Saturday, October 08, 2005

Playing kettlebells.

well I recovered nicely from yesterdays workout( even surviving day two with no prescription anti inflamms, just aspirin!) and woke up not knowing what the workout would bring.decided on:

2kb/one hand swing
(each weight is combined of two kbs)
62x7+7 dont know why this movement is so much better for me than regular one arm swings
72x6+6 this is getting tougher now
88x5+5x2 sets. grip is harder here too.
vol = 868+864+800+880= 3412

two hand swing
x50 this is much better when I am fully warmed up
vol= 1590+2120+2650=6360

2kb deadlift
53x3x10 reps

kb arm bars

five handstands/10 sec each

pullups 5x5 supersetted with handstands.

around the body pass
3x30 reps 26 #

this was great. did just what my body needed.

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