Monday, October 31, 2005

Training partners

I've always said: Good training partners are harder to find that a good woman.Nothing worse than expectiing your partner to be there to get through a tough workout, especially a squat or bench day( where you need a handoff), or, a snatch workout and have a no show. It just sucks.

If you dont have the expectation of the partner then you adapt to that and thats it. But when you expect that person, come to rely on the them, and they dont show its different. Oh well, enough whining for now. Gotta train no matter what. Its always on you anyway, training partners or no.

Been playing with a modified GS style descent to set up a better leg drive. we'll see what happens.
26x8/8 shoulders are already tight.
36x8/8x2 not too bad
44x5/5x2 a bit jerky ont he way down. not sure the biceps tendon likes this at this weight.
53x5/5 same as the 44
x5/5 it warmed up a bit, and it did put me in a very good leg drive position it is too tough on the biceps.
36x5/5 a closer in, over the top drop.a modifed hard style.
44x5/5 not bad a bit worried about catching it with a bent elbow in the bottom though.
53x5/5x2 so so
44x5/5x2 playing with technique, nothing definitive.

152 snatches. not a bad volume considering. intensity low though.form work always is.

one arm swings

these are so much less complicated than snatches! and more fulfilling in many ways.
just the simplicity of them.

freestanding handstand pushups
sets of
16 total reps. these are getting easier. LOTS of triceps.

6 sets of 6. these are coming along fine.soon I will add a kb and cut the reps a bit.

one leg squats( rear leg supported)
These are working out great! It stretches out the rear quad as you have great control on the negative portion of the rep. and I dont have to hold on either SO I can hold a kettlebell! very happys with these

18#x6/6x3 sets wow these were hard but solid. this is exciting I really got the legs and the hips working well.

handstand holds

4 sets ten second holds.I have to do these now just to stretch out the shoulders.


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