Sunday, October 16, 2005

Kettlebells Basic Eight

It seems that the key ingredients to almost any kettlebell training program come down to these basic eight exericses:

Basic Eight

1) Two hand swing
2) One hand swing
3) Transfers
4) Cleans
5) Presses
6) Front squats
7) Snatches
8) Windmills

From these basic exercises and all their permutations and variations( one kb or two, low medium or over the head swing, heavy for low reps, light for high, compound movmements and hybrids plus all the combinations possible for circuits......) the Art of the Kettlebell can be learned.

The exercises don't need to be varied as much as the loads and the intensities.Perfection of form with diligent practice will bring about efficiency of movement which some try to avoid in their training but I think is critical for safe performance of movement for most of us.


Com. Rekx said...

Rif - dop you really think that the 2 handded swing is so different form the 1 handed? Which is a permutation of which? You obviously make great distinction between the two...why? I only ask because for me the 2 hand and 1 hand swing is very similiar in for and function. ---would love to hear your thoughts.

Mark Reifkind said...


I do think the 2 hand swing is much different in the specific loading as well as body position.
First the 2 handed does not allow you to "get away" from the fatigue as it grows.

with one hands, if you go to very heavy fatigue with your left, when you switch to your right hand, you find you have reserves you didnt know about.

this is because with the bell in one hand the opposite side leg and back are used more.with the 2 hand version there is no relief.

the symmetrical nature of the two hand swing also requires a better chest up,back arched posture than the one hand and loads the hips and glutes more, imo.

I hate them btw,lol, but I do them because I am weak at them. great question and thanks for reading.