Monday, December 31, 2007


Larry Pacifico told Louie and he's right. Strong triceps are the key to a big bench and this exercise is one of my all time favorites for building size, strength and explosive strength into the triceps.
It is the rolling db extension as taught by Louie and WSB and we did it on speed day for seven sets of eight with 15 sec rest/sets. My best was 70 lb dbs for the seven sets done after speed bench.These ALWAYS hurt as you were to move the dbs as explosively as you could.
We also used it on max effort day for sets as low as three. My best was 115lb dbs for a set of 3.The stronger my tri's were the stronger my bench was.
It looks like it would kill the elbows and the shoulders but because the load is constantly shifting, and the dbs can rest on the shoulders it really was easy on those joints.As Louie describes it it is more about 'shoving' the weight up, than extending it or pressing it.

Assistance day.

This is working out quite nicely. Saturday has turned into the "lifts" day; snatch swipe and mill and monday will be the assistance/special exercises that I will do to help strengthen the main lifts.Wednesday is the same but different as Sat with max vo2 and more mills.Lighter and faster with a conditioning emphasis.Nice to actually have exercise selection options now, lol. Have been eating too early and too long during the weekends and I really felt it when I had to fast this am and then do these heavy ass 32 kg swings. No fun. Have to get on it on sundays again.

One arm swings

32kgx10/10x13 sets
260 reps
18,720 lbs
76% of PR( 340)

man that pr was set on a saturday morning. it's gonna be hard to break, I think,lol.I went in thinking 300 but it was too much today( 88%).It's also nice to have solid rep numbers to use to base percentages on.I now have my records with the 20,24,28 and 32 kg bells at respectable levels and can wave the loads from here on.

2 arm cast
10lbs x20
15lbsx10x5 sets

ok, this wasnt easy.especially with zero choke but it was solid.this is the perfect move for this portion of the swipe.serious serious tricep work too, way cool.

Shield cast
15lbsx10/10x5 sets

this wasnt easy either. very challenging but solid as well.

Mill practice with 10 lbs 10 minutes
just working on teshnik in slow mo.
Lots of z and floor stretching today and this was good.the elbow and wrist circles are proving every bit as valuable as the ankle work.

bw 162.4!
bf 9.1%
water 60.5%

feel very lean but also much bigger up top. the clubs are definitely changing my upper body.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Conjugate Training

Chuck Volgepohl just pulled 836

This could be the most important principle that comes out of the WSB model. Some point to the Russians and Bulgarians as only using the basic lifts to improve their lifts and total but what many don't see is that many, if not most, who use the competition lifts only are built to do those lifts.Pavel refers to these guys as built like 'nesting dolls'.

Nesting dolls are a Russian toy that has one wood carved doll that fits exactly over the other. They come in different sizes(weight classes) but their proportions are exactly the same.Check out the Russian power or Olympic lifters and see what he means. Of course there are exceptions but most of these teams are picked specifically for bodytypes as these have been shown to be able to handle the training. Same with gymnastics.

If you have great natural levers for a specific lift you can gain very well by just using those lifts and cycling the loads.WSB was designed not for the natural gainer, but for those average persons who need a method for progressing once progress has stopped. Louie has very nicely answered the question: " how do you get stronger in a lift once you can't get stronger just by doing the lift itself?".The answer( at least one of them) is the conjugate method.
There are many ways to use this and many different applications.I still use this principle to this day although I no longer powerlift by making sure to work on all the aspects that I need to maintain structural integrity similtaneously.
Another great example of this is strongman training.Strongmen train a huge variety of unique lifts , for either very high loads (max efforts) or high reps to failure.they can ignore the classic powerlifts for a long time and come back and make great progress without actually working the specific lift itself.
My friend Pro Strongman Rob Muelenberg had the exact same experience.After training strongman for 8 months with NO specific power squatting he put on a suit and with no wraps squatted a PR 925 in a meet, up from 815!Now, of course, this is an advanced technque and beginners should steer clear of this until the specific motor pattern of the classic lift itself is laid down correctly. But even beginners can greatly benefit from a correct weak point analysis of their lifts and proper use of the conjugate method. Every one has weak and strong parts of a lift right from the start.Same with mobility/flexibility.If your weak point in the squat is your ability to get depth then you dont need more strength you need flexibility.
Chek's training order of progression is: flexibility, stability, strength, endurance, power. Of course if one is missing one aspect of this list entirely than that should be focused on specifically until one is qualified to work on the next level. But once basic levels are achieved they must be maintained and developed according to need and natural levels. For instance I don't have to worry much about maintaining strength as I have more than I need from my years of training so heavy and hard. I can slack off strength training per se for many moons and get it back quite quickly.
I can't, however, do the same thing with my mobility,stability and flexibility. So those have to not only stay in the mix all the time, they have to stay at the top of the list.Same with muscles. People LOVE to train their strong points and hate to train what's weak but that is exactly how one proceeds if not making progress is the goal. Natural strengths will require very little work. Weak points need to be hammered continually in order to come up at all, much less fast. And weak areas are the first to fall off once training diminishes or reduces in intensity.
For example, I have hardly done any upper body training in the last three years; mainly swings and snatches for my(much) weaker lower body. And yet, just after a month or so of upper body training with the clubs,my upper body is growing like a weed!If I took three years off lower body training I would hate to even guess how long it would take to get some strength and size back in my lower half!
The difference is if one is truly training to improve or just to get a good workout and do what is already strong in.
When one reaches their limit in a classic lift, be in a squat, or a press or a snatch, there is always one( at least)major muscle group that is holding you back. When you fail to stand up from a limit squat it is not the SQUAT that has failed but rather a specific muscle(s).Usually the lower back/abs. Same with a bench.It's not the bench that fails but weak lats or triceps or shoulders. And, as Louie loves to say, the muscle makes the groove. So if you push your bench press back to the rack instead of straight up it's pretty much a guarantee that your shoulders are stronger than your triceps.SO that means WAY more tricep training as well as working with lighter weights and closer grips to develop what's weak.Train what's weak and you become stronger.Train what's strong and stay where you are. Unless you are a super natural, then this isn't for you.
Here's two great articles on conjugate training. Must reads.
Conjugate training part one
Conjugate method part two

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snatches, swipes and mills

I really love this combination of movements. My new three favorites.Doing speed work snatches on wednesday really does prepare me well for heavier reps on saturday.It also helps not to be in pain all the time too.I kinda almost remember how this feels :))

20 kgx10/10x11 sets
x10/10/5/5x1 set
250 reps
11,000 lbs.

300 was the number I had in my head but each set was done as fast as possible and by 200 I was re thinking 300. I wanted to also do a max set of swipes with the 15s after snatches and wanted to leave a little for 250 it was. very happy with everything though. groove was great and speed and acceleration were great. Lockout very solid too although no pause; constant motion.

2cb swipes
15sx 50 reps PR

First time I have done these with the 15's and was pleasantly surprised and more respectful at the same time. If I did these fresh I could see 75 reps but the 15's are definitely much more of a handfull than the 10s.Go figure ;) Much more cardio as it gets heavier too.No real suprise there.

gama cast, circular cast, circle cast to flag
25lb CB x 3 sets
one cb swing x10 each arm
pendulum swing to order 5 each arm
one arm swipes 5 each arm!!!!( now this suprised me.Not easy but I could do it with a medium choke)

Heres some video of the cb work for David

1x20/20 with 10lb
1x20 /20 with 15lb ( first time with this as well)

heres the video of the mills with the 10

Very solid day, energy good,felt strong.Havent seen any video of myself doing the mills so that is good. Have lots of work to do on my technique I see.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holy Crap!

Santa was a few days late and had to use DHL to get the job done but my 25 lb clubbell finally showed up today and MAN! that thing is BIG!!! I have a huge new respect for guys that can do hi reps mill and swipes; hell anything, with this bad boy.
SSGT Glass just got his and called it the Bulldog of Clubbells and I think he's right.I am resisting the impulse to throw it around a bit til saturday is I am just a bit sore from my little training binge.Course I thought this way about the tens when I first got them so hopefully I will adapt to these in the same way.We will definitely be starting out with two handed work with this although I will have to see if I can clean it and do some pendulums with it.Torch press perhaps too.
That would be tough, I bet.I'll play.
I can also tell that the ballistic moves will really have to come from the core to get and keep this baby moving. Trying to arm or muscle this will be be hell on the joints. Lots o torque.
Not sure though that I am going to keep the hammer swing in the mix. as expected it involves TON of core work and I still dont like to really load my rectus and obliques.It just tends to stiffen me up and the hammers did a bit too. Not too much but in the wrong place.I will stay with the circular casts which I should be able to do with the 25.
Lots of fun to come and I can feel my arms growing.Man it is heaven being able to train a bit hard again.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The clock never lies.

which is why I hate training by one.But since the weight is so light in the maxvo2 snatch workouts and the rest periods frequent I can suck it up once a week,lol.
Had thoughts about 20 sets of 7 and 20 sets of 8 but after yesterdays swipe and mill fun and tons of demo work today I decided against it. 40 solo sets was enough in itself. 15 seconds is just not that much time to rest and it keeps getting shorter after each set.

max vo2 snatch
16 kgx 7 repsx35 sets
x8 repsx5 sets
total reps:285
total lbs:10,260
this was done very workman like and I took the full 15 sec by holding the lockout longer.
the last five reps spint got my finishing HR to 180+ no problem. Form does feel solid though.

Clubbell Hammer swings
15lb clubbell x 65/65 pr
10lb clubbellx 30/30

at first I was goin to only swing in one direction thinking the force was clockwise.I then realized it was counterclockwise: much easier because it's my old gymnastics twisting direction. I need the opposite to counter it( no wonder it was so easy,lol).Did the easy side first and got 65 fairly strongly.Lots of stops and starts on the left side( left arm on top) trying to figure out the groove. 65/65 though, is Coach Sonnon's number for the Hammer swing portion of his Trial by Fire.

CB Barbarians
15lbs x10/10x3

this was tough. I was done

CB Flag
15lbs x5/5x3

this was solid.

bw 160.4
bf 8.7%
water 60.4%

dats it, 3 days in a row. Havent done THAT in eons.A very good sign

Chuck Sipes

Great pic of the late ,great Chuck Sipes. When strength and physique were one and the same.
Here's some more photos of the Champion bodybuilder and Strongman.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas day CB PR's!

Normally don't train on tuesdays but normally I dont have the whole day off either so I decided to test my 10lb clubbells swipes and mills and see if I could hit the century mark.

2 10lb CB Swipes
150 reps in 8 min 10 seconds. PR and first time to 100 consecutive reps.

This was great and not too hard, really.Was shooting from 130 reps and could have done 200 no problem had I also not been planning on doing mills as well. No chalk, no warmup,no rest between reps. solo.

1 /10lb CB Mills
100 reps each arm PR

also no warmup.This was much tougher than the swipes but I got it done. Left arm was suprisingly tougher than right arm. Opposite of snatches.No resting on either arm and second arm was done right after right. Very pleased with this.

Now I've earned my food today.

60 year old deadlifts 694!

here's some motivation for the new year!

heres the usapl link I got it from with more info

usapl link

Monday, December 24, 2007

Speed swings for volume.

Wasnt quite sure how I was going to handle today. Joe's off so I'm solo which usually means faster not heavier. Did the 32kg last week so it's either the 24 kg or maybe the 20kg. The powerlifter in me still hates to use lighter weights than I have to but so much good comes from the lighter weight moved really fast for me.I just have to accept that the 20 kg and below is light now, not the 24kg. The 24 is medium heavy for me and requires its own respect.
Checking my pr swing numbers I realize I don't have a 20 kg swing pr so I have to pick a starting spot.Upon doing so I realize that I have done 600 freaking swings with the 24 kg( that ain't gonna be broken again real soon,lol) and 408 with the 24 so it has to be at least 400. ugh. this is gonna be fun.
Yet I want them all to be fast and crisp so it's 10/10 with as short a rest as I can manage. this is usually pretty long( 1-2 minutes) but damn I hate trying to push hard when I can't here goes. Suprisingly I feel good right away and think about doing it ssst style with 10/10/10/10 but realize the acceleration and 'pop' of each rep is good so here we stay.As usual, once I fully warm up it's better than expected.

One arm swings
20kg x10/10x24 sets
x10/10/10/10x1 set( got anzious to get it over with)
500 swings PR
22,000 lbs( 11 tons!)

this went great and this is such a perfect weight for me for acceleration and speed work.all reps head high and the speed was excellent. Rest periods started out at 1 min+ for the first 5-8 sets then I warmed up and got down to 30-45 secs for the middle sets. the last 100 was about minute long.Form held the entire way.

Two CB arm cast 10 lbers
4 sets of 12,14,16,20
Shield cast 10 lbs
One CB arm cast 15 lbs
5,8,8 all sets back to back. I think I like the one arm version better .

rack walks 16 kg
800 feet. switch every 200 least I am doing it now. Need more footage though.

bw 162 !
bf 8.2%
water 61.3%

datsit. Merry Chrismas to all!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday stretching and Z drills.

Although I have been doing plenty of Z with my clients again, as well as stretching out before work, I havent done a full body z drills session in a few weeks. On one end it's so nice not feeling like I have to "work" on myself to get out of pain I am enjoying the extra time and pain free movement. On the other what got me out will keep me out so it's time to get back to work. Perfect day today too, about 60 degrees clear and sunny. I am like a reptile now it seems. I need the sun and warm temps to get fully defrosted.

Rifga stretches
down dog alternate ham/calf stretch
up dog/prone cobra
bent knee soleus calf stretch
sumo squat stretch for time(3 minutes)
standing karate stretch ( back foot fully flat)
tuck rolling
pike stretch
straddle stretch
horse stance standing squat ,wide

Z drills
lengthening postures front,side
arms out,to side, behind back
Elbow circles, top and bottom, bilateral
wrist circles ,all component as well as compound
( the elbow and wrist circles seem to unlock my shoulders MUCH better than any direct shoulder work. this has been VERY consistent of late.
lateral,medial ankle tilts
toe pulls
toe circles pointed and flexed
close chain knee circles
open chain knee circles
hip circles 6 ways( foot prontated as rehab position)
( without a doubt one leg(left) stability is the best in memory since my knee surgery)
back half circles
thoracic slides all components then full circles
bilateral : shoulder circles front,back, overhead ,bottom, side,crankshaft
unilateral cross body circles
(I have changed all the shoulder work to bilateral almost by accident and it is working out much better. I use the normal side as a proprioceptive template for the restricted side.this also keeps me from over doing my normal side as well).

finish with downward dog( standing in one place for 20 min still tightens up the left calf).


U of Iowa Gymnastics team 1977

Getting an email from my college gymnastics coach the other day inspired me to dig out old photos of my team.That's Neil Schmitt, in black, on the right.I'm kneeling in the second row on the right.It says he was the assistant coach but he was really the Head Coach and what a great coach, and gymnast, he was.He could always demonstrate everything he wanted us to do, better than we could, and without a doubt is the greatest spotter I have ever known or seen.I have no doubt if Neil had been my High School coach I never would have crashed on the trick that blew out my knee.

Here's the photo from the day I got my cast off my knee in 1974 and we were shooting the All City awards picture.I was not ready at all for what my knee and leg were going to look like and I was not a happy camper at all. Thats Kurt Thomas to my right.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snatch Swipes and Mills.

Its very good when this doesnt hurt.

Saturdays is turning out to be classical movements day for me; snatches, swipes and mills.Monday will be the assistance exercises for this day; swings,arm and shield casts. wednesday is more snatches and another big move the hammer swing with a combination assistance move the two hand arm cast/flag(i.e the barbarian).Need to do side pendulums and two handed circular casts on thursdays as well to really complete the schedule.
This is the first time in 7 years I can seriously contemplate adding a forth day into my training schedule.This is great.
warmup( it is 38 deg or so in the garage today :)):
cb swings and swipes, 10 lbs lots of reps
cb two hand swipes 10 lbs same

16 kg snatch 5/5x3
20kg snatch 5/5x2

24kg snatch 6/6x13 sets
156 reps
8268 lbs
these were great.once I warmed up a bit all the snatches were done very fast and explosively.It felt just like max vo2 day.FINALLY that stupid 24kg is starting to feel light again. Took long enough. rests were one minute or so between sets. Just me and Nick today.Was going to do more snatches but wanted to test the swipes with the 15lbers and needed to leave something.
Two CB swipes
10lbsx10 x2 sets
15lbersx10 x1
15lbersx50 reps PR/ zero choke( stopped for a some breaths and grip relief in shoulder park at 40 then finished)
105 total reps

Man, this was HARD.I should have done more warmups as my grip pumped up too fast. it was actually better on the second set of 30 but then I was getting beat.first time with any real reps with this and was very pleased.100 will be very tough and the next time I test it I will do them first.Need to go back to sets and reps now and practice form and not test again for awhile.
10 lbs x 60/60 PR
10lbsx 20/20x 4 sets
Again, just jumping in to test is tough for me.takes so long to get my groove smooth.the subsequent sets were much smoother. again, back to sets and reps before testing again.
great one today and physically am feeling the best I have in many many fibula is finally staying in place which is making a gigantic difference in my knee flexion and of course my gait.recovery is also at an all time high. feels like I could repeat the workout right now, 1.5 hrs after its over. Beleive me this is a new feeling.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

CB Hammer Swings

This is the video I based my form on.I hadn't seen the above video til today

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Max Vo2; building back up

Back to 36 sets now for the speed snatches and I was looking forward to ONLY 36 sets.Monday kicked my ass a bit but I was also thinking of starting with sets of 8 and seeing how many I could get before dropping back to 7 reps.
BUT I am a very slowly warmer-upper and I usually dont do much warmup for max vo2 as it is so light and there are so many reps to do.I need at least ten sets( 5 each arm) it seems, as a minimum before I can hit 8 reps per 15 sec cycle.So I starte with 7's and did half the work before going to 8's.I need to work backwards from the top work set til I get to 10 sets as the starting point.
Snatch 15:15
16kgx7 repsx18 sets=126 reps
x8 repsx18 sets=144 reps
total= 270
its the lockout that I have to skimp on most if I want to go faster so I have to make sure to 'hit' the position but not hold it.felt good today.Max hr at end of work=180 -185

Clubbell Hammer swings
10lbsx20 each directions x2 sets
15lbx20each directionx 3 sets
10lbs x20 each directionx 1 set

Wow!This was the first time I tried this movement and I love it. What a total body movement. Like a hammer thrower winding up for a throw. I never would have thought,with how my back and my shoulder were, that I could ever do a move like this.This is great. After further reflection though, I think I only need to do this move clockwise and not both ways.
Counter clockwise rotations feed into my myofascial windings from all the wrong direction twisting I did as a gymnast.Clockwise will be good . this is another 100 rep plus move.
I just have a feeling for these clubbell moves;I just feel like I know how to do them. Can find the groove pretty quickly.

15lb CB x12/12x 5 sets

its crazy but my arms chest and shoulders are growing from all this concentrated upper body work.

Shield casts

this was overkill,lol

rack walks with 16 kg
900 feet hand switch ever 200 feet.finally got these in. knee felt great.

BF 8.7%
Water 60.5%


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"From handstands to bench presses to jerks.."

Heres a link to a new article I did for Pavels newsletter. It chronicles my path from the always overhead world of the gymnast through the restricting ROMs of powerlifting to redeveloping my overhead strength and stability with the kettlebell. I hyperlinked relevant blog posts and videos to illustrate or detail an exercise or point of importance.
From Handstands...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wow. This is one strong 21 year old.

Unbelievably strong and technically perfect lifts. ANd ,being Swedish he is probably drug free as well( they have an incredible random, year round, out of meet testing program).But man the modern bench shirt has ruined that lift for me. I can't even watch them anymore.

Watch this!


LOL, there is a definite difference between doing heavy, high volume swings on Saturday morning, the first thing of my day, and doing them after being up since 3 am and working my full client load. No worries, it will just take a little adaptation.Of course today was 32 kg day and my 400 rep PR was in no danger at all.70% sounded like a good number and even it was a optimistic goal. Since I know now to step back rather than falling off after a peak this didnt smart so much.

5 am Z drill and floor rifga: 20 min
pre workout warmup
clubbell swings, pendulums, arm casts. with 10's

1 pm
One arm swings

32kgx10/10x12 sets
240 reps
17,280 lbs

not a bad workload.have to be careful here though, after stretching people, loading weights and carrying bells all morning I have to take the time to open up the forearms before heavy swing loading.tight forearms always end up in my biceps and shoulders so I have to go slowly with this new schedule.

One arm swipes
10lbs x10/10
15lbsx10/10x 5 sets

these were solid, Cant wait to get the 25s

Circular casts
15lbs x15/15x 4 sets

datsit. a short one today, rack walks will have to wait for another time.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Music to squat by

Spent the morning starting the new Stones gym reorganization and found this song on an old training tape mix I had. Never failed to get me going.Never saw the video before.

Reinventing the wheel.

One of the things that frustrates me to no end as a trainer and confuses me as well is why clients and trainers do not study the basic history of the sport or area they are trying to improve.I had a trainer ask me the other day about basic bodybuilding program design and what would be a good approach?

The first thing I would do is point them in the direction of the great of the past such as Arnold, Mike Mentzer and Tom Platz. Why reinvent the wheel?The principles and methods of these greats serve as a perfect template, especially for a beginner, as to how to get started creating a body that develops in the same way. Of course they nuances and details will be different, but all one has to do, really, is go back and study how the greats themselves started out and begin there. There are no secrets, it's all written down for everyone to learn from.This is especially important if one is a trainer. These methods should be studied in great detail.

Even with the answers right in front of you there still is no shortcut and the dues must be paid in sweat and tears but the answers to the test are there for all to see. But it must be studied,analyzed and individualized for oneself.

The same goes for powerlifting. The routines of Ed Coan, Kirk Karwoski, Louie Simmons and a multitude of others are easily accessible and transferable to the average power student. Yet choosing a method and then sticking with it through not just one, but many cycles seems very difficult for many.If you look at Coans book, for example, you will see how he did basically the same exact routine and cycled the same exact way for 20 plus years. Only the numbers basically changed. Upward and upward.This, of course is the goal but more difficult to do than to write down. One must have an ultimate patience to really achieve anything in the iron sports and this is a very hard concept for many,especially if one has training A.D.D.But that must be overcome if real progress is to be made.Emotional discipline is as important as physical discipline when one has real long term goals and numbers to be achieved.

Looking deeper at Coans methods one see's just one or two top sets for each week done once a week. That's not much work, in one sense,especially if one is used to doing crazy amounts of volume or exercises. And what pressure! Knowing in advance, what one needs to do every week for a cycle of 12-16 weeks. And you get just TWO chances to make your weight and reps for that week. But that's exactly the type of pressure you get at the contest. Just three attempts and if you only get your opener you're stuck with a very light weight and a bad total.So it builds the type of mental discipline truly needed to succeed at power meets.

Of course there are many different approaches,many ways to skin that cat, but none of them will work if the components are subbed out for the skills "you like".

I read a post on a forum from someone extolling the virtues of a specific routine that built their squat. One of the first replies was from someone who said it looked good, and he was going to try it with his deadlift and by switching around the recommended assistance exercises! Why even bother doing that routine? As soon as you sub out the basic template it is no longer the right formula!Once you find what works for you it can be used over and over many times. Arnold used basically the same training program for years with minor variations depending on which part of the competition cycle he was in.

Training routines and program designs are very much like a gourmet recipe, yes you can switch out the ingredients or the cooking methods but don't expect the finished meal to taste the same.

So, know your iron history and the methods and principles upon which your sport or discipline stands upon. Choose basic and time tested routines and recipes to use and stick with them! Before you start switching out the ingredients really see what the original formula brings you in terms of progress.Study how the greats of the past did it and find that which feels similar and familiar to you and then FOLLOW IT before redesigning it.There are no shortcuts to great strength or muscle size.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Test day and letting go.

Stones Gym

I purposely have not tested myself, with either kettlebells or barbells, in about two years. I decided that it is in the heat of the competitive moment, when I am working towards a number or weight goal ignoring fatigue,that I tend to hurt myself and I have had enough of that.At least that has been the case. So I have focused on increasing my work loads and work capacity and have not taken the SSST in either five or ten minutes version or really pushed myself into any real fatigued states.
But the max Vo2 work has given my a lot of confidence in my snatch form and work capacity so I thought it relatively safe to give it a try.I have already snatched twice this week but Saturday is always meet day so today it was.I decided that 80 reps was a decent starting point and should be no trouble so 80 was the goal.
I decided to do groups of 5/5/6 reps per arm with a 15 sec rest bout each minute.I didn't know how low the 16 reps would take me but I thought no more than 45 sec.Turned out be be 4o so I got even more rest.
10 mins Z and rifga
pretty cold morning for Cali so I took my time and warmed up slowly.

Five Min SSST with 24 kg
5/5/6x 5 rounds
80 reps in 5 min.
4240 lbs

This was fine although I realized on the last set I should do the 6 rep on the first hand instead of the last,lol. 6/6/6 will give me 90 reps and that will be the next goal.Each rep was done fast and explosively with a solid lockout at the top . With only 5's to do I didn't have to pace at all.As expected this felt just like the MaxVo2 training;only the last 5 sets of a 50 set workout,lol.
The real good news is that I removed the stigma of pushing myself a bit now and gained a ton of confidence in my shoulder and back's ability to run a little hotter than 80% effort.
On to the next test.

2 Clubbell Swipes.
Last time I did these I knew I could do 100 reps, so I figured I would stay on the testing track and give this a whirl.I really have a feel for this exercise and have no fear for my shoulder back or knee so I really wanted to push it a bit.

2 10lb CBs x 100 continuous reps, no choke /PR
5 total minutes

This went great. Very steady pace for the first 70(old PR was 60) and then picked up the pace considerably once I realized that I would make 100 no problem. Strong sprint the last ten. I have always done well with negative split racing and this is no exception.The kbs not so much but the cbs for sure.
I have good leverage here and by just squatting down a bit more I get tons more ballistic force going.Sonnon's Trial by Fire challenge involves 130 swipes, 130 mills EACH ARM! and 130 Hammer swings. I just wanted to nail 100 reps but I might have been able to eek out another 30.Time to alternate the 15's into the mix now and build up to 100 with those.

One arm CB Mills
1 10 lb x50/50 PR

This was tough.Sonnon's Trial by Fire has them doing 130 of these with each arm with the 25's. Thats serious and I have a long ways to go but its another very good move for me and my shoulders love it.50 was just about it for me.These were continuous although I think you can rest the bell in the shoulder park position before continuing and the still count the reps.
I also only took five minutes between the swipes and the mills as well.I will stay with the 10's for the most part till I can do 100 each arm back to back.A little work with the 15 for low reps will make the 10's much easier.

The letting go.
My good friend Doc Rob Muelenberg came to Stones gym today to pick up most of the last of my powerlifting equipment that I have left there.I gave him my 20 year old original glute ham raise, competition bench press,Ivanko 250kg calibrated competition weight set, Crain squat racks,Simons Reverse hyper,safety squat bar, 70# fat olympic, trap bar,dip bar and a bunch of heavy db's.
Nick is only training the barbell squat now and I just don't need to have this stuff collecting dust anymore. So all I need is the power cage and one moveable bench.I also kept 2 texas power bars, an old york olympic bar, 400 lbs of machined york 45 lb plates and 4 45 lb york bumper plates.I would rather make more platfoms whereI can do more kbs and cbs than have these unused items as museum pieces only.I always loved this stuff as it was the last remaining equipment from the World Gym power room . I had so many great training sessions there; the original power dungeon as well as such fond memories of all the great strength athletes that I got to train with and who passed though it. They all left a piece of themselves forever embedded in the steel and iron.
So I was happy to give to someone like Doc Rob who I knew would use and cherish it and appreciate it's history as much as me.
Rob, in total WSB conjugate fashion, jumped in a power meet last month and squatted 925 and just missed 1020 despite not having power squatting in 8 months; just training his strongman panopoly of different exericses.All heavy and all hard.And still Drug free.
I will miss having those bits of my past around a little but letting go of them really just makes me see how much more room there is for the things I am really doing now; kettlebells, the clubs and my bodyweight drills. And how little I need to really have what I want.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another one bites the dust.

Another 50 sets of max VO2 snatches that is. This is the forth time I've waved through this cycle of 35-50 sets and this was the strongest by far, with the last 15 sets done with 8 rep per work bout.15 seconds is about the perfect amount of time for a work set for me. I can go all out but still recover from it quickly.I love going all out; nothing gets me out of my head and into the present moment like having to put my entire body and soul into a physical effort. Just freakin love it.
Someone once asked me how I could spend 5-6 hours a day 5-6 days a week doing gymnastics; wasnt that just too much work?And I told him straight away that I had never considered one minute of the time I had spent in the gym work.I always felt,right from the start, that I was Damn LUCKY to be able to spend that much time doing something I loved so much. School was work, gymnastics was play. Very serious and engaging play, but play.Kettlebells so remind me of that and it's been a long time since I could safely push myself like I did today and walk away feeling not only fine but good.It certainly helps that it is only the 16 kg,but I finally got my ego out of the way and stopped thinking I could only use the 24kg and up.Lots to be learned with light weights I have found.
And the virtual force created from moving fast is a good substitute for moving heavy.Think Sprinter.

Max Vo2 Snatch 15:15
35 sets of7=245 reps
15 sets of 8=120 reps
total =365 reps
13,140 pounds
25 minutes

Very very happy with this effort. No warmup just go which is very rare for me indeed.Snatch form felt solid and overhead right position was very solid too.I could even lean into it a bit.BUT I was definitely slow the first 30 sets or so and I was 3 or 4 seconds into the next 15 when I stood up. I went on time though even though I got less rest.I really worked the pause overhead for the first sets but knew 8 reps per 15 sec would mean a more aggressive pushoff to make the time and I found I could pick up the pace no problem.
Heartate was almost 190 for the last 5 sets and I was double breathing all the reps. worked great and definitely had more oxygen to work with.Form has been very consistent for a long time now. what a relief and a difference.

Clubbell Barbarian Flags
15lbs x20x6 sets
need the 25 for this badly. too many reps to get fatigue. love this move.

One CB shield cast
10lbsx10 each armx 2 sets
15lbs x8 each armx 2 sets
this was easily the strongest this has been with the 15's. last 2 sets had no choke and were no problem> I thnk I will be able to do this with the 25 right away.

Two Hand Mill
15lbs x10 each side x 4 sets

This was a practice session just trying to get the components and the correct mechanics for this move down. this was the first time I put it into a workout to be trained. Hard to keep the short side arm locked through the bottom. Have to rewatch the dvd on this one again.
Played with the Hammer swing earlier today and that is also going to be a winner for me. That will go well with the 25lber too.I always feel looser in the shoulder elbows and upper body musculature after I finish my kb workouts with clubs. No matter how many reps I seem to do it is very relaxing to me.

Lots of Z drills with clients today as well as standing karate stretches and rifga floor work thoughout the day. feels good and knee extension is the best it has been in long time.

BW 159.8
BF 8.7%
Water 60.5%

datsit,staying loose.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Snatches swipes and mills.

the clubbell work is really coming along and I am finally getting the hang of both the swipes and the mills. It really has a unique full body rythym and is much more rythymic and less explosive than my kb practice. A perfect compliment I think.I still can't believe my shoulder not only can do these rotational behind the back movements but is actually thriving on them! Crazy. I remember the first time I saw a clubbell 3 years ago in Santa Monica and couldnt even imagine I could ever use them! It would have torn my shoulder off! Its come a very long way.
Dropping the pressing in lieu of more swipes and mills is a good tradeoff.

Snatching felt good too, the 20 kg is really the perfect snatch weight for me. Not so light I can go as fast as I want and not have to think about it but heavy enough to challenge me in the higher rep range which I hate and suck at unless unbelievably motivated.

176 reps
7440 lbs.

This was good. I made sure to get a solid overhead lockout and pause between each rep but otherwise went fast. Alternated with Joe so no extra rest. Wind was decent but havent done more than 10- reps at a time in a long time so I got a solid forearm base just keeps getting wider on swings and snatches.will workup to 200 rep snatch sessions with both the 24 and the 20 kg.

2 clubbell swipes
10's x 60 reps
95 total reps

these were great. I really found a rythym with the 10's and can see 100 reps here in time no problem.doing the 15's after was a bit tough as my grip was seriously getting fatigued now from this work and the snatches.used almost NO choke on the 15's and none on the 10 's actually saves the grip if you can use no choke and use the knob as a backstop for the heel of the hand.

One club mills
10lb x4 sets of 20/20

these were also the best I have done with these. No choke on these as well.100 reps per arm is the gold standard I read,( with the 25!) so I will start working towards that with the 10s.

was supposed to rack walk today but just didnt have it. the extra hi rep cb work seems to be edging it out. have to work on that.

BW 160.8
water 58.6%

datsit, staying loose.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Progressive Flexibility.

While I have realized that the combination of Rifga stretches and Z drills is better than either of them alone, I still have way more lower body tension than I would like. When one major joint only bends half the required amount this is going to be the case but the more open that leg/knee is the less total tension I retain and the better everything feels.

I have known that I have to "get on the floor" and do my prone cobras and down dogs and straddle and pike stretches to keep the hammies and calves open.I also use the sumo and stick squats to open up the hips and my knees but then it came to me that I haven't done with the stretching what I did with the kbs and the Z drills; take it to the next level by taking things to the standing position and treating my stretching and stance work progressively as I do my kb and CB training.

I have been getting on the floor but I havent been really paying attention to how deep my stretches are or if they have been really progressing. I have been just been waiting out the tension; which is good, but it could be much better.Maybe it is time to get my splits back.

And I have to start treating the standing squat and lunge positions as just primal pattern work with deeper stances held with less tension.The same respect for the positions as I would have for the move if I could practice them loaded.
The basic 'karate' stance positions really stretch out the calves feet and opposite side hip flexor and rectus also shows me when my shoulders and hips are squared up, or not.
The rectus can really mess with the knee and the back if its tight. It's a knee extensor and hip flexor so it's gotta have it's full length; the standing karate type lunge stretch gets it all. Especially if I work it deep.But I have to work them more consistently and progressively.Also the wide stance deep horse stance. Just cause I can't squat heavy anymore doesnt mean I shouldn't work the position where it's weak; in its flexibility.Especially with the knee forward. That will open up the ankle more as well.

The only thing harder than figuring out what to do is really remembering to do it consistently.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Swings and Swipes.

Just me and Jonathan again so it was a faster paced one arm swing day than when Nick slows us down with all that heavy squatting :)) .Didnt get much good sleep last night so I didnt know how good my endurance would be; normally the 28kg bell gets 12 rep sets but I dropped it to 10's today to make sure.Once I warmed up though I felt great.

One arm swings

28kgx10/10x16 sets
340 reps
21,420 lbs

this was just right workload.Especially happy with the last set where I did them back to back just to get it over with ;)teshnik felt good the whole time.very snappy and powerful. PR is 400 so this is 80%.

One arm swipes
10lbx20 each arm
15lbx25 each arm
15lbx30 each arm
10lbx30 each arm

these were great!can't wait to get the 25 lber!SO much of this is all about the grip, go figure.definetly figuring it out on the fly.

Two hand circular casts
15lbx25 each direction
x30 each direction.

love it.very fluid stuff and the shoulders love it.

Clean to flag
15lbx20 x 4 sets

this is new but I like it already.I might have to get a 45 lb cb as well for some of these two hand moves!

Datsit, staying loose

Friday, December 07, 2007

25 Lb Clubbell Swipes

This is turning out to be one of my favorite moves, it works the shoulder in a rotary way that is very interesting.I have a long way to go to master this one.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

For SSGT Glass: The CB Mill

Pretty lifts.

One of my favorite things about powerlifting is that it matters not a whit what you looked like ,physically,when you did it.I went to powerlifting directly from bodybuilding where the ONLY thing that mattered is what you looked like.How much you trained or lifted to achieve that look didnt count at all and was basically irrelevant. As long as it worked for you you could use zero weight and zero intensity and it didnt matter.Virtual muscle, as Pavel would say.

When I went to my first national level powerlifting meet in 1990 to help coach one of the lifters from my gym I was unimpressed at first at the level of "muscle" these guys had.Lots of what I considered back then "little" guys and regular looking guys.Certainly no bodybuilding type freaks.

Unimpressed until I saw what actual numbers they were doing in meet conditions.And that being strong and looking strong were many times not actually connected at all. Man that changed me forever and threw me headlong into powerlifting. After suffering through the no real competition of the male beauty show that is bodybuilding I really needed something athletic. Where it mattered what you could do, not what you looked like. Power ifting, was and is, perfect for that.

And that goes for how each powerlift looks as well.Some of the ugliest powerlifts I have ever seen have been for world records! Head down,knees in, ass out bent over good morning looking squats, elbows out benches or benches with way too close or wide( you thought) grip and virtual stiff leg , round back deadlifts.

One of the most important lessons I took from Mr Simmons was that when one fails to complete a lift; be it squat bench or dead, its not the LIFT that fails but a muscle group instead.Your back or abs werent strong enough to maintain position or get you through the sticking point during your squat, your triceps arent strong enough to stay under the bar in the bench or your abs or hammies arent strong enough to keep your hips in you pull.

Louie said you had to analyze WHAT gives out during a max lift then focus on strengthening THAT and voila, your lift should get better. Until ANOTHER weak point appears and that has to get the same treatment as well.
It could be a muscle group. It could also be your starting strength, or rate of force development,or ability to maintain total tension,all requiring a different solution. The point is to really analyze where you fail in the lift and then bring that up.An unwavering devotion to where you are weak is the only way to get stronger. Because we are always just as strong as our weakest link.Everyone likes to train their strengths, cause its 'fun'. Training your weakness is what makes you better.
And you have to find out where YOU are strongest.If you dont know where you have the best leverage it will be hard to maximize that position. ANd sometimes that position ain't exactly "pretty". as long as its( relatively) safe( I mean how safe can trying to ever increase the maximal load you can move be?) go with it.Seek out, analyze and attack your weak links, wherever they may be or wherever you find them and keep getting better!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The one thing to never ask

before a workout: ' Do I feel like training'? Because mostly the answer will be no and then what do you do?Especially for me after I've trained six or seven people in a row.The desire to dive right back into the gym and give myself a solid ass kicking just really isnt there.I truly love being able to train first thing in the morning . When I "retire",lol, I will train myself first and then my clients.
Today was especially hard to get restarted after a ten minute power nap but,like usual, it turned out to be a stellar workout. Sometimes you just can't trust how you feel.Especially when you are not moving.!-2 pm has never been a good time for me to train. I always started gymnastics practice at 2 pm and I remember always wanting to take a nap at that time after classes all morning. Oh well, this is when it fits so:

Max Vo2
16kgx35 sets of 7 reps per 15 sec
10 sets of 8 reps per 15 sec
325 reps
11,700 pounds.

this was suprisingly easy! I took my heart rate at set 20 and it was only in the mid 150s so I decided to step it up to 8 reps per set.HR at the end of the 45 sets was 185.This was fine as well.I will do 50 sets next week and then restart with 8 rep sets the week after.I am ready for it now.

Barbarian( two hand cast to flag)
15lbs x10 reps x 6 sets

These are great but it's too light. Just ordered a 25 lb CB for my two handed work and the presses.great move though. My elbows are finally locking out fully again.

One arm barbarian
10kbs x8 x 4

Shield cast
2 sets of 10 each arm with 10 lbs
2 sets of 8 each arm with 15 lbs( first time with this weight!)

3 sets fo 10 each arm with 10s
Finally figuring out this move correctly.

datsit. staying loose.

BW 159.8
BF 8.9%
Water 60.2%

Monday, December 03, 2007

Another day at the office.

I knew this was going to be tough.I knew it when I decided to do the extra 80 or so reps saturday and remembered that Monday was now 24 kg snatch day.As well as right when I started to warmup and realized I was flat as a board. Oh well, tough is good.Just have to modulate the effort and not get tweaked.Very glad to see Joe walk in.It would have been very ugly solo today.Dedicated training partners are harder to find than anything and Joe's been perfect of late.As expected, he is picking up the barbell power squat like crazy fast.he is just freaky strong. period.

100 reps
5300 pounds.

Not bad actually although I could feel how flat my hips back and legs were from saturdays effort.I've never really trained snatches in this ssst format but I think it will be very interesting.I didnt do it because I didnt want to tempt myself into testing but I think I now can play with it safely.I not only have to stay far away from heavy weights but high intensity efforts as well.My conditioning though is better than it ever has been and that will make a big difference as well.

CB Swipes
2 10 lbers x 50,30,50

this was very interesting. I really found good groove here and really felt the elastic energy leading the move.I stopped thinking of doing the right technique and just let myself feel it. Much better.The second set I stopped early cause my freakin grip was toast!!! LOL!I relaxed a lot more on the last set. THere is a lot of work to be done figuring out when and how to grip the cb during these long sets.. same as kb but different. I can definitely see 100 plus reps with this soon. Freakin killer tricep work too-the good kind as well- the long head,lol.
Can't imagine doing 100 reps with the 25's though, that's serious shit.

CB Mills
lots of 8-10 reps per arm practice with the 10 lbers

Joe helped a lot with this one as he has solid history as a baseball player and immediately got the motion of this movement.I took my time but it was much better at the end of the practice.We realized my problem with the right arm mill is that I got no external rotation ,lol. well, not none, but not enough.Go figure;no ligaments, no capsule and no stabilization . Who woulda thunk it? But hey, its WAY better than it's been in years. Healing happens, beleive it.
these movements feel very therapeutic and coordinate great with kb work

Rack walk
1600 feet with 16 kg. hand switch every 200 ft.
glad these are back in,they really force me to concentrate on gait mechanics.
Lots of Z drills today with clients and before work. Also, starting back starting with the floor stretches and then going into Z drills. It feels good to get loose BEFORE I start the z too.


BW 161.2

The higher the water the lower the bf measurement. cool. feel way lean.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

How to improve.

Arnold in perhaps the best arm shot ever. He was the King of improvement and proper training planning.

Being an competitive athlete for so long really spoiled me in some senses.Training was always coupled with competitions where progress, or the lack of it, was immediately apparent. One knew pretty regularly if one's training, and the plan behind it, was working or not.There really was no training without a purpose,without a goal and a deadline.This made things much easier in many ways. It's easier to get somewhere if you know where you are going and when you have to be there.

Now that I am retired from competition training is much more difficult in many ways as there is much more of an opportunity to just "float" during workouts and do what feels good that day.Of course, in my book ,this is not training but exercising, as training always has a goal in mind. No matter how small or how far off it's really not training to me if there is no real goal.Deadlines, as in competitions make it even easier as there is nothing like looming competition platforms with witnesses and spectators to get one in the gym and doing what one should be doing.

Powerlifting was by far the most direct of these sports as when one is training for such you usually start from the meet day and work backwards. You also start with what your last personal best was and plan for a small but reasonably improvement to that.

The idea that one is going to make huge gains on a regular basis is quickly quelled by the realities of heavy iron and vagaries of real competitions on someone elses time schedule. So it's shooting for small personal bests after a period of specific training for such.Adding up those small personal bests over a regular period of time and lifters realize huge gains to their totals can be had with steady and serious dedication to small improvements.

So how does one improve?

The most important concept to any and all improvement is the idea of the S.A.I.D principle or Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands.This basic principle simply says you get what you train for; what you Specifically train for.And while there might be some carryover from your squat to your deadlift or from your running to your cycling the bottom line is :specificity rules.

That's why the best cyclist in the world, Lance Armstrong, ran a very mediocre marathon despite legs of steel and an oxygen uptake that is perhaps the highest in the world.So you have to train for what you want. And while you can have it all( perhaps) you cannot have it all similtaneously.Of course ,many are happy being decent at a lot of things but not great in any and that's fine. But many need to really bust their butts just to be mediocre at ONE thing.

Which brings us to the next important concept for improving: Overload. You simply must ask the body to do more than it did the last time or it simply will not get better. Form follows function. Change what the body is capable of doing( function) and it's form will change. And conversely if you are capable of doing 'X' amount of work and regularly do 'X-10' in your workout you will NOT improve but slowly lose ability.

This is the basis of Hans Seyles General Theory of Adaptation which is where S.A.I.D comes from.

Take a ten horsepower body and give it a twelve horsepower load and, after it adapts from the stress of the load, it BECOMES a twelve horsepower body. So the training is a stress,a negative actually, which depletes certain( specific) substances signally the body to restore them, to rebuild them bigger and stronger so the same stress will not deplete the body the next time.

Of course if you give that ten HP body a twenty HP load you just break it.SO the overload has to be appropriate. Just enough stimulates, too much, annihilates or if it's not specific enough of an overload just misses the mark entirely.

So you have a specific overload which is targeting a specific quality one wants to improve.This is intensity. The training stress is a negative which depletes the body from which it must RECOVER from. Repeated overload just tears down the body,even if it's the correct target area that is hit.Too much intensity or too much intensity too often or just too much work in total can just break one down so much they can't get back up. Much less improve capacity from it.So recovery is also a key component to progress.

In fact, it is THE key component to progress because you can only get as good as the load you are capable of handling. Say you want to be a 600 pound squatter. That means you must be capable of handling 70-85% loads in the gym.70% of 600 is 420 lbs.To be able to do regular workouts with 420 to 510 lbs is no joke and puts mucho stress not just on the muscles and tendons but the CNS and the system as a whole.Trying to squat those loads in addition to other sports and activities will be too much for everyone but the most gifted athletes to recover from.

This is is why you don't see top level lifters also competing in other sports or vice versa. Specificity rules and recovery tops everything.And it doesnt matter if the goal is a 5 minute mile instead of a big squat. Or 200 snatches or whatever.The closer one gets to the bodies absolute limits the much tougher the stress is on it.A 600 pound squat is not just 300 pounds harder than 300. It's exponentially harder.Same with a 48 second 400 meters. Not in the same galaxy as 58 seconds, as hard as that may be to many. And the system can only take so much.

This is why taking your recovery seriously is CRITICAL to all who aspire to improvement at any level.The intensity changes as you go up the ladder but the rules apply across the board.

Active recovery methods range from simple rest( WAAAAAY overlooked) to massage( both professional and by yourself),nutrition, water therapy, visualization techniques, meditation,active rest( light training)vibration therapy,stretching,etc.

This is also why so many elite athletes choose to use anabolic and androgenic steroids,perhaps the most efficient recovery agent outs there. And why so many try to find and use legal versions of anabolics(supplements) to accomplish the same results but within legal parameters. You can only get better if you can handle more and heavier workloads. And you can only handle those loads that you can recover from and adapt to.

It may seem that all this only applies to hard training elites but that is not the case. The regular person training for basic improvement in strength, endurance or any other physical quality has to play by the same rules.Whether you are limited in your exercise selection( as I am) or can do it all you must use the same concepts.When I push my swing or snatch workloads up I am doing so because I know if I don't try to do more than I was capable the last time I won't get better.ANd the more I adapt the more I will have to do in the future.
Of course there are diminishing returns but that can only be decided by the trainee themselves. Having done 600 swings with the 24 kg I know I don't want to do more if it means training longer, so I will now try to overload by doing the same work in less time.Over the course of a training cycle of course. I know I am adapting because it wasnt long ago that half that workload would make my legs sore the next day. Now I can do double what I used to and have no soreness the next day. Adaptation. One critical key to progess.

But the real key is KNOWING that whatever you are doing you MUST make yourself do more in some way shape or form in order to create the next level of adaptation. To MAKE yourself what you want to be. What you choose to be.SO that means having a plan of where you are going, knowing what you did last so you can scale the increase appropriately( whether that means more sets,reps, weight or a faster workout) and developing the will to make yourself do it.
That last part is no mean feat and everybit as important as anything else you will train.Because when it all comes down to it, it's that little battle between the weak you and the you that wants to be stronger that is the first overload. Choose wrong and you will get weaker and less; choose correctly and you at least have a chance of being better.

And preparing for those workouts is vital. If you go into the gym not knowing what you did last workout, or what the plan is for this workout there is a very good chance you wont do enough to stimulate a real adaptation or you will overshoot and do too much.One must take lots of variables into consideration during the workout in order to ensure safety as well as overload but if you plan correctly most workouts can be accomplished and get you that closer to your goals.
Assuming you have some.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Don't think, just swing.

Is what I kept telling myself during this one. Today was one arm swings with the 24kg and my previous pr was 500 swings done three weeks ago. I have been feeling strong lately and the number 600 popped into my mind. Didnt make a lot of sense but I thought it actually wouldnt be that hard.I would play it by ear, as usual.

One arm swings

24 kgx15/15x20 sets
600 swings pr
31,800 lbs!

I alternated sets with jonathan who was doing the same workout.This took 65 minutes and my pace picked up when he went out at 330 swings. My wind was good and swing speed and power stayed pretty consistent til 17 sets when it really took alot to keep bell speed up. I really wanted to just ride the momentum but I worked hard to keep power high.The hardest part was after 300 reps I thought " I have to do this whole thing again?" But then it was " don't think, just swing" and that worked fine.Just swing.

torch press one and two arms
10 and 15 #
4 sets of 6-8 of each

single arm cast to flag
10 and 15 lg bell
3 sets of 5 reps each arm with each weight.

I really love the decompression feeling I get from the CBs. especially the shoulders and elbows .plus, I have triceps again and that is way good.

I am toast.
pretty tight and will do a full z and rifga session later.