Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Trainer or Exerciser?

I know a lot of people who exercise,but very few who train. When I started this path many years ago all I cared about was the skills and the training; competition was just something that went along with it( high school gymnastics). In order to train and not just exercise you must have a goal.Doesnt matter what it is, you just have to have one( or more) and pursue it with as much zest as possible.

I realized that to justify the amount of training I wanted to do I better not only compete, but do well, or I'd have to get a real job one day and not have an excuse for being a gym bum. So I cut my teeth on training for competition and don't really know how to workout without a set goal in mind or a deadline to complete that.

Many,many years of that have now rendered me in a state where training like that is not only not feasible but nonsensical as well. training to be your best and constantly progress is very likey to push you over the edge and I can't work if I'm hurt. Plus, it hurts and I am very tired of hurting all the time.

Kettlebell training and joint mobility have brought me back from the dead with increased mobility, endurance,flexibility and recovery. Not to mention a functional strength I have not had in years, as well as reserve capacity. Finally some gas in the tank. Not being able to do cardio because of my orthopedic limitations was getting very old. KBs have certainly solved that.

But I still have to set some number goals and make my mind up to achieve them or I notice my training get laxer and laxer.Going by how I feel is not a good thing because lately I am only tired or in pain when it comes time to get started and that doesnt make for good motivation.Once I get going I feel so much better but the old powerlifter/bodybuilder set/rep guy is the only way I like to train. I know it, its familiar and it leads somewhere.

So many peoples training goes nowhere because they dont choose for it to go somewhere in particular. 5x5 with the 72 in the front squat, 10x10 with a certain weight in a certain exercise, a 45 minute 10 km,100 swings- whatever.It really doesnt matter as long as you are training for it. Because in the world of the lifestyle athlete as soon as that goal is accomplished another one will take its place and the cycle will continue. If you are just exercising its just not the same.

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