Wednesday, October 05, 2005

clean squat press

Slept really poorly last night and actually was awoken by the alarm. something that almost never happens. 4:10 am is very early under the best of circustances. I have woken up that hour for the last 7 years. Today was tough, although the joints actually felt decent for a change. its always something.

clean squat press

53x5+5x 6 sets: one more set than last week 3180 pounds. 6o reps. these were strong but the bottom squat position didnt feel right. not really setting in well. hate training fast when you are runningout of energy for the chasing the sunset.

handstands/scap pullups/bosu close stance squats

5 sets each, held handstand for ten but shoulders feel tight. pullups didnt loosen up til last set. just feel off today. squats actually felt good but too easy. should go back on the stability ball. close stance is good.


3x4 each assisted. these felt like crap. this might need some deload or a movement switch, the same but different.

Single leg dls

tried these again thinking that the ability to tolerate pistols on my left knee meant these might work but no go.couldnt even stand like that.need adjusted constantly. I hate that, it is very disturbing to "hear/feel".

Need to build THAT position though.. an arabesque .one leg stand, leaning to 50 degrees , arms straight and behind you.

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