Friday, October 07, 2005

Snatches, punking out,instinctive training

First things first. I snatched with the left arm today; the first time since the tear. It was easy and I went very light for low reps but it felt excellent. I didnt think about technique at all, just keeping my elbow straight and turning it over.

There is something unique though about the snatch. I've wanted to think I was done with it as its kicked my ass so badly and this last one was scary. But I've only been hurt with the two pood and its obvious as the fact I can no longer power squat or dl heavy again that I shouldnt snatch the 72.

BUT that doenst look like it means I cannot snatch at all. The snatch is very different movement and its so cool to do.I have missed it.


I do NOT want to train for 100 reps sets of swings and I dont know what made me think I would make myself do that.I freaking HATE them and thought by pushing myself to do it I would get over it but its not the right time. I dont have the emotional energy to care enough to make myself do it.Something easier and heavier. I am so glad my arm is not fucked.

So where does that leave my training? I played today and had a great workout, going with the flow of what my body felt like it could do and needed as well.Thats how I realized I could snatch again. I was "supposed" to do press first today and there was no way. I was beat from work and didnt want to do it. wanted to sweat and get going but I had 100 reps tommorow so Iw as limited.

then I said screw it and did snatches because thats what my body wanted to do. It was the right choice and them the workout just "unfolded" from there. I have a list of my favorite exercises on the chalk board at stones and will make up the routine that day. at least for awhile.

This is why I competed. without a set goal and a deadline my training just is all over the place.always has been. but I cant compete anymore and that is that. This promises to me bery fun and I am going to train solo two days a week. this is important as well.

the exercises to choose from:

2 hand swing
one hand swing
2 kb one arm swing
2 kb swings

technical swings
bottoms up clean
DARC swing
walking swing

kb front squat
farmers walk
morrison getups

one kb press
two kb press
handstand pushup

cleans squat press
swing flip squat
front squat press
squat cleans


kb arm bars
Bosu stands

we'll see. I do like the list.

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