Monday, December 03, 2007

Another day at the office.

I knew this was going to be tough.I knew it when I decided to do the extra 80 or so reps saturday and remembered that Monday was now 24 kg snatch day.As well as right when I started to warmup and realized I was flat as a board. Oh well, tough is good.Just have to modulate the effort and not get tweaked.Very glad to see Joe walk in.It would have been very ugly solo today.Dedicated training partners are harder to find than anything and Joe's been perfect of late.As expected, he is picking up the barbell power squat like crazy fast.he is just freaky strong. period.

100 reps
5300 pounds.

Not bad actually although I could feel how flat my hips back and legs were from saturdays effort.I've never really trained snatches in this ssst format but I think it will be very interesting.I didnt do it because I didnt want to tempt myself into testing but I think I now can play with it safely.I not only have to stay far away from heavy weights but high intensity efforts as well.My conditioning though is better than it ever has been and that will make a big difference as well.

CB Swipes
2 10 lbers x 50,30,50

this was very interesting. I really found good groove here and really felt the elastic energy leading the move.I stopped thinking of doing the right technique and just let myself feel it. Much better.The second set I stopped early cause my freakin grip was toast!!! LOL!I relaxed a lot more on the last set. THere is a lot of work to be done figuring out when and how to grip the cb during these long sets.. same as kb but different. I can definitely see 100 plus reps with this soon. Freakin killer tricep work too-the good kind as well- the long head,lol.
Can't imagine doing 100 reps with the 25's though, that's serious shit.

CB Mills
lots of 8-10 reps per arm practice with the 10 lbers

Joe helped a lot with this one as he has solid history as a baseball player and immediately got the motion of this movement.I took my time but it was much better at the end of the practice.We realized my problem with the right arm mill is that I got no external rotation ,lol. well, not none, but not enough.Go figure;no ligaments, no capsule and no stabilization . Who woulda thunk it? But hey, its WAY better than it's been in years. Healing happens, beleive it.
these movements feel very therapeutic and coordinate great with kb work

Rack walk
1600 feet with 16 kg. hand switch every 200 ft.
glad these are back in,they really force me to concentrate on gait mechanics.
Lots of Z drills today with clients and before work. Also, starting back starting with the floor stretches and then going into Z drills. It feels good to get loose BEFORE I start the z too.


BW 161.2

The higher the water the lower the bf measurement. cool. feel way lean.


Franz Snideman said...

Sometimes that's all we need...a training partner to help us.

I find I usually train harder when others are around.............must be that male ego thing :)

Mark Reifkind said...

yeah a good training partner is worth their weight in gold.