Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday stretching and Z drills.

Although I have been doing plenty of Z with my clients again, as well as stretching out before work, I havent done a full body z drills session in a few weeks. On one end it's so nice not feeling like I have to "work" on myself to get out of pain I am enjoying the extra time and pain free movement. On the other what got me out will keep me out so it's time to get back to work. Perfect day today too, about 60 degrees clear and sunny. I am like a reptile now it seems. I need the sun and warm temps to get fully defrosted.

Rifga stretches
down dog alternate ham/calf stretch
up dog/prone cobra
bent knee soleus calf stretch
sumo squat stretch for time(3 minutes)
standing karate stretch ( back foot fully flat)
tuck rolling
pike stretch
straddle stretch
horse stance standing squat ,wide

Z drills
lengthening postures front,side
arms out,to side, behind back
Elbow circles, top and bottom, bilateral
wrist circles ,all component as well as compound
( the elbow and wrist circles seem to unlock my shoulders MUCH better than any direct shoulder work. this has been VERY consistent of late.
lateral,medial ankle tilts
toe pulls
toe circles pointed and flexed
close chain knee circles
open chain knee circles
hip circles 6 ways( foot prontated as rehab position)
( without a doubt one leg(left) stability is the best in memory since my knee surgery)
back half circles
thoracic slides all components then full circles
bilateral : shoulder circles front,back, overhead ,bottom, side,crankshaft
unilateral cross body circles
(I have changed all the shoulder work to bilateral almost by accident and it is working out much better. I use the normal side as a proprioceptive template for the restricted side.this also keeps me from over doing my normal side as well).

finish with downward dog( standing in one place for 20 min still tightens up the left calf).



Taikei Matsushita said...

Happy Holidays Rif!

Life's a whole lot better getting certified as RKC.
Instructors and colleagues, I've met great people.

Mark Reifkind said...

the same to you and yours takei. I'm glad your teaching is working out. I am still hopeful about doing an RKC cert in Japan. I really want to go back again!