simple technique. mainly a straight arm swing and let the bell slide over the wrist.
44x5+5x4 sets. no problem. I will be able to snatch the 24 kb no doubt

44x30x2 first time since the tear easy
53x20x2 same as the first sets.

Bosu Pistols( assist on the power rack)
4x6 ea.
focused on the negative and really getting deep.. have to keep the weight over the instep as well as the outer edge on left leg to get more ROM. almost parallel on left and right in below

handstand pushups

4sets of 4. these were the lowest I have gotten yet, perhaps 3 inches from touching top of head. feels very easy.

pullups to chin
5x5 so glad I can do these again.

training time about one hour.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Playing kettlebells.

well I recovered nicely from yesterdays workout( even surviving day two with no prescription anti inflamms, just aspirin!) and woke up not knowing what the workout would bring.decided on:

2kb/one hand swing
(each weight is combined of two kbs)
62x7+7 dont know why this movement is so much better for me than regular one arm swings
72x6+6 this is getting tougher now
88x5+5x2 sets. grip is harder here too.
vol = 868+864+800+880= 3412

two hand swing
x50 this is much better when I am fully warmed up
vol= 1590+2120+2650=6360

2kb deadlift
53x3x10 reps

kb arm bars

five handstands/10 sec each

pullups 5x5 supersetted with handstands.

around the body pass
3x30 reps 26 #

this was great. did just what my body needed.

Just wanted to see this picture blown up a bit.

Friday, October 07, 2005


26x10+10 suprisingly normal

98 reps. wow. this felt so good. just a raw, hardstyle straight arm swing snatch.No punch through or pullback or anything. just swing it up and flip it over.natural.I've missed these.

these were great

bottoms up clean

53x5+5x4 sets. strong strong strong. arm feel perfect.

one arm press
53x5+5x2 strong.

farmers walk
2 44# 5 sets of two laps. havent dont two kbs in a long time. really felt good. felt like it lowered my center of gravity a lot. pulled me down. best the walk has felt in eons.

20 mins hammie stretching and massager work. this is helping TONS! So who knows what workout I will do tomorrow? This is wierd.

Snatches, punking out,instinctive training

First things first. I snatched with the left arm today; the first time since the tear. It was easy and I went very light for low reps but it felt excellent. I didnt think about technique at all, just keeping my elbow straight and turning it over.

There is something unique though about the snatch. I've wanted to think I was done with it as its kicked my ass so badly and this last one was scary. But I've only been hurt with the two pood and its obvious as the fact I can no longer power squat or dl heavy again that I shouldnt snatch the 72.

BUT that doenst look like it means I cannot snatch at all. The snatch is very different movement and its so cool to do.I have missed it.


I do NOT want to train for 100 reps sets of swings and I dont know what made me think I would make myself do that.I freaking HATE them and thought by pushing myself to do it I would get over it but its not the right time. I dont have the emotional energy to care enough to make myself do it.Something easier and heavier. I am so glad my arm is not fucked.

So where does that leave my training? I played today and had a great workout, going with the flow of what my body felt like it could do and needed as well.Thats how I realized I could snatch again. I was "supposed" to do press first today and there was no way. I was beat from work and didnt want to do it. wanted to sweat and get going but I had 100 reps tommorow so Iw as limited.

then I said screw it and did snatches because thats what my body wanted to do. It was the right choice and them the workout just "unfolded" from there. I have a list of my favorite exercises on the chalk board at stones and will make up the routine that day. at least for awhile.

This is why I competed. without a set goal and a deadline my training just is all over the place.always has been. but I cant compete anymore and that is that. This promises to me bery fun and I am going to train solo two days a week. this is important as well.

the exercises to choose from:

2 hand swing
one hand swing
2 kb one arm swing
2 kb swings

technical swings
bottoms up clean
DARC swing
walking swing

kb front squat
farmers walk
morrison getups

one kb press
two kb press
handstand pushup

cleans squat press
swing flip squat
front squat press
squat cleans


kb arm bars
Bosu stands

we'll see. I do like the list.

Ah, found another of my favorite Platz photos. what a perfect squat position~Oh, and check the shoes, it too me years to find a pair of these. I miss the eighties.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

clean squat press

Slept really poorly last night and actually was awoken by the alarm. something that almost never happens. 4:10 am is very early under the best of circustances. I have woken up that hour for the last 7 years. Today was tough, although the joints actually felt decent for a change. its always something.

clean squat press

53x5+5x 6 sets: one more set than last week 3180 pounds. 6o reps. these were strong but the bottom squat position didnt feel right. not really setting in well. hate training fast when you are runningout of energy for the chasing the sunset.

handstands/scap pullups/bosu close stance squats

5 sets each, held handstand for ten but shoulders feel tight. pullups didnt loosen up til last set. just feel off today. squats actually felt good but too easy. should go back on the stability ball. close stance is good.


3x4 each assisted. these felt like crap. this might need some deload or a movement switch, the same but different.

Single leg dls

tried these again thinking that the ability to tolerate pistols on my left knee meant these might work but no go.couldnt even stand like that.need adjusted constantly. I hate that, it is very disturbing to "hear/feel".

Need to build THAT position though.. an arabesque .one leg stand, leaning to 50 degrees , arms straight and behind you.

Some exercises that worked well for me: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

Some exercises that worked well for me: Kettlebells, Strength, Fitness, Martial Arts

training around a meniscus tear from Master Maxwell.

Monday, October 03, 2005

quarters with kbs

my first workout with this new miler mindset. very, very different from my usual max effort for everything approach. Had to pace myself and not go 100% on each rep, or even try to. Stayed around 70-75% effort. Tried to relax and let the kb arc determine the groove. Just Make the freaking reps first, then go hard. think quarter mile repeats.

I tried to "feel" where I was the most efficient.It aint a pretty swing, let me tell you that, but none of my athletic forms have ever been "conventional". oh well at least I am consistent.

two hand swings


53x30x7 sets

210 reps /11,130 pounds

Bosu Pistols
3x5+5 left knee is TIGHT today

floor pistols

first attempts ever on a floor pistol! very very happy. holding onto the cage( and Joe) for balance.

3 handstands 8 sec each

handstand pushups
3 sets of 3-4 half reps each!

these were VERY easy and I could have gone done much further but wanted to play it safe on my shoulder/bicep, just in case. strength and balance were great!felt like the old days., I will be able to do full handstand pushups again.


five sets of five; strong/nose to bar.


hams, calves and abs- twenty minutes of waiting out the tension in straddle sits, pike sits, l sitsprone cobras, downward dog, hanging from power rack and thumper massage.

stretching out for real immediately after the workout is proving to be the key way to minimise post workout soreness, stiffening and spasm.All I need is Lance Armstrongs' massuese to get my legs nice and supple instead of these blocks of wood.

this will become a constant in the program design from now on. Got to get my splits back as well.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

new goals and mindset.

I never accomplished the 100 Darcs with the 53 or the 72. Now, after reading Nate Morrisons article stating that military should be able to do 100 swings with the 53 and special ops guys should be able to do the same with the 72 I decided to set those as new goals.

Swings are my weakest movement(especially two handed) and I suck at reps. This will be a good, safe challenge. To do so I have to rethink my mental approach. I have been thinking in terms of a high level of strength AND decent work capacity. More like a power builder.This goal will have me thinking of myself more as a miler.

The 1oo reps should take about 3 minutes or so. A bit fast for a mile or even 1500 but in the same energy systems. One day will be the swing equivilant of intervals doing one third of the reps( 30 ) per set. this is similar to milers doing quarter mile intervals as their "strength" work.This will be mondays.

Wednesdays will be clean, squat and presses, the swing equivilant to hill work Lower reps and more resistance.

Saturdays will be hundred rep sets,trying to work up to 3 sets of 100 with the 53. I did these in preparationf or the RKC. I want to get them strongly this time,not just survive them. I wills tart slowly and build up.

todays workout:

two hand swings

72x20x10 sets. Used the hinge at the hip style and it worked very well. Its ugly but it works for me.
88x10x5 sets
these were okay but not much umph left.

4x15 eh.

kb lunges

53x10+10x3 sets. want to ramp these reps up to 15-20 per leg too.

dats it. short and sweet.

bf 10%